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5 Reasons Standiversary Products are Sure-Win Items

26 September 2021

The 5th-anniversary event of FlexiSpot will offer the most outstanding ergonomic products that will surely impress you. These products are sure-win items that can help you as a WFH-individual. This event will happen from September 27-29. So, stay tuned to see how exciting all the treats at the anniversary event will be. 

Standiversary Activities

For five great years, FlexiSpot has engineered the best ergonomic products that have helped thousands of workers in the US.  

Deskcise Pro V9

As a result, FlexiSpot has received awards such as the 2018 CES Innovation award for the Deskcise Pro V9 that gave opportunities to office workers to have the best ergonomic solution and experience using a piece of equipment that is both an office chair and fitness equipment. Awards like this paved the way for FlexiSpot to help more office workers.

Now, as a way of giving back to the people, FlexiSpot has started to have the Anniversary event for the patrons and prospective subscribers of FlexiSpot. At the anniversary event, exciting prizes await the lucky winners of the following activities: Spin&Win, Turn $5 to $50, and 9.27s Challenge. Each activity will give chances to people to try their luck. 

flexispot combo products

Indeed, you will get excited to win even one of the prizes at the anniversary celebration. It's because you can ensure that they are the most sought-after products at FlexiSpot. These products are the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk, Esben Standing Desk UD5, and Soutien Ergonomic Chair are some of the products that you can buy at discounted prices at the Standiversary event. 

Aside from the discounted price, you could also use coupons and vouchers at the Standiversary event in different activities. Each of these activities is fun and interesting, and you would surely invite more friends to witness these exciting events at FlexiSpot. 


The first is the Spin&Win that already began and will end on September 30, 2021. In this activity, you can have one free spin. If you want to have more reels, then it's better to log in, subscribe and share the news with our friends. 

So, one of the exciting prizes here at Spin &Win is the coupon code. There is only one coupon code that you can use when you purchase on any given day from September 27-29. That's the only time that you can use the discount code that you have. Hence, you can start taking chances now at the Spin&Win because you might get the dream product of yours there. If you want great surprises, then you may check them here. 

5 into 50

The next activity at the Standiversary is the Turn $5 to $50 event. It's an activity where you will deposit $5 first. Then, the team will send you a voucher code that you can check on your email. You have until September 26 to deposit the $5. Then from September 27-29, you can purchase one of the following products:

What's impressive about this activity is you can automatically have a voucher code when you deposit your $5. So, if you're not an enthusiast of Spin&Win, you may try buying a voucher for a sure discount. 

9.27s Challenge

The last activity at the Standiversary is the most challenging. We call this the 9.27s Challenge. The aim is for you to hit the exact timestamp. What you have to do is to long-press the button and release it. The controller will stop at a timestamp, and you must hit the exact seconds to have the raffle entry for the winning products, such as the Comhar Standing Desk EW8. You will still be lucky because there's a chance that you'll get a voucher code that you may use to buy items from September 27-29. So, if you want to try the timer game, then you can click here. 

Three notable events await you at the Standiversary. Each event can give you the best shot of your life. Aside from that, there are other reasons to take your bet. You may also grab the chance to win vouchers at this anniversary event because there are all worth the money. The products from this event stand out in the competition. So, you won't regret spending a dollar for each of the products at the Standiversary. 

The 5 Reasons

The products they would be as prizes at the Standiversary are sure-win items, which most people love using. Aside from that, there are other reasons to grab a chance at the Standiversary for the winning products. 


a. The Standiversary Winning Prizes are Practical and Useful

Practicability and usage are how you would look for a product that you want to buy online or at the physical store, and these qualities are what the ergonomic products of FlexiSpot have. So, even if they are at discounted prices, you can ensure that desk bikes, standing desks, sit-stand desks, and stand-up desks that you may buy at the Standiversary would be suitable for use for a long time. 

b. The Discount Coupons and Vouchers Are Worth a Try

The coupons and vouchers that you will try at the Standiversary are worth the try. It's because great discounts await you, such as the discount voucher at the Turn $5 to $50. You may own the best ergonomic products for discounted prices with just a $5 deposit. So, imagine the enormous discount that you can have when you use the voucher in your transaction. Hence, trying things like this is definitely worth your time. 

Vici Quick Assembling Standing Desk

c. Desk Products are in the Best Condition

Some people hesitate to buy items at the flash sale because there is a misconception that discounted items already have the factory defect or are already broken; hence they are on sale. Contrary to that belief, the standing desks that you will buy at the Standiversary have superb qualities. Thus, you won't regret spending your money at this anniversary event. 

d. Reasonable Discounts:

The discounts at the Flash Sale activity of the Standiversary are very reasonable, and the values start from $100 and above. So, you may enjoy buying a lot of products at FlexiSpot this month because of these discounts. With the discounted prices, you can ensure that you can own the most superb ergo products that you can utilize for a long time. 

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

e. The Sturdiest and Most Durable Sit-Stand Desks at FlexiSpot

If you take a chance at the Standiversary, you can ensure that the products that you would buy there are sturdy and very durable. The Standing desks that you could buy have the highest lifting capacity, and hence, you can ensure that the products you purchase are the best. 

Final Thoughts

FlexiSpot wants to see the smiles on all your faces, so they find this way to give back to all of you. Hence, there is the Standiversary. As always, FlexiSpot adheres to the best ergonomic solutions. And as they celebrate the anniversary, they want you all to experience the fun and exciting activities on the website. So, join us all in celebrating the 5th year of superb service for people that need the best ergonomic solutions.