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7 Reasons Standing Desks Improve Productivity

12 October 2021

Sitting for extended periods in the modern workplace has been recognized as one of the most severe health concerns office employees experience. Sitting at work too much can lead to various health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. According to a growing number of studies, long durations of sitting have also been shown to increase anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues, prompting employees to lose focus and discipline at work.

What if there was a simple method to boost your work productivity by modifying just one piece of work equipment and routine? Increased productivity allows you to meet your targets much more, eliminate overtime and work interruptions, and impress your employer, teammates, and yourself. Investing in a standing desk and standing desk converter or riser is one of the most effective and easy ways to increase your productivity at work or home.

By using a standing desk, employees will complete their routine activities while avoiding the negative consequences of prolonged sitting. This form of workstation would not only keep employees healthy and fit, but it can also increase productivity and motivation. As a result, simply by investing in a standing desk, employers can benefit from increased employee satisfaction in your workplace.

According to research, people get up and move around, get much more work done, and have less procrastination than those who sit back and relax during the process. Businesses that provide standing desks for their employees have increased by 30% in recent years.

Standing Desks Boost Productivity

Higher productivity is among the most crucial objectives, regardless if you work at home or spend most of your time at the corporate headquarters or other workplaces. This would not only enable you to achieve your own goals faster, but it will also show you how to work well with others and amaze your supervisor or higher-up employer. 

A significant focus on productivity frequently signals the need for better software applications, more efficient communication systems, and time-saving work habits. All of these factors are important, but eliminating all of the small details that pile up over a long day is among the most effective methods to produce more without putting yourself under unnecessary stress, including:

  • Fatigued necks, backs, and other muscles that are very distracting
  • Excessive stress causing headaches and confusion
  • Fatigue and the afternoon slump which makes it challenging to stay focused
  • Discomfort that absorbs your concentration tremendously

If you use the correct tools, such as a standing desk, and practice good work habits, your organization will be more energized and efficient. Consider the following productivity advantages of standing desks in the workplace:

Decreased Back Pain

Sitting may appear to be a harmless activity, but it has hidden consequences when done for long durations. Back pain is among the most well-known adverse effects of prolonged sitting. Back pain can be chronic or temporary, depending on how much time an individual spends sitting and how they sit. In either case, a standing desk can simply help you avoid this common affliction. Employees who utilize standing desks at work claim less back pain, according to studies. Employees are much more likely to concentrate on their tasks and perform much better overall whenever comfortable and pain-free at work.

Boosted Energy

Standing desks are unlike any other in that they encourage you to be active and have surges of energy. Employees will be encouraged to move about during the day, which results in increased energy levels. Your energy levels become much more consistent when you stand while working when you're more engaged all through the day. High energy levels can also assist in solid job results because employees are giving it their all.

There are a variety of inexpensive standing desks to pick from, depending on your budget. Standing desks for the workplace are fantastic and worthwhile investments, considering your employees' increased energy and productivity. Check outstanding desks from FlexiSpot, one of the top and most trusted standing desk brands. Here are some that we recommend:

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Improved Blood Flow

Standing up also has physical advantages for increasing productivity. An upright posture causes increased blood flow across your body, which helps to oxygenate your brain and make you feel more active and energetic. When your brain is functioning at its best, you could more easily sort out work challenges, maintain high levels of creativity and adaptability, and stay focused for longer durations. Needless to say, this cardiovascular boost also contributes to your body's general health.

Reduced Pain and Discomfort

Standing desks are well-known for helping employees achieve better posture. Sitting for long periods might result in persistent physical discomfort. Back pain, migraines, nerve difficulties, and joint problems are among the most common side effects for employees. Any discomfort caused by sitting for extended periods can have a substantial impact on work performance. As a result, avoiding these distractions is critical if you want to increase your productivity.

Standing desks are also great for keeping you moving throughout the day. Our bodies become accustomed to sitting for long periods. Standing lowers body discomfort by allowing you adequate blood flow to keep you functioning.

Enhanced Critical Thinking

Standing rather than sitting can improve employees' cognitive function. You help enhance the transport of oxygen and essential nutrients to your brain by standing. Improving blood circulation is vital for enhancing brain strength and promoting the ability to think critically. 

Morale Boost

When everyone is on their feet and able to move, employees are much more likely to interact with one another. Given their improved spirits and the good impacts of their standing desks, their workplace morale must be enhanced. Employees are also more likely to go around and chat to their teammates about thoughts and discuss them. With the open attitude inside the workforce, camaraderie and collaboration can be further witnessed. Their positive interactions will impact their work effectiveness, attitude, and productivity in the long run.

Better Posture

While it may appear to be just a little gain, better posture can increase employee motivation in various ways. In several studies, better posture has been related to improved circulation, metabolism, lower muscle stress, and increase in energy levels. Maintaining proper posture is likely to improve confidence and reduce stress and tension in some people. Employees who stand more periodically during the day have a higher sense of self-confidence and experience less stress and ambiguity at work.

You certainly have objectives and targets in place to grow in your profession, start a business, or pursue personal hobbies in new and exciting ways. If you spend a lot of time behind a desk to reach those goals, a standing desk or standing desk riser can help you do them more efficiently and quickly. The studies on the advantages of standing to work indicate that this type of equipment can make a significant difference in your life.