Cable Management Tray CMP502

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Clutter-free workstation

Don't let your tangled cords get in the way of having an organized desk. FlexiSpot cable management tray will keep your cords in one place so that you can enjoy an orderly desk.

FlexiSpot makes it easy to go from sitting to standing in less than 10 seconds with the press of a button.

Open design for airflow

This tray has an open ventilation design that will keep your items cool and free from dust accumulation. You can easily remove your cords in one go because of its open design.

Flexispot height adjustable standing desk with contoured edges

Protect pets with cable management tray

Protect your pet from chewing the cords. This cable management tray is designed to protect you and your pets from the jungle beneath your desk, and play safely under your desk.

Advanced All-in-One Keypad

Easy installation Built to last

Forget the trays that use tape as their hinge. This tray is easy to mount on any desk edge! With just six screws and two parts to be assembled, you will have a sturdy tray that will keep your electrical items safe and secure.

Flexispot height adjustable standing desk with multiple color

Offer Safety and Productivity

Add a cable management tray for safety measures in your work desk surface and start working without worry. Keep your desk clean and organized to boost your productivity and performance.

Robust and Stable Construction

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