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6 Reasons Why a Wobble Stool is an Important Investment

18 January 2020

An ergonomic work space is incredibly important.  We have to be mindful of the way we treat our backs, necks, and eyes while we are working.  Too many of us fall victim to the effects of poor posture and inefficient office set-ups.

Working ergonomically can have the following benefits:

  • Reduced stress

  • Better energy after a long day

  • Increased productivity

  • Better eye health

  • Improved spine health

  • Happier muscles

Especially as we get older, these are all things we want to be more aware of.  So, what can you do to ensure that your work space is set up in a way that is going to minimize discomfort and negative physical symptoms?

Amazing benefits of a wobble stool

One thing that every office needs to work more ergonomically is a height adjustable wobble stool.  A lot of people are ditching the standard desk chair for something that is ultimately better for their health.  After all, 8 hours a day is a long time to be using bad posture, and can lead to a lot of physical discomfort.

Wobble stools have a lot of really great features.  This one in particular is not only height adjustable, but has a full 360° swivel, which is perfect for the multitasker in all of us.  We are always on the go, switching from one task to the next. Sometimes, doing more than one thing at a time. The swivel feature allows you to reduce the amount of time you are twisting your spine and neck.  Being productive (and making your boss happy) becomes so much easier!

They also tilt left and right up to 30°.  This will help reduce the strain on your lower back from bending over to pick things up.  Our lower back is often a silent victim of an inefficient office set-up, but it is important to know that poor lower back health can lead to a lot of other discomforts.

Physical and mental benefits

  • Reduced stress. The better you feel physically, the more likely you are to feel better mentally.  It is stressful to spend 40+ hours a week in discomfort! I recommend using one of these stools with either a stand up desk or height adjustable desk.

  • Better energy after a long day.  I also find that when you feel better physically, you have more energy to spare at the end of the day.  Pain and injury are exhausting to live with, so that is why we have to work as ergonomically as possible.

  • Increased productivity. As I mentioned, the swivel feature of this stool lets you get more done in your day.  It also helps you spend less time treating the discomforts that arise as a result of poor posture and eye strain.

  • Better eye health. Poor posture often leads to eye strain.  When we are leaning or tilting our necks and backs in an unhealthy way, our eyes are often victims too.  The tilt and height adjustment features of this stool help you sit in such a way that you are not straining your eyes while you’re working.

  • Improved spine health. The less twisting and bending you can do in a given day, the better.  The swivel feature of this wobble stool helps you avoid twisting to the extent that you can.

  • Happier muscles. Poor posture leads to tired muscles.  This fun, active balance stool is the perfect addition to the office of a person who is trying to work smarter, not harder.  Pro tip: use it in conjunction with a standing desk for a totally ergonomic work space.

Work smarter, not harder

Office professionals, and those that work remotely, need to make sure they are working in a way that does not cause undue strain on their neck, back, and eyes.  It is better to spend some money now optimizing your work space, than to have to miss a lot of work down the road because you injured yourself not working efficiently.

Save your PTO and get a wobble stool today!