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7 Tips on Scandinavian Office Design

04 June 2021

Scandinavian décor has witnessed a significant spike in popularity in recent years, with some Swedish ideals impacting how we manage our lives, well-being, and interior decorating. You may be aware of the Danish idea of "hygge" centered on enjoying a sense of comfort, warmth, and ease. One of the most recent Swedish notions to appear in interior design trends is "lagom" which translates to enough, sufficient, adequate, just right,' reinforcing the Swedish philosophy of connection between modesty and joy.

Craftsmanship and quality are at the core of the Scandinavian design. This style is highly appreciated because of its inviting appearance combined with a warm and friendly ambiance.

When considering a Scandinavian office, we must consider three key factors:

  • The design must be straightforward.
  • The design must be practical.
  • The design must be as simple as possible without losing aesthetics.

Keeping the workspace's aesthetic as simple as possible aids in its functionality. Clean, uncomplicated lines also help to reduce distraction and mess. Scandinavian concept incorporates elements of different design trends and is wonderfully elegant, warm, and welcoming when done effectively. It also features earthy hues, warm and neutral colors, flora, and a mix of textures to create a cozy and natural feeling.

In today's environment, basic and efficient also correlate to inexpensive, which is why Scandinavian design is so appealing. The affordability aspect is also ingrained in the culture of the Scandinavian clan's Nordic countries. Rather than appealing to the wealthy and upper class, the culture valued inclusivity and universal appeal. Scandinavian design is a concept that everyone can appreciate. It includes furniture that is modest and well-made rather than spectacular.


Scandinavian design starts in the early twentieth century and is now prevalent in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. Nordic is derived from the term "Norden" which meaning "north." In the 1950s, Scandinavian design became trendy.

During wintertime, the Northern countries are frigid for extended periods and have little light. Families forced to burrow down for extended periods of mostly darkness. They created warmth through fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, and candles. Summers are brief and sunny. The brighter hues enhance the warmth and maintain the area welcoming, lively, comfy, and, most importantly, functional. Those who lived in Scandinavian locations had to be creative to use the accessible wood and other natural elements. Scandinavian design reflects this. The result is a product that is long-lasting, effective, and dependable.


A Scandinavian office design:

  • is sleek and well-organized
  • improves one's mood and minimizes stress levels
  • allows you to concentrate due to brightness and lightness
  • boosts productivity
  • is a comfortable and calming environment

Scandinavian-inspired decorating is frequently associated with well-being and happiness; after all, Nordic countries have consistently ranked first globally in terms of quality of life. They appear to know how to prioritize their health, pleasure, and well-being based on their education, work-life balance, and access to free healthcare. This is also pertinent to Nordic interior styles, which feature minimum clutter and various other design features known for their mood-boosting effects. A Scandinavian-style office is an excellent way to combine all of these ideas and traits into your home or office decor, resulting in a happy, quiet, and productive work environment.

The Office 

Height-adjustable desks and chairs with fabric backrests are essential. Natural hues and materials, such as wood dominate furniture design. There is also metal, such as in the legs of chairs or tables, but it is usually painted black or white; there is no place for shiny chrome here. Monochromatic color mixtures are also becoming more common. The mix of delicate, balanced beauty and functionality provides an environment that promotes well-being and benefits both work and leisure. 

Natural Light

Although it is not a decorative feature, it plays an essential role in any space or residence. Nordic-style rooms are typically light, bright, and roomy. Natural light is highly crucial when designing the ideal working environment because it not only complements your preferred Scandinavian design. It is also far more advantageous to you and your health than artificial light, often used in workplaces. Natural lighting improves mental health, productivity, well-being.

Simple and Minimal

We've already highlighted the importance of having a good workstation, but what else do you truly must-have in your office? A comfy chair and possibly a filing cabinet are recommended. Make an effort to keep the furniture to a minimum. You should only have what you need. Too much furniture can make a room feel cramped and stifle the energy flow. The more items you have on your desk, the more difficult it is to focus. If you can discover an office desk that is both stylish and functional, that is ideal. White and wood would be suitable for a Scandinavian-style desk. The top is rather basic, with a couple of drawers underneath. 



Plants are known for their healing powers, which positively affect overall well-being and your physical and mental health. They can enhance your immune system, increase your sleep quality, and provide a relaxing impact, making them an ideal asset to your office. Scandinavian-style décor has many plants and greenery, and there are several inexpensive house plants that you can include in your office. Plants emit airborne chemicals known as phytoncides, which help lessen the tension levels you feel all through the day. As a consequence, your immune system is automatically improved. Plants at your office will make you feel comfortable, tranquil, and stress-free, which will allow you to be as productive as possible.


  • Boston Ferns - excellent for cleaning the air and eliminating contaminants.
  • Snake Plant - helps to improve air quality
  • Mass Cane - the most effective plant for removing formaldehyde from the air.
  • Peppermint- improves alertness and reduces frustration.


Texture is a terrific way to strike the right balance between relaxation and functionality in your office. Nordic interiors are often made up of a lot of wood and various natural surfaces and materials such as wool, linen, cotton, fur, and hessian. Wooden furniture is also attractive, as craft and raw materials are a legacy in Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian design. Sheepskin carpeting on hardwood floors is a prevalent theme in Scandinavian décor and looks great when arranged in an office since they break up space while also creating a sense of softness and warmth.


One of Scandinavian design's main principles is comfort. What better way to incorporate this in your office but by using sleek, functional, and beneficial height-adjustable desks and ergonomic office chairs. When you use a height-adjustable desk, you can feel a connection to your surroundings. Also, as you shift from a sitting to a standing position, you can reduce anxiety and become more attentive to how you feel and your body needs. 



Wall prints look especially good in a Scandinavian-style office. There are plenty to pick from, and you can find a lot on Etsy. Your wall prints can be displayed in attractive frames on a shelf unit or hung on the walls. They also help to bring a splash of color to the room.

Muted colors

In a Scandinavian office, neutral tones are ideal. Begin with warm greys and whites, then bring in delicate colors like frosty blue or dusty pink.

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