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4 Budget-Friendly Ways to Achieve the Best Workspace

31 July 2020

When it comes to designing and upgrading your workspace, it seems like spending a lot of money is a must. With all sorts of amazing accessories in the market, it seems like the only way to achieve the perfect workspace is by spending a lot of money. That simply isn’t true. Having the perfect workspace is all about creating a productive environment that allows you to focus on your work, move efficiently and help you to get the work done. In this article, we’ll be exploring simple and cost-efficient ways you can upgrade your workspace. With these  top 4 tips, your space can be effortlessly perfect and efficient in no time!

Find the Right Desk

The perfect workspace starts with your desk. As the center of where you get your work done, finding the right one is the key to your productivity. And while there are many expensive office desks in the market, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to be your most productive self. Forget fancy desks that cost too much, focus on more ergonomic desks that not only help improve your focus at work but help improve your posture and energy levels as well. Opt for high quality yet cost-efficient desks like FlexiSpot’s height adjustable standing desk EC1. Clocking in at less than $300, this desk is both cost-efficient and made with high quality. Easily transition between a sitting position to a standing position at a push of a button and feel the difference in your focus and productivity. Unlock the best workspace by checking out the best in ergonomics!

DIY & Upcycling
When it comes to your workspace, a desk may be one thing but ensuring that you stay productive is dependent on the tools you surround yourself with. A cost-efficient way to ensure that you stay productive is by looking into some DIY desk management tools by upcycling some of your old things. Manage your cables with old zip ties, use old trays to manage your papers. The possibilities are endless, and aren’t expensive. All you need is a little imagination and effort and you can manage your desk with ease.

Lighting is key
Ensuring that your workspace is properly lit is an important way to ensure that you avoid eyestrain and help you keep an eye of where everything is. Limit the use of fluorescent lighting, opt for softer lighting from yellow light or simple lamps. A great way to get better light is by positioning your area near natural light sources such as windows or doors. This not only helps your eyes but has also been proven to reduce stress.  Ensuring that you have the proper lighting is not only cheap, it’s a simple and easy solution that can make the biggest difference in your work and productivity.

Use What You’ve Got

The best way to ensure the best workspace with little expense is by using what you already have. Sometimes all it takes is organizing and removing the unnecessary things in your workspace. The best way to unlock the ultimate workspace is knowing what works best for you and finding ways to make it work. Start by first removing things you no longer use, next see what you can reuse or repurpose. Lastly review your space, is there a more efficient way to arrange the things in your space? Always remember that the space has to work for you!

Own Your Space

We hope these 4 simple tips helped you in getting an idea of what you can do for your workspace. Ultimately you’ve got to own your space to truly make the most of it! Invest in what makes sense and avoid unnecessary things. You can do it! For more tips on lifestyle, ergonomics and more feel free to visit the FlexiWellness Center