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Benefits of Meditation in Helping You Be the Best You

27 April 2021

We cannot deny how this pandemic changed the way we think about the unpredictability of life, and how it can easily turn its back on us. We have now more than ever been frazzled and mentally disturbed by the worldwide change that took a toll on us. We are more prone to get anxiety attacks and lose our sanity. Staying and working at home even amplified that experience for us. The best practice that we can do is to stay in tune with ourselves and remind each other that we are stronger than this. 

It is easy to lose grip from reality and spiral out of control and have this impending emotional turmoil. We have to constantly push ourselves and make the effort of helping ourselves rise from these challenging times. One thing we can do is to meditate and find ourselves again. We are unique and resilient beings. We can rise against any struggle or hurdle and come out even stronger and victorious. 

To be the best version of yourself both in your personal and professional careers, regularly meditating can do wonders for your body and your holistic wellness. In this article, we will talk about how meditation benefits our well-being and how it plays an important role in our lives, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is the practice of training your mind to concentrate and redirect your thoughts regularly. Meditation's popularity is growing as more people become aware of its numerous health benefits. It will help you become more conscious of yourself and your surroundings. 

Many people regard it as a means of reducing stress and improving focus. People can use it to cultivate other good behaviors and emotions, such as a positive attitude and outlook, self-discipline, healthier sleep patterns, and even improved pain tolerance.

Meditation is a form of complementary medicine for the mind and body. Meditation will help you achieve a deep state of relaxation as well as a calm mind.

During meditation, you concentrate your attention and clear your mind of the jumbled thoughts that could be bothering you and causing stress. Physical and emotional well-being can be improved as a result of this phase.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation creates a solid connection between our internal and external worlds. It stimulates the body and supports all facets of the mind's conscious and subconscious layers. A few of the various benefits of meditation are mentioned below.

1. Meditation helps to increase empathy.

Compassion or loving-kindness Meditation activates neuronal pathways in the brain that control positive emotions including empathy and kindness. Meditation produces a deep state of flow, which increases social connectedness and makes us more affectionate and amicable as an individual.

2. Meditation is a stress reliever that comes naturally.

Stress is the body's reaction to unexpected challenges. When confronted with immediate threats, the body produces more cortisol or stress hormone, and the Autonomic Nervous System, which controls fight-or-flight responses, is activated. Regular meditators have lower cortisol levels in their brains, which explains their durability and insightful disposition, according to brain studies.

3. By inducing a state of rhythm, meditation improves concentration.

Have you ever noticed how meditation fully immerses you in the present moment? When we meditate, we naturally develop mindful consciousness and enter a state known as “flow,” in which our minds are in total harmony with one another. Regular meditation practitioners had a higher focus and concentration period, according to a report on the results of an eight-week mindful meditation course.

4. Meditation has been shown to improve mental health and well-being.

Meditation has been shown in studies to increase self-esteem and self-worth. We get a good picture of our mind when we meditate, and we become conscious of the feelings that are driving our emotions and behaviors at the time.

5. Meditation helps you think more clearly.

Researchers believe that incorporating meditation into one's everyday routine is an ideal way for professionals to improve their chances of success. Both transcendent and mindful meditation activities have been shown to enhance the brain's problem-solving and decision-making techniques, which can lead to a positive change in our professional lives.

Why We Need Meditation in Our Lives Right Now

During the current pandemic, there is a great deal of uncertainty about the future, as well as numerous threats to our survival (physical, social, emotional, and financial). Anxiety, anxiety, and frustration are completely natural and common feelings.

You might also feel resentment or dissatisfaction against our public institutions for not moving as quickly and effectively as you had hoped, or toward people who are not being as cautious as you would like in terms of social distance, and so on. All of these are common and natural responses to an unusual circumstance.

Mindfulness and meditation will help us understand this condition without being overwhelmed by intense feelings, helping us to return to a state of focused calm. And then will we be able to see clearly what we have power over and what we do not. The practice of regular meditation also teaches us how to move forward with respect for ourselves and others.

Even with just taking a break and having a few deep breaths, the repetition of your favorite motivating quote or phrase, the acknowledgment of your thoughts and feelings, or even just simply taking a pause, you can find the rhythm and flow in yourself. That in itself is one way to include meditation in your life.


If stress makes you feel nervous, tense, or worried, try meditation. Only a few minutes of meditation will help you regain your sense of equilibrium and inner peace. Meditation is something that everyone should do. It is easy to do and does not cost a lot of money, and it doesn't need any special equipment. 

This is something you can do no matter where you are in the world. Just make sure you do it properly and consider the positive benefits it can bring you once you regularly and correctly apply it in your life. For more tips and similar topics like this, check out FlexiSpot's FlexiWellness Center for articles that can help you tackle life's challenges to bring out your best you.