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Countdown to Black Friday 2022: Standing desks you should add to your Wishlist

13 November 2022

Black Friday is right around the corner, and we all know what that means! The best deals on everything, including standing desks, ergonomic office chairs, and other furniture, are being brought right to your doorstep. It means that you're in for some of the best deals and discounts on the best furniture from your favorite stores and shopping websites. If you want a furniture upgrade, there has never been a better time to consider using a standing desk. If you already have a standing desk, this is your time to look for an even better-standing desk with better features and benefits.

Here is a Flexispot exclusive secret for the upcoming black Friday. There are significant savings on pre-assembled standing desks, but you should also consider looking at desk frames and tops sold separately. They are straightforward to assemble. You will often have to attach its top yourself if you buy a complete desk; picking them up separately is cheaper.

For those who have stumbled upon this page without planning, please read on to understand standing desks.

A standing desk, also known as a stand-up desk, allows you to stand up while working comfortably. Over the years, they have been adjusted to allow you to change your desk height and alternate between standing and sitting, and they have electric motors that ease their use. Several researchers have studied their benefits and come up with a list of health benefits that come from using these desks, like reducing spinal injuries, which is very common, especially for people who spend the most time working.

With Black Friday offers and deals, you can now have a healthy working environment that will lead to productivity. Read further to find the various black Friday standing desk offers and choose the desk you think is the correct one for you and your family.

1. Flexispot Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

You should include the standing desk in your shopping cart to see the saving at Flexispot during this upcoming Black Friday. The desk has a bamboo tabletop and surface made from material that makes it impossible to scratch and four programmable height presets, which come in handy for multiple users. Its height adjustment range is 28.3" to 477.6", enabling the desk to accommodate several people with varying height preferences. The benefit of this desk is its spacious surface area, which is enough for a two-monitor computer setup. This desk has many features that will be worth your money during black Friday. It possesses a simple yet elegant design with a wide smooth surface and a pull-out drawer beneath the surface for extra storage.

2. Pro Plus Standing Desk E7

The E7 standing desk is the best for people that work from home and those that go to their company office job every day. In short, the E7 standing desk is the ultimate choice since it covers all your needs. It comes in multiple sizes, materials, and colors, allowing you to choose the desktop you see fit. The desktops are made from healthy materials like natural bamboo, E0-Graded chipboard, and solid wood. The desk looks bright for a professional work setup in your home and office.

Surprisingly, the desk can hold up to 355lbs, so you can place multiple monitors and other devices without worrying. The fanciest thing about this desk is its option for choosing your desk leg style; not so many desks have that option. You can modify the E7 standing desk however desired when you order one during this Black Friday period. The desk also has a premium LCD keypad.

3. Pro Standing Desk E5

This adjustable Flexispot standing desk has an improved motor and structure. Its double crossbeam structure, together with a dual lifting mechanism, gives you a smooth and stable experience, and that is precisely what you need during this period. You don't want to use a desk that gives you and your family a hard time and bad health. The desk contains three programmable height presets, an anti-collision feature, and a sit-stand reminder that reminds and allows you to change working postures. If you are on your good health journey, watch out for the E5 standing desk during this Black Friday because this is precisely what you have been missing.

Finally, the desk has enough space for your dual monitor setup, and the table top is water resistant making it safe for work and durable. You don't have to worry about replacing your desk sooner when you have your E5 standing desk.

4. Oval Shaped Standing Desk E8

It is another common category for work-from-home and work-from-office people who prefer a spacious work surface. You should watch out for the E8 Black Friday deal because it has one of the best deals. Its powerful dual-motor lifting mechanism gives it maximum stability even when it has reached maximum capacity. Other features include a multifunctional touch keypad and safety features such as a child lock to prevent your pet or children from messing up your work. The desk is also made with soft edges to prevent injuries. We can't talk about the E8 standing desk without mentioning its excellent cable management, so if you like an organized workspace, this is what you need.

Before getting this desk during Black Friday, check out the desk reviews on the Flexispot and see how much people love and prefer this desk.

5. Standard Standing Desk E1

One of the best space-friendly brilliant desks is the Flexispot E1 standing desk. It goes very well with corners, so if you desire to place your desk in a corner, worry not. You can transition from standing to sitting with a tap of a button. The E1 standing desk is the best choice for video meetings, office work, and gaming because its smooth height adjustment feature prevents you from straining and acquiring injuries and is very sturdy.

You can find this executive desk during Black Friday at a reasonable price because its ergonomic features make the desk pricier on other occasions.

6. Comhar Pro Standing Desk Q8

The Q8 standing desk has an overall impressive build quality. Its surface is made from bamboo wood which lasts longer than most wood, has a sturdy metal for the frame, and improved rounded legs to support the legs. The work surface is large enough to support a monitor stand, laptop and books without creating clutter. Standing desks that contain cable trays are among the best because they allow you to keep your work environment tidy, and you won't trip over cables and destroy your electronics. This desk contains a cable management tray which is underneath the desk. This desk is compatible with family members.

This desk also has four programmable buttons on the front of the desk and manual buttons controlling height. Among the best features is the anti-collision, which detects a collision and stops the desk before it hits something. Another good feature is the built-in wireless charger that allows you to charge your device without a cable and adapts to several wireless charging devices. The Q8 can be your ultimate choice during Black Friday if it covers all your needs.

7. L-Shaped Standing Desk E1L

This L-Shaped desk offers you power for the tasks you have to complete and ample space for creativity. The E1L is among the best Flexispot L-shaped desks and is suitable for workspaces with corners. With the E1L, you get a dual motor lifting mechanism that offers smooth height adjustments and is extremely quiet under 50 dB while lowering and lifting the desk. The desk's reversible panel can configure easily for both right-hand and left-hand users.

Other features include an anti-collision for safety and a solid desktop that supports a weight capacity of up to 177lbs, meaning it can handle your standard work setup without any difficulties.

The Covid lockdown made several people realize the repercussions of a bad desk and office setup as more people worked from home. People realized that sitting slumped over your traditional table all through the day with little to no breaks doesn't do you any good favors. From March 2020, there was a significant rise in the search for standing desks globally as more and more people opted for standing desks. If you haven't got one for yourself, this year's holiday is the time for you to start shopping.

Like many other companies, Flexispot has many Black Friday deals, and these are just a few of the standing desks with the best deals. Check out the Flexispot website to find other Black Friday deals. We will regularly update our interesting Black Friday deals as soon as they land, so you should bookmark it and come back many other times. The standing desk of your dreams awaits.