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Best Adjustable Desk Review: The L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Desk

10 January 2020

Backaches are really painful, and they can make your day hellish. Unfortunately, one of the reasons your back aches is working for long hours in one position. One solution to this problem is to avoid sitting at your desk for long periods. That means that you should try standing to work sometimes.

However, seeing as your regular desk is not at the appropriate height for you to work, this may constitute a problem. Why? If you do try to stand at work, you'd have to be bending over your desk for a while, which could lead to more spine problems. So what do you do? Well, there is a solution.

If you work long hours sitting and you have back pains, you should probably consider getting an adjustable desk. Adjustable desks are desks that can go from sitting desks (that is your regular office furniture) to standing desks. So, anytime your back feels weary, you can just adjust the desk, and continue your work standing upright.

We'll be reviewing one of such desks, which is the L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Desk from Flexispot. Let's check out some of the key features of this desk.

Key Features Of The L-Shaped Electric Height Adjustable Desk

  • Like the name implies, the Desk is L-Shaped. What the name doesn't imply is that it comes in both L-right and L-left variants— which it does.  This means that no matter the space you are working in, you can optimize it easily.
  • The L-Shaped desk ensures that you have that little extra space that a regular straight shaped desk wouldn't give you. It is the most sensible choice for corner configurations and people who need some extra space to be ultra-productive.
  • In choosing an adjustable desk, one of the things you should be very particular about is whether the adjustment is smooth or not. You certainly don't want a desk that is difficult to adjust or one that makes noise and disturbs others while changing positions. The L-Shaped desk can be adjusted at just the push of a button. It is smooth, easily adjustable, and makes no noise.
  • The desk is great for the home office because it is really sturdy and comes with  1" thick, environmentally friendly, medium-density chipboard that's great for weight-bearing.
  • It comes with an advanced keyboard that has three programmable presets that allows you to save your favourite standing, sitting and even under-desk cycling positions. It comes with an energy-efficient LED display that allows you to see your exact desk height. The display of the advanced keyboard enters sleep mode when the desk is stationary to save power. Additionally, the desk allows you to set up activity alerts to remind you to sit or stand at convenient times.
  • The frame of the desk is designed with sturdiness and stability in mind. It comes with double steel tubing that ensures that the desk is stable even when it is highest. The surface of the desk is also powder coated and is resistant to water, scratches and stains.

Would I Recommend?

At $599.99, the desk is a little pricy. However, you can use the coupon code "FLEXI100" to save $100 when you buy this desk. The more important question is, is it worth that price? A cursory glance at its features says that it is. There is no amount too big to be invested in your health, and this desk promises to make those work-related back pains go away. So yes, I would recommend this desk.