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Comparing the VIVO Desk and the FlexiSpot MANUAL Desk H2

15 April 2020

If you are like many people who work with monitor for more extended periods, then you've probably thought about getting a manual height adjustable desk. Given their quality and reputation, most buyers eventually narrow their choices down between the following two products:



FlexiSpot MANUAL Desk H2

They are both great desks. However, after reviewing both products extensively for the past two months, we have discovered that FlexiSpot MANUAL Desk H2 actually holds a surprising advantage over VIVO desk. Read on to find out why:


Height Adjustment Range (Without Top)

The VIVO desk boasts a height ranging from 29" to 48" with a manual hand crank system that allows transitioning from sitting to standing with a simple turn of a handle. The telescopic height adjustment mainly makes this desk a must-buy. Despite this advantage, some people still complain of the limited height range. According to, an average 5'11" (180 cm) person would have their desk about 44 inches (111cm) high.

Probably, the most prominent feature of the FlexiSpot MANUAL Desk H2 is its height adjustability function. The height adjustable range of MANUAL Desk H2 is from 28.3″ - 48.4″.

This product primarily functions well for people of all height ranges and the transition is smooth and seamless. What's more? It even comes with a versatile height adjustable desk frame which moves laterally, extending your desktop from 43.3″ to 70.9″.

Advantage: FlexiSpot has the edge.


Weight Capacity

With a weight capacity of 176 lbs, this desk was produced with stability in mind and made of MDF. It supports more weight than similar desks on the market. The most exciting part? You will conveniently place your monitor, CUP holder, and monitor mounts on your desk.

VIVO desk only has a 132 lbs weight capacity, but make sure you don't overboard it with more massive weight; else, it will be hard to lift it with bulky monitors. For most people, this isn't a problem unless you only have one monitor.

Verdict: FlexiSpot wins the weight capacity contest.


Color Choice

Are you the type that likes perfect color combination? Great news for you.

The FlexiSpot Manual desk H2 comes in four different colors; mahogany, white, black, and maple. Many people prefer going for mahogany because of the look and gentle color. When ordering on, you will be instructed to choose your most preferred color. We feel that the best extra features are mahogany and maple.

Unsurprisingly, the VIVO desk also comes with four awe-inspiring colors of White, Dark Walnut, Black, and Lightwood.

winner: we will call it even


Horizontal Adjustments of the desk frame

The FlexiSpot Manual desk H2 adjusts from 43.3 inches to 70.9 inches. The horizontal adjustment is suitable for tabletop, especially those within 47.2"-78.7" wide and 23.6' to 31.5" deep. Overall, the frame is capable of handling rather large tabletops if you are considering upgrading it down the line.

The VIVO desk, sadly, doesn't have any desk frame horizontal adjustment.

Advantage: FlexiSpot


Desk top Size

If you have the needs for a bigger desk top, then FlexiSpot Manual Desk H2 48" W X 30" D might be the right choice. Definitely larger than other desks on the market, it provides enough room for two monitors and additional space on the upper part. The keyboard area is spacious enough for your item, but you can get an even more spacious desk of 55" D X 28" W - with an additional $40. So, enjoying this desk is a question of how much desktop size you can afford. Going for the latter Size?

Sounds great.

The VIVO desk with desktop size 47.25 "W  X 24" D is a smaller version of FlexiSpot Manual Desk H2, which comes in different sizes. This fits the requirements of users who want to save enough space. The only thing to worry about this desk is to be careful of placing heavy items on it because it will be hard to adjust it. Also, it's not a good buy if you have a large keyboard.

Advantage: FlexiSpot --- We'll call it even – the FlexiSpot offers more options, but with an additional cost of $40


To derive maximum satisfaction from FlexiSpot Manual Desk H2, you need a deeper pocket. With VIVO, you spend less, and you are getting fewer benefits compared to FlexiSpot. In our view, we recommend FlexiSpot's desk, even if you are on a tight budget.

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Advantage: VIVO, but you get more options, benefits, and satisfaction with FlexiSpot