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Amplify Your Efficiency and Productivity with Standing Desk Accessories

23 April 2021

Work efficiency and productivity have different meanings but they are related to each other.  Some people may be efficient at work but not productive.  Cambridge dictionary has a simple definition of efficiency. It means “the good use of time and energy in a way that does not waste any.” A good example of this may be when an employee or a worker from home use the eight-hour work schedule for working only not for dilly dallying   or chatting with co-employees or co-workers. For company management, time is money and not to be wasted.  

Productivity on the other hand, is defined by Cambridge dictionary as “the ability to do as much work as possible in a particular period.” Based on the definition, I surmise that productivity is the product or the output as a result of working.  So it is more on the quantity of work while efficiency, the good use of time and doing the work correctly to prevent delay. On analysis, these two components of work go hand in hand and may be possibly attained by an individual worker depending on some environmental, social, or personal factors that may affect him.

I remember those times when I was still employed.  Every year, we receive an incentive called “productivity bonus” that is exclusive of the midyear bonus which is given in the middle of the year usually in May or June. So, we feel exalted and inspired upon receiving our productivity bonus. While we celebrated, others were not happy.  There is a certain computation the management follows before computing the amount of productivity bonus.  If I remember right, attendance is one of the bases for the computation since an employees’ productivity depends on output, attendance will definitely affect productivity.  When you have perfect attendance and you meet the quota for output of the day, you will receive the total amount of the bonus which is about the same amount of one-month salary.  

To improve efficiency and productivity, FlexiSpot has made some innovative products made especially for workers who are working at home which is now a part of modern lifestyle.  You may be a teleworker, a freelancer, or a digital nomad, there accessories that no doubt will increase your efficiency and productivity at work.

One of them is the Dual Monitor Mount F7D.  The two monitor mounts have 2 arms to help you modify your monitor settings.  You have also choices to change your displays such as side-by-side. back-to-back, or top-to- bottom or other changes of display.  With the monitor mount, it is possible to rate the monitors from landscape to portrait orientation thus, allowing the user to see longer pages or code blocks without the need for scrolling. The Dual Monitor Mount F7D responds to the lightest touch. As such, you can make changes on how the screen will be positioned to adjust to your desired viewing. This accessory for your standing desktop will surely help you accelerate your output for the day.  The monitor mounts are also easy to install and features a cable management system to fully organize cords and cable maintaining a neat and tangle-free workspace.

Do you have a hammock at home?  I am sure you want to tie one between the trees in your backyard for your outdoor siesta or just for relaxation. FlexiSpot has a cool accessory called  Portable Under Desk Foot Hammock FH01.  This cute product can be placed under your desk so that you could let your legs rest for a while after spending hours of sitting and trying to finish your task.  Resting your legs and feet will prevent leg muscle cramps and discomfort due to excessive sitting.  It will also improve blood circulation. It also provides comfort because the hammock supports the lower back muscles.  This accessory can be set under any desk type.  The good thing about this hammock is that the canvas rope length can be adjusted any time.  

The Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1 as the name suggests is ideal when you are working in standing posture.  Long hours of standing may make your body especially exhausted and tired.  With Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1, you feel comfortable throughout the day with no leg discomfort so that you can work and be productive the whole time. You can place this anti-Fatigue Mat anywhere in your home even when you’re not working.  The cushion on the mat suspends your body weight” so you won’t feel tired. You’re always on the go with this wonderful accessory.  It is also anti-skid and easy to clean.

Another mat accessory is the Anti Fatigue Mats-Grounded Support which is a wonderful support for long standing posture.  It is also anti fatigue that relieves sore and tired feet.  It promotes blood circulation.  You can work more hours in standing posture without worrying about discomfort.  With the Anti Fatigue Mats-Grounded Support, you’ll be glad to have it in your home.

Is your work chair uncomfortable to sit on?  Does it give pains in the lower back part of your body? Maybe you have to replace the seat cushion.  No worries.  FlexiSpot  has the perfect cushion that will make your sitting experience the most comfortable that you have ever had. The Ergonomic Seat Cushion- Comfortable Sitting as its name implies, is soft and padded for and cushioned to give you the ultimate comfort while you're sitting and working.  It’s the best cushion so far. Grab one today!  Please visit FlexiSpot website for more details.