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A Gamer's Christmas Wishlist

22 December 2021

I know the feeling.

I mean the helpless feeling that looms while picking the best gift for a friend, a sibling, or someone special.

You want something spectacular, unexpected, and unique. We’ve all gone down that lane; if you are in a pickle on what to buy for your gamer pal this Christmas, fret not! Santa Clause is here to the rescue-- or something like that.

This extensive list includes every gaming accessory I have ever wished for. Some I got, some I didn’t. I also received some gifts that I didn’t care about but pretended I loved. Don’t do that to the gamers around you this Christmas!

Here’s my detailed Gamer’s Wishlist; enjoy!

Gaming Ergonomic Chair

Gaming Ergonomic Chair

I wouldn’t want to repeat this but, I guess emphasis would do us a lot of good. Gamers spend a prominent time sitting. So, don’t scroll past a splendid gaming chair when you see one.

Thankfully, the FlexiSpot store overflows with Gaming Ergo chairs. If you don’t want your friend to end up with an exoskeletal disorder anytime soon, get a gaming chair. Besides making games a piece of cake, it also offers comfort.

Frankly, optimum comfort is the dream of any avid gamer.

I have some gaming chairs in mind. These have been on my Wishlist for as long as forever! Gaming chair GC01 is one such gaming chair. I’ve probably dreamt of it a couple of times; I look forward to checking it out of FlexiSpot soon! And there’s the Massage Gaming Chair 0029-- I could toot this chair’s horn all day. But check it out.

Gaming Standing Desk

Gaming Standing Desk

A gaming setup with a regular desk is torture. With confirmations that standing desks improve focus and active engagement, there’s no doubt that it would increase gaming focus. Besides, it’s a healthy choice.

Improve your friend’s in-game performance this Christmas with a FlexiSpot standing desk. Luckily, FlexiSpot has tons of affordable gaming standing desks. You can’t go wrong with any of these. Ergonomic gamic standing desk EC1 is an economical option to consider.

Blue light glasses

Staring into a screen for long periods has damaging effects on eyesight. It means gamers are prone to eye defects if we expose ourselves to blue rays from screens without any shield. Hence, a blue ray glass offers all the protection we need.

It’s not only a great Christmas gift for game lovers but also an affordable option. Save a gamer's eye today-- I mean that literally!

Stress ball

The relieving feeling a stress ball gives would serve a soothing purpose after an intense gaming session. So, by all means, add it to your shopping list this Christmas. You can also buy other gamer stress toys instead-- anything works.

Heated Lumbar Support

Heated Lumbar Support

Addiction and gaming often complement each other. What I mean is, there’s every chance that we’d sit on a spot for a whole day (sometimes I forget to eat). Like an office worker, gamers tend to sit for long periods.

It’s no news that such extended sitting is prejudicial to anyone’s health. It hurts the lower back region even when you are on an ergonomic chair with lumbar support.

We need maximum comfort even if we choose to play video games nonstop for days (just saying). That’s the use of lumbar support. Who would reject extra cushioning aimed at comfort? I know I wouldn’t.

Any avid gamer would appreciate the extra comfort.

FlexiSpot Cable tray

FlexiSpot Cable tray

Tangled cords are unpleasant; I know I love my gaming space tidy. And I believe most people would prefer an organized corner. Cable trays help with such cable organization.

Besides the tidiness, it keeps wires out of your way. Imagine playing games with tangled wires; it may limit your movement and affect your game.

Hence, a cable tray from FlexiSpot can transform a gaming setup. Tell me why this wouldn’t be a pleasant Christmas gift? I loved mine when I got it as a present.

And you know what? FlexiSpot has some of the most affordable products; this includes the cable tray.

Gaming Headphones

In gaming, audio is everything. We love to be in the moment while playing any game! A gaming headset makes the world go round. Clear and crisp audio is a dream come true for anyone who loves video games. They come in various forms and shoes. You can discreetly start a conversation about the headset to discover your friend’s preference.

Wanna know the best part?

You can always get affordable headsets with top-notch quality audio. Why the wait? Get your gamer the audio harmony for his favorite game!

Headphone Holder

Tidiness isn’t my forte, but a cluttered gaming space is a turn-off. That, my friend, is the job of a headphone holder.

After gaming, it’s lovely to have a perfect space for all your accessories. Buy your gamer friend a headphone holder this Christmas! It’s an excellent gift. But it would be nice if they had gaming headphones first-- if they don’t, remedy that (if you can).

FlexiSpot Monitor arm

FlexiSpot Monitor arm

Sometimes, dual monitors are best for gaming. But not all gamers use multiple monitors. If your friend shuffles between gaming and trading-- for instance-- there’s every possibility he needs two monitors. In this case, a dual monitor arm would be an excellent Christmas gift.

Monitor arms also add a stylish edge to a workspace. So, it works for comfort and aesthetics alike; something about killing two birds with one stone.

FlexiSpot has single and dual monitor arms, depending on your choice. If you believe your gamer could use one, place an order now! You can make gaming more fun.

Gaming Monitor

Gaming Monitor

Visuals are the oxygen of any video game. You’d be snuffing life out of a game if you play on a device with poor visual quality. Voila! A gaming monitor is the silver bullet.

They have specially crafted structures and enhanced displays to keep gamers and non-gamers glued to the screen. Well, provided the non-gamer loves fantastic graphics!

Recently, curved monitors have taken over the gaming world, but you can find just any design. Monitors come in varying budget ranges; pick your poison. You can always buy an affordable one but note that big screens automatically mean more money.

RGB Accessories

I love an attractive gaming environment. It’s not a deal-breaker for some gamers, but it is for me. So, if you have a neat freak gamer, some RGB lights would light up his Christmas. It spruces up the gaming setup irresistibly.

They work as atmosphere modifiers and blend in every accessory in a room. While it isn’t essential in any way, it transforms the ambiance. You may also pair this with other RGB accessories for maximum effect.

Gaming Mouse

Gaming Mouse

The gaming mouse is another excellent Christmas gift for a gamer. A mouse designed for gaming often has extra buttons which you can program to suit any gaming needs. Most models have structures that make them suitable for competitive gaming. Your choice of mouse depends on who would receive the gift.

There are various kinds with decorative and unique designs. While choosing one might be a challenging feat for a gaming novice, you can research beforehand.

Gaming Keyboard

There are keyboards made for gaming. You may buy one with RGB lightning; that’s like two gifts in one! Some people love playing games with mechanical keyboards-- it’s all a matter of choice. Discover what your gamer loves and buy a keyboard that matches the description.

You would certainly have several choices with varying prices. Some keyboards even come with mini palm rests for comfort. Make sure you scour through the numerous options before you decide.

HD Game Streaming Capture Card

Streaming a game online is a usual occurrence; It spices up video games and intensifies the fun. So, if you need gift ideas for a streamer, try out an HD Game Streaming Capture Card.

And guess what? People make a living playing video games. Yes, that’s right.

But you probably know that already if you have a gamer around you. With consistency and effort, this could be a big deal.

However, to make money, a streamer should record their games. See how the streaming capture card can help build a career?

Games Controller

Games Controller

While PC gamers often use their keyboards, they can use controllers. Controllers or game consoles are essential for gamers. Trust me; a quality controller can make all the difference.

The truth is the quality varies. I once had a game controller with a terrible analog. It barely controlled my game characters in my desired direction. At a point, I was red with anger because my analog made my character dance on a spot until it got killed!

No gamer wants such avoidable errors! So, invest in a quality, unique and beautiful console. I could worship the floor you walk on if you get me such!

FlexiSpot Anti-fatigue Mat

FlexiSpot Anti-fatigue Mat

For every issue, there is a solution. Well, a long day on your feet playing games is an invitation to sore feet. That’s the downside of a standing desk. We know it’s better to have scheduled sitting and standing sessions, but you can make standing more bearable for your favorite gamer.

FlexiSpot Anti-fatigue Mat makes all the standing hours fly by with ease. It makes gaming on your feet easy and comfy. So, if the gamer owns a standing desk, this is a perfect Christmas gift.

Mouse Bungees

Do you know how something seems so insignificant until you own one? Mouse bungee is an example of such. Most gamers-- except the neat ones-- wouldn’t consider investing in mouse bungees.

But it’s on this list because it changed my gaming life! Maybe I exaggerated a little bit-- but it’s been helpful.

Mouse bungee holds your mouse chord up and prevents it from clinging to your mouse pads or causing a nuisance. I once lost a bet because my mouse chord got in my way. See how vital it is to hold all chords out of the way?

Buy your gamer a stylish mouse bungee and wait for the excessive hugs! Because you'd get many of those bear hugs.

PC Storage Expansion

Video games files are large. I’m not complaining but being unable to play a favorite game due to space constraints is a bummer. Play Station gamers hardly have this difficulty. But for PC gamers, it’s a frequent occurrence.

Most times, our devices don’t have enough storage for all the games and files needed. Hence, a storage expansion becomes a viable option. You’d get an extensive list out there-- storage space ranges from 500GB to 14TB. Note that the higher the storage, the pricier it gets. The truth is a gamer would appreciate any extra space. It always makes a difference.

VR Headsets

VR Headsets

CR headsets have the exclusive spotlight on them now. Thus, it’s a great addition to any gamer’s arsenal.

A VR headset is always a welcome addition-- even if you own a gaming headset. It creates an immersive feeling that puts you in the game. Tell me, who would pass on such an opportunity?

Need a Christmas present that any gamer would appreciate forever? Buy a VR headset. That’s a perfect Christmas gift!

Desk Pad

Desk Pad

Undoubtedly, desk pads are as stylish as they come. But the purpose supersedes mere aesthetic. It’s like a wider mouse pad, which can accommodate your hands for added comfort while playing.

Simply put, you can place your hands on them while playing. Consider it a mini hand rest. Plus, it has a decorative effect on the whole setup. Gamers love the added advantage; so, it’s a suitable Christmas gift.


All gamers are lovable people; we must have made the year bearable for you one way or the other! Now, we deserve a gift.

This Wishlist includes the basic needs of every tech-savvy gamer ever! Need to blow their minds off? Pick one of these gifts and send it out with love. Now you have a list; what’s stopping you?