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13 Ways to Give Your Home Office a Facelift

04 August 2021

Right now, we're all spending a fair amount of time at home, not to mention working at home. Especially since the pandemic appears to be entering a new chapter with the delta strain in full swing. If you're anything like us, your home office will be in desperate need of some TLC. It's probably been a year now since you initially set up your home office. Renovating our home office had been on our to-do list for quite a while, but it had been shoved aside in favor of other tasks. It appears out that nothing beats home isolation for propelling your home office remodel to the forefront of the priorities list.

Our goal was to build a more realistic and exciting work environment to be more fulfilled and effective working from home. Now is a perfect time to be inspired at home, and performing a little bit of transformation to your home office or simply starting to establish a new one may motivate us, be more effective at home, and, most significantly, how well we can all stay happy and healthy throughout this time.

Examine your space at home

If you haven't already, you'll need a space of your own away from the noise and flurry of home life to work most successfully. It's also a lot easier to strike a decent work/life balance if you explicitly define office space within your house - then close the door at the end of your shift. Choose an underutilized area where you will be most likely to work. This does not have to be a whole room, but it should be comfortable enough for you to work in. Lockdown opened up a slew of new home office opportunities, whether the shed, garage, or closet.

Decide what you really need

The whole point of having a home office is to have a place where you can really work; therefore practicality and utility are crucial. If you require a large storage capacity, look for a desk with many drawers or a tall shelving unit to maximize vertical space. Desk organizers such as this mesh one from FlexiSpot and chalkboards will help you keep organized. Once you've determined what you require, you can begin shopping for what you desire.

Consider sectioning a large room

Don't worry if you don't have a spare room. Alternatively, consider claiming a corner of a larger area as your office space. To split the space, use curtains, a room divider, or a screen. If you're feeling crafty, you might construct your own partition by connecting three MDF panels with hinges and then decorate with attractive wallpaper.


A cluttered workspace is frustrating and unproductive, so begin afresh. Remove clutter to give way for a desk, whether it's in a spare bedroom or the corner of your family room.

Minimize distraction

Reduce the number of items on your desk to simply those required for work. To minimize disruption such as Instagram or TikTok browsing, try not to bring your phone to your workstation. Noise-cancelling headphones are essential for working from home, especially if you have a loud household.

Keep it inspiring

While having too much stuff on your desk can make it appear cluttered, having a few select items that motivate you is a wonderful thing. Postcards of locations you've visited, a mood board, or carefully chosen print and pattern will help you create a productive area in your home office. But don't go too far – too much junk will just cloud your mind.

Make a mood board with motivating quotations, thoughts, and items that stimulate you. A foam pinboard is an excellent tool for this. Bring in some greenery as well. Adding an indoor plant or a modest vase of cut flowers from the garden can liven up your office and, more significantly, will cheer you up when you walk in.

Check your outdoor spaces

Converting your tool shed or outdoor room into a workstation is an option. Outdoor workplaces are ideal since they provide a sense of detachment from home situations and have fewer interruptions. Furthermore, being closer to nature may stimulate your work. 

Be green

Research shows that bringing nature into our workplaces might make us healthier and happier. Viewing rural sights such as trees or water can reduce anger, stress, and weariness while enhancing energy, happiness, and cognitive performance.

Visualize your goals

It can be challenging to keep encouraged when working from home, but you have the luxury of solitude; use it to your advantage and express your goals loud and clear! The more you can see it, the more you believe about it, and the more you strive towards it and, the closer you get to it.

Let the light in

To feel awake and ready for each day, a well-lit room is vital. When it comes to promoting inspiration, lighting may make a huge difference, as a dark setting might leave you feeling tired and uninterested.

Make an effort to ensure that your office receives lots of natural light. Set up a slew of mirrors throughout the room to refract any natural light that comes in. If your desk confronts a wall, try rearranging it to face a window instead; this will provide some relief from staring at the computer monitor all day. If this is not an option, consider utilizing a decent natural light lamp.

Have some color

A bright blue fosters clarity of thought, whilst milder blues tend to soothe the mind and assist with focus. Brighter colors, such as orange and yellow, help to stimulate imagination and enthusiasm. Overuse, on the other hand, might exacerbate anxiousness. Darker colors may appear fashionable, but they are significantly less inspiring and may leave you exhausted and less motivated to work. Keep your area bright and airy, but consider painting one wall a gorgeous color to inspire you. Try using a pale pastel tone instead, which will instantly make the entire area feel lighter and increase productivity.

Prioritize comfort

Take care of your back. Sit at a desk that is the proper height for you, and if possible, invest in an ergonomic office chair like the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair, which includes a 3D lumbar support system, 135° lounge tilt, and 4D adjustable armrests to provide you with the best seating experience behind your desk. It has three height adjustment settings and a soft rebound system, and the gracefully curved backrest ergonomically fits the neck and spine for optimal headrest and lumbar support. Alternatively, for further support, place a cushion between your back and the chair.

Finally, stand up

Excessive sitting isn't good for either our bodies or our minds. When we begin to sag physically, our brains frequently start to sag as well. Working at a standing desk will help you feel more energized and focused and reduce the risk of back strain caused by uncomfortable seats or crouching down over a laptop.

FlexiSpot desks, for example, are ideal for at-home offices. If you want to keep working on your current desk or purchase a new one, FlexiSpot's standing desk converters simply sit on top of your existing desk and allows you to stand up and sit down in interims without having to move any furniture. In addition, they have sit-stand desks which can quickly and smoothly transition you from sitting to standing at a touch of a button. 

Here are some FlexiSpot standing desks perfect for any home office:

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

Modish Standing Desk

FlexiSpot standing desks and standing desk converters have a 5-year warranty for the frame, desktop and a 2-3-year warranty for the gas spring system and other mechanisms.

Some ideas listed above may or may not work for everyone, but at least a couple can be considered. Nevertheless, the aim is to help you decide on what matters most when making that makeover happen to save you some time and effort. Whatever you think would be most beneficial to you, we recommend making it happen so you can work better and more efficiently even when just staying at home safely.