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Cop These Items for a Winning Home Office Setup

26 May 2022

So, if you are like most people and are now working from home, your home office should be well-equipped with ergonomic furniture and office accessories that will make your work easier and lighter. Yes, work hard, but work smarter. And if you have the luxury to call a space your designated home office, make sure that it also looks good on video calls – after all, impressions maketh or breaketh a man.

Where do you begin? First things first, identify in which part of your house you will place your professional corner. Do you have an empty guest room? Go ahead. Is the garage large enough? Convert it to your home office. Left with not much space? Find a corner where there is less foot traffic during your working hours. And let us give more emphasis on that–less foot traffic. Less distractions, more work done.

Now, back to our previous point: work smarter. Do not underestimate the power of using ergonomic items to fuel your working habits. The things you use, though their effects may not be seen on the surface, will affect you greatly. For instance, you are repurposing your bedside table as your work table. However, your work calls for tons of paperwork, printing files, and multiple desktop setups. As the bedside table is not made to handle that much weight, its legs will give way eventually. Or, if you are using your dining chair as a seat for say, 8 hours, you will most likely develop back pain or soreness on the lower half of your body. You can avoid all these if you start using ergonomic furniture. And, it’s already a big win to start off your home office life.

Vici Duplex Standing Desk

Vici Duplex Standing Desk

Priced at $ 499.99.

Discounted Price on May 25-27 is $ 359.99.

The Vici Duplex Standing Desk screams versatility. The unique dual-zone height-adjustable desk allows users to switch between one- and two-tier desktop modes.

If your work needs a more spacious work area, then you can use the single-tier mode. Arts, crafts, writing, or even mapping out on large printed paper are perfect for the size of this desk.

Meanwhile, you can also raise the rear of the desk in the two-tier mode. You can place your monitor, photos, books, desk plants, and other desktop accessories on the second raised tier. Your mouse and keyboard can be placed in the lower tier for a more ergonomic feel on the hands and arms. Moreover, the two-tier zones can also be used by you and your kid simultaneously. You can both work and study together, improving the quality of the parent-children time. Worry not, as the height requirement of both users can be adjusted according to the needs.

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

Priced at $ 149.99.

Discounted Price on May 25-27 is $ 109.99.

Comfortability is the name of the game when it comes to office chairs. And the OC7 is that. The chair’s elastic design provides more comfort to the body while in a sitting position. The S-shaped curve of the seat is for the optimal back support. As for your lower back, the OC7 takes good care of it as the lumbar support is ergonomically-designed to do so. Sweat and moisture will also not be a problem, even during summertime, because the seat has a breathable mesh covering. Moreover, to assist in your comfortability, the chair can be freely adjusted according to your height, and the same goes for the headrest so you can feel more comfortable on the back of your head and nape.

Desktop Air Purifier C1

Desktop Air Purifier C1

Priced at $ 199.99.

Discounted Price on May 25-27 is $ 109.99.

This desktop accessory improves wellness as it acts as your personal air guardian. It is equipped with a PM2.5 particle sensor that monitors dry humidity in real-time. Plus, it has 2 built-in chargeable ports, 1 USB and 1 Type C. Don’t worry much if the set will occupy more desk space because it has a storage pocket on the side for your office supplies like pens, stapler, and the like. And you can use the surface to place your laptop, which is helpful in correcting your sitting posture as it is ergonomically designed to match the level of your eyes.

Mesh Desk Organizer DO01

Mesh Desk Organizer DO01

Priced at $ 29.99.

Discounted Price on May 25-27 is $ 45.99.

The key to maintaining a more organized space and saving space as well is having desk organizers. Just put it in one corner, then you will have enough space to hold your office essentials sans the clutter. We could not stress enough how a clean and tidy desk improves work efficiency and avoids added and unwanted stress brought by a cluttered space.

The DO01 has a three-tier space-saving design with a three-compartment sliding drawer and a vertical shelf at the back. The side frames are designed for easy lifting and handling. The mesh desk accessory drawers can be used separately and are ideally used to hold stationery and small trinkets. Meanwhile, the three sliding trays can accommodate documents and notebooks. Use the vertical storage area to organize your folders and binders in one place. With its unique, well-thought-out, and versatile design, the FlexiSpot Mesh Desk Organizer will help you have more desk space.

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