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5 Reasons to Rejoice this Standiversary

26 September 2021

September is a great time to celebrate at FlexiSpot! This year is extra special for all the patrons and subscribers of the best ergonomics provider in the market. The 5th-anniversary event called Standiversary is the reason we could all say, "Hooray!" for the five years of incredible creation of standing desks, stand-up desks, sit-stand desks, and ergonomic chairs

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk

FlexiSpot in the Eyes of the Corporate Achievers

For many years, FlexiSpot has given office workers the ergonomic protection they need while working. The company has been making sure that desk products would be superbly height adjustable. Hence, there are the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk and Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk. FlexiSpot also provided outstanding ergonomic chairs that protected the lumbar and helped workers achieve the proper alignment when sitting. That's why there are the Ergonomic Office Chair 9051 and Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

All these products have helped millions of people, and they all protected the workers from the long-term effects of the MSDs of musculoskeletal disorders. FlexiSpot did not just engineer with precision but also innovated products such as the Deskcise Pro V9. As a result, they have garnered recognition and awards at the 2018 CES Award for Innovation. So, looking at this award, you may say that FlexiSpot goes beyond what's satisfying for the client. And instead, they go above and beyond the competition. 

Hence, when we talk about innovation, office workers would always think of FlexiSpot. And now that more WFH individuals seek ergonomic protection while working home, FlexiSpot continues to support them and give back to all the recognition of the corporate achievers. Hence, there is the 5th-anniversary event this month. 


Great Prizes at the Standiversary Event

The Standiversary event has just started at FlexiSpot! If you check the website, you'll see three fun activities for the Standiversary: Spin&Win, Turn $5 to $50, and 9.27s Challenge. All activities aim to increase the interaction among the subscribers and loyal clients of FlexiSpot. Moreover, this event aims to help you save up to 40%! Thus, it's wise to check all these activities at the Standiversary. In this event as well, you could choose discounted prices at the Flash Deals. You would rejoice over the great buy at this anniversary event of FlexiSpot. 

5 Reasons to Rejoice Over the Standiversary Prizes

Indeed, the Standiversary event is the most significant event yet at FlexiSpot. Thus, you could have these reasons to rejoice over the Standiversary prizes that you might win or buy from each of the exciting activities in this month's celebration. 

a. Standiversary Products are the Best Ergonomic Products from FlexiSpot

5 into 50

Buying discounted products is awesome but buying the best ergonomic products at discounted prices is epic! And at the Standiversary event, you can have both. It's because all the exciting events at the anniversary celebration are genuinely world-class. From the Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk e2al to the Smart Bike Trainer Stand BT01 (these are the products you can choose from when you try the Turn $5 to $50 event), you can ensure that these products are worth the dollars that you're going to spend. 

b. You Can Win the Best Coupon Values 

All the Standiversary activities will offer the best value of coupons. At the Spin&Win, you can receive up to $150 off. Meanwhile, at the Turn $5 to $50, you could avail of a massive discount of $50 for just a $5 deposit. These are huge discounts that could help you buy your dream ergonomic products at affordable prices. 

c. You Can Contribute in Achieving a Great Cause

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk

Indeed, you can be part of the company's more significant cause when you join the Standiversary event. Let's take, for example, the Spin&Win. Aside from the exciting coupons and sit-stand desks like the Seiffen Standing Desk, you could also win the Plant-a-Tree reward. So, when you luckily get that reward, you could help FlexiSpot contribute to planting trees in the forest as part of their advocacy. So, this activity from Standiversary could give you the chance to help save the environment. 

d. There are Gift Cards that Will Make You Jump for Joy

When you try spinning the wheel at the Standiversary, you could have the luckiest time of your life because here, you could win a gift card worth $500! So, imagine the significant savings that you can have and the chance to own the best and high-end standing desks at FlexiSpot with the help of that gift card. Just a friendly reminder, the Spin&Win could only give you one free spin. So, if you'd like to have more free spins, don't forget to log in, subscribe, and share the news with your friends. So, grab this exciting chance and get the best gift card at the Spin&Win. 

e. You Have the Chance to Win Multiple Prizes

9.27s Challenge

If you meet your luck at the 9.27s Challenge, you could bring home more than one product for a single win. It's because, at this activity, the winning timestamp has more than one prize—for example, the 2.22 second-timestamp. When you luckily hit that timestamp and win a raffle entry, there is a massive chance that you can own more than one Stanmore II Bluetooth! That chance alone is something so enthralling. So, you might want to try doing this activity and see for yourself.

So, this anniversary event of FlexiSpot is when you could avail voucher codes that you could use during the purchase from September 27-29. Indeed, this is the time when you can budget more for new ergonomic pieces that can help you upgrade your home office or your workstation at the physical office. So, don't hesitate to try your luck at the Standiversary event because this September might be your lucky moment. 

Final Thoughts

Whether it's a considerable discount or a dream product, it's vital that you grab a chance to win at the anniversary event at FlexiSpot. Indeed, it does not happen every day so, don't hesitate any more and take the risk; be one of the lucky ones this September.