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Best Standing Desk Frames Designed by Flexispot

26 December 2022

As long as you need a standing desk that offers you all the incredible ergonomic benefits, it's possible that your budget won't support it. And this is largely connected to the expensive nature of these products.

In that case, you might have no option but e design your own desk by getting a standing desk frame. As you level up your ergonomics, this idea also gives you lesser expenses to worry about. Luckily for you, this trend is gradually becoming the order of the day for businesses, home offices, and contemporary houses.

Going for the best standing desk frame will offer you excellent value for your money, usability, and satisfaction. And to adjust this workstation, all you have to do is regulate the column or desk frame that holds the appropriate desktop.

Now that we've shown you that purchasing an adjustable standing desk frame is your best way to build your own standing desk, this guide will walk you through the top picks of Flexispot standing desk frames, all the factors you need to consider while sourcing for a desk frame, and the distinct perks of standing desk legs.

What are the Best Standing Desk Frames on the Market?

There are a ton of electric standing desk frame and standing desk legs kits that can be considered the best. This means that finding the perfect one may be somewhat hectic.

Thus, the ideal option will be largely determined by what your budget can afford. As a result, we have broken down the best three options for standing desk frames in 2022 for you. These options have also been tested and proven to fit different budget ranges.

Top 3 Standing Desk Frame Options

The first step you need to take while checking the perfect range for your tabletop frame is to know the correct desk elevation. Secondly, you should also consider the right desk height when you're standing and sitting.

Flowing from above, here are some affordable desk frames you should have at your workplace or home office.

1. Standing Desk For WFO and WFH E8

The Standing Desk Frame E8 is built to give office and remote workers the full benefits of using a proper and well-equipped adjustable standing desk. The base has a very sturdy formation and it doesn't fidget irrespective of the construction it carries.

It has a dynamic loading capacity of 125kg. This shows that other essential office accessories apart from your PC can be on the tabletop without any fear of wobbling or crashing. Even the noise level is reduced to <50dB, so your coworker nearby or neighbour won't be disturbed in any way.

In the ergonomic world, a key factor used to identify the real products from others is the number of years each product has as its warranty. And that's another leverage that the Standing Desk Frame for WFO and WFH E8 has above its contemporaries.

The product has a 7-year warranty and its extraordinary stability has been confirmed by many heavyweights in the industry. It has been ranked 1st in the category of the Best Standing Desks in 2022 by TechRadar, PC Gamer, and the Independent.

Alongside all these amazing features are 4 programmable memory presets, USB charging capability, height memory/child lock, anti-collision system and cable management, and up/down movement.

It has a height range pegged between 60cm and 125cm and the frames have been tested to be whisper-free, fast, and strong. Nothing else could beat this premium value!

The electric dual motor that powers the standing desk frame has also been endorsed by the UKVA and its cable management system is user-friendly.

Since our focus is on DIY desktop design, you should bear in mind that the Standing Desk Frame E8 works perfectly with a bamboo, rubberwood, black, or black walnut tabletop. All you have to do is go for your favorite!

You've got no cause to worry because this standing desk base will provide essential ergonomic designs that'll strengthen your body and pitch you far from pains and aches when you end up the day's tasks.

Another addendum here's that the adjustable standing desk legs will add more aesthetics to your workplace or home office decor, amplify professionalism, and balance the entire landscape.

2. Standing Desk Dual Motor Frame E5

The Standing Desk Dual Motor Frame E5 has a high-end control panel that accommodates a programmable sit-stand reminder feature, reliable LED display, up/down movement, and 3 memory height presets.

These modern functions are put in place to ensure that you easily switch positions - standing to sitting and vice versa. Especially with the programmable reminder, our team of engineers has integrated some appealing alerts that'll tell you it's time to stand.

The standing desk frame also allows a quick and easy height adjustment for its users. Irrespective of your gender, the minimum height is pegged at 62cm and your children can also use it as an ideal reading table height.

And if you're taller, the height setting can also be adjusted to fit your height level. With a very strong and stable base, you can also enjoy a dynamic load capacity of 100kg.

There is also an anti-collision safety feature that'll stop and retract the tabletop if it senses an unexpected obstacle while moving. This way, the standing desk frame will not crash into or destroy any of your items under the desktop nor will the desktop itself get damaged.

All the standing desk legs are designed with a round and sleek edge in place of the conventional sharp corners to reduce dents or bumps while moving the standing desk frame around the room.

3. Standing Desk Frames: Single Motor EC1/EN1

Strong and reliable for multiple uses, the Standing Desk Frame Single Motor EC1/EN1 is designed to accommodate not only the weight of your computer but also other office accessories.

As such, we can say that the frame is built to defeat the sedentary lifestyle associated with the corporate space. The frame is very comfy to use as all you need to switch from sitting to standing is a single tap of a button.

At Flexispot, we also have some environment-friendly and high-quality desktops that you can pair the standing desk frame with. For example, you can use bamboo, solid wood, chipboard, solid wood texture, or fiberboard desktop.

For the chipboard desktops, each is 1" thick and available in different types of wood grains and solid colors. It is your choice if you need affordability, durability, appealing colors, and symmetrical patterns.

You should also note that all these tabletops have undergone a series of tests and cleared to fulfill the safety testing requirements. As such, they have all been certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

You can also use the 4-leg standing desk frame for other purposes such as gaming and video conferencing. Even when you adjust during your video meeting, the frame's motor will also adjust through the height settings.

Lift Capacity that Perfectly Aligns With Your Specific Needs

You need to calculate or check the desired desktop you want to use before you set out to build your standing desk. After that, you have to subtract the total weight of the desktop from the total lifting capacity that your standing desk frame is billed to withstand.

The rationale behind this calculation is to ensure that you have a rough estimate of the office accessories or supplies you can add to the standing desk. This calculation is also important because you'll come to understand the types of desktops that will perfectly work with the standing desk frame and those that won't.

Especially when you plan to add a thick, stone, or heavy hardwood desktop to your adjustable standing desk frame, failure to follow this simple calculation might end with a sudden crash of the frame after a few days or weeks of use.

It doesn't even matter whether you have the best standing desk legs or the best standing desk frame, disappointment will be lurking around except you calculate to arrive at the frame's lift capacity. As you do this, you'll also know of any side-loading problems.

Most importantly, it's also a brilliant idea to ensure that your tabletop is at least 1 inch thick especially if you plan to use a too with more than 59 inches width. Why the 1-inch thickness?

This is to save the desktop from warping. It'll also help you minimize the risks of high side loading on the legs.

Final Words

Including electric standing desk frames, every ergonomic office furniture comes in a stretch of prices, sizes, and colors. And the prices often depend on the quality of the materials used, designs, and other additional features that the standing desk chosen offers.

Therefore, you should check the Flexispot site today to further understand the best adjustable standing desk frame to purchase or perhaps the most effective ergonomic office chair that'll give you absolute satisfaction for your money.