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3 Back Pain Relief Products for Your Home Office

15 April 2021

Admit it. Your interest in back pain relief products stems from the ungodly hours spent in your home office.  Crippling low back pain and neck stiffness have probably become constant companions in your post-pandemic life!

If the situation sounds familiar, you are not alone.

Nearly 92% of respondents noticed similar symptoms during a survey conducted by the Chiropractic Association. The health issues associated with physical inactivity at work included a sudden spike in musculoskeletal disorders after the lockdown. It’s all thanks to the makeshift workstations, cramped desks, and non-adjustable chairs you work on day in and day out. 

With many offices considering permanent work-from-home models, upgrading your home office might be an excellent idea. 

Luckily, we have what you need.

Let’s have a look:

The Best Standing Desk: Flexispot Theodore Standing Desk-48" W

Do you sit at a desk all day? 

Try to stand and work with the Flexispot Theodore Standing Desk-48" W

The optimized standing desk serves as the ideal solution for your back pain problems with sitting too long. It provides you with a stand/sit arrangement that lets you change positions whenever you want. With this setup, you won’t have to spend hours hunched over your laptop.  

Plus, its sleek and classic rustic design makes it a good fit for small home offices/shared workspaces.

More importantly, every tiny detail has a function. 

Specs We Love 

Here’s a preview of the benefits of standing desks this particular product offer:  

  • Ergonomic Design 

Standing desks reduce the time you typically spend sitting in an imperfect position. It also limits the pressure placed on your feet, thighs, neck, and low back. Additionally, you learn how to maintain a perfect posture for prolonged periods. 

 Consequently, these changes alleviate back pain, optimize stamina, and let you return to an optimal level of functioning. 

  • Highly-Durable Construction 

The product comes with a 5-year warranty for the desk frame, motor, and mechanical parts. Alternatively, the controller and electronic mechanisms have a 2-year warranty. These statements guarantee that your desk is designed to withstand the daily wear-and-tear, too (i.e. stains, spills, scratches, and dents). 

  • Everything You Need within Reach 

Don’t be deceived by the old-worldly charm. Theodore has lots of hidden modern details intermixed with its design. These include three built-in USB ports (i.e. Type-C USB port and Type-A USB ports) for charging multiple digital devices simultaneously.  This nifty feature ensures that you don’t miss important calls when you’re charging your phone. 

Besides this, the front panel comes with a spacious pull-out drawer (21.8” x 2.6”) to keep your workplace clutter-free. 

  • Adjustable Height 

Despite the name, standing desks accommodate sitting too. The adjustable height desk system allows you to switch positions whenever you want. It all depends on whether you are standing or sitting.

  • The Classic Colonial Look 

The vintage design blends well with elegant home office interiors and traditional American furniture. The solid wood and walnut veneer add a sophisticated touch to your modern home office. Adding to this are the polished metal drawer knobs that bring on the old-school charm. 

Moreover, these standing desks are integrated with environmentally-friendly features. It ensures that your purchase does not come with any guilty strings attached.  

Can’t Stand All Day Long?

Team your standing desk with an Ergonomic Anti Fatigue Mat DM1.  The massaging mat facilitates healthy blood circulation, releases tension, and promotes relaxation. It also eases foot pain and overall leg pain induced by back disorders (i.e. sciatica).  

The Ideal Office Chair: Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

What if standing desks are not a feasible choice for you?

We recommend the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair for such situations. These seats promote healthier sitting by ensuring that you receive full-body comfort. These modern chairs are tested and approved for accommodating the flexible needs of a desk worker. Consequently, it offers an elevated seating experience that will not hurt your back.  

These perks make it an excellent back pain relief product for desk workers. 

Specs We Love 

  • 3D Lumbar Support System.

The lack of lumbar supports has become one of the biggest drawbacks of standard office chairs. Those seats do not have what it take to provide deskbound individuals the support and comfort required for 9-to-5 jobs. Due to this, you often wind up with stiffened joints and low back pain at the end of your shift. 

This product eliminates that problem with its 3D features. The flexible design includes 3 height adjustment levels to meet individual requirements. It’s got a curved backrest that mimics the natural curve of your spine and neck. Thereby, the chair provides you with optimal headrest and lumbar support. 

You’ll also appreciate the gentle rebound system that enables you to change settings easily. 

  • Breathable Mesh 

Do you find traditional office chairs stuffy? 

We’ve got a breathable mesh design with K+R temperature-sensitive fiber. It’s made from premium-quality chenille fleece imported from Italy. In turn, this improves airflow and prevents your clothes from getting drenched with sweat during warm workdays.   

  • Ultimate Comfort 

This ergonomic office chair lets you take a break with its 4D Cushioned armrest and 45° backrest reclining seat. Feel free to give your overworked arms and elbow some rest when you’re tired of typing. 
Additionally, it features a customizable seat depth that molds according to your body shape. 

  • Certified and Approved 

It includes Samhongsa Class 4 Gas Lift and certified by TUV/BIFMA/SGS with more than ten thousand pressure test cycles. These specs attest to its superior construction and high durability.   

Besides this, it’s easy to install. That makes it a convenient fit for organizations planning to place a bulk order. Or people who want to set up a shared workspace at home.   

Want Something More Relaxing?

No worries!

We have got you covered. 

If you are in the market for a comfier seat, you can opt for the High Back Office Chair 70049 or Ergonomic Office Chair 9051. These ergonomically designed chairs offer full-body support with their thick-padded headrest and back support details. You can also adjust the seating arrangement while you work for more comfort.   

A Great Active Seat for Sedentary Jobs: Flexispot Sit2go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

study focusing on the ‘role of physical activity for treating low back pain’ concluded that aerobic exercises, cardio sessions, and daily movement could alleviate back pain. Many deskbound individuals are unable to test this theory because of their rigid routines. 

So what can you do to exercise with work? 

Flexispot Sit2go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair has an unconventional solution to your problem.  

As an alternative ergonomic office chair, it serves a dual purpose during work hours. You can use it for sitting actively at your workstation and simultaneously cycling whenever it’s convenient. This innovative approach ensures that your legs keep moving, even when you are seated at one spot.

Adding to this are some comfortable features that elevate the whole experience. 

Specs We Love 

  • Compact Design (+ Caster Wheels)

You can wheel this sleek 2-in-one ergonomic office chair around the house without creating a fuss.  This design spec enables you to utilize it in an outdoor setting without wasting time in deconstruction/reassembly. 

Its hands-down the best back pain relief product for individuals with sedentary jobs. 

  • Adjustable Height 

It’s equipped with a one-touch lever system that lets you change height settings easily. These flexible features make it an ideal choice for families with multi-users. 

  • Superior Lumbar Support and Stability 

The design includes a breathable mesh fabric backrest that maximizes ventilation while you’re seated. You will also appreciate the supportive seat cushion that keeps you steady when you’re busy pedaling. 

  • The Best Fitness Buddy 

The desk cycle comes with a high-performance pedaling system for light cycling. It also includes a calorie tracker and programmable cardio settings. You can use these advanced features to achieve daily health goals without disrupting your work schedule. 

Overall, this fitness chair ensures that you can squeeze in a light workout session during a busy day. Thereby, it gives you an opportunity to adopt a healthier, fitter, and more active lifestyle despite your desk duties. 

Parting Words: Say Good Bye to Back Pain 

Lastly, there’s no one-size-fits-all option to deal with health issues associated with physical inactivity at work. Choices might vary from person to person, depending on your symptoms and routines. 

The good news is that FlexiSpot provides a varied range of back pain relief products that can align with individual work goals. These products enable you to work efficiently without placing undue pressure on your spine. Additionally, they give you a reason to adopt a more active work mode. It’s a beneficial change from the sedentary lifestyle you have grown accustomed to in the past year. 

As a result, you mitigate the risk of developing chronic back pain and related disorders.  

So are you ready to invest in ergonomic office chairs and more? Head over to our online store to give your office an ergonomic makeover.