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Cycle Your Way to a Healthier You

18 June 2021

Cycling has almost as many advantages as the country roads you'll soon be exploring. If you're thinking about taking up cycling and comparing it to other activities, we're here to inform you that biking is by far the greatest option.

There is a slew of compelling reasons to make bike riding your new favorite activity. Here are a few examples:

Bye to Unhealthy Fats

You'll be losing weight if you enjoy biking. You should lose more weight if you eat well.

When it comes to losing weight, the simple arithmetic is 'calories out must surpass calories in.' To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you ingest. Biking generates heat and burns calories at a rate of 400 to 1000 calories per hour, based on the intensity and weight of the rider.

Of course, there are additional considerations: the composition of the calories you eat, as well as the quality of your rest, dictates the regularity with which you replenish, and the length of time you devote to burning calories is influenced by how much you love your chosen activity.

Hustling with more Muscles

Bike riding's resistance component means it not only burns fat but also strengthens muscles, especially in the glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves. Muscle is leaner than fatty tissue, and persons with more muscle burn more fat even when they are idle.

Beginner Friendly Exercise

Riding a bike is straightforward. Stationary bikes are an excellent choice if you have trouble riding a regular bicycle.

You can cycle at a reduced intensity if you're new to sports or recovering from an accident or illness. As your fitness improves, you can increase the volume or keep cycling at a leisurely speed.

Combat Mental Fatigue with Biking

Biking can help you feel less anxious, sad, or restless. Cycling while concentrating on the road helps you build attention and focus on the present situation. This may give you a head start and focus on something other than your day's mental clutter.

If you're chronically fatigued or lethargic, go on your bike and ride for at least 30 minutes. Happy hormones like endorphins and serotonin are released throughout the exercise and improve mood while lowering anxiety and stress levels while lessening any pain you might be feeling.

Once you make riding a normal part of your life, you may feel more comfortable and pleased.

Earth Friendly Transportation

When you can, ride your bike to reduce your environmental impact. Biking is an excellent alternative to modes of transportation that require long periods of waiting in traffic jams. It's especially beneficial when you're heading somewhere that's just too far to stroll but you don't want to drive.

The fact that you won't have to struggle for a parking place in congested places is a plus.

Greater Brain Health

Cycling has been linked to improved brain health and a reduction in cognitive abnormalities that can lead to Alzheimer's disease later in life.

Enhanced blood circulation is beneficial because it transports a variety of nutrients that boost the immune system. Researchers found that for 5 times a week, we should bike for 45 minutes to 1 hour at 75-85% of our maximum heart rate reserves. Of course, nothing is stopping you from riding even more

But what if you cannot bike outside due to work and responsibilities?

With all that said, there are just some days where you would not have the luxury of time. The weather and season can even hinder your plans towards a healthier life. But no worries since FlexiSpot is here to provide you with fitness solutions that are cost-effective!

Smart Bike Trainer Stand BT01

Riders will have a smooth working out experience while riding at home, in the office, or at the gym with our Smart Bike Trainer Stand BT01.

Our bike trainer stand has a robust buckle and a very broad base, ensuring a safe and sturdy training environment regardless of the intensity of your workout.

It's small and compact enough to carry wherever you go, weighing only 17 pounds. Its collapsible function makes it easy to store; the compressed thickness is only 6.3", so you can fit it beneath your bed or in your car.

“This trainer is great; it's simple to use and set up, and it allows me to ride my bike even when it's raining. I'm over 250 pounds and am strong and stable. I would recommend obtaining a tire made expressly for use on the trainer, as with all trainers. I'm extremely happy with this trainer; it's a decent price for a well-made device.” - Sandra T.

“The double magnetic wheel bike trainer stand is amazing! I use it whenever I work and my wheels spin fluidly. Worth the buy.” - Sully 

“Loving the ultra-wide base! It doesn't feel stuffy whenever I use this so I really recommend it. It's good for those who want to stay fit!” - Jeff

Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9

Are you always busy with work? Then the Home office All-in-One Desk Bike/Bike Workstation V9 is the perfect office exercise solution for you. Exercising regularly is one of the simplest methods to maintain your health and body in good shape. Now, if you're in lockdown or spend too much time working in an office, this could be an issue. However, there are items available that make it possible to value your health and work out at the same time, such as an All-in-One Desk Bike.


The height-adjustable chair allows you to customize your V9U to meet your clear goals. There are no screws or knobs to change with the user-friendly hydraulic adjustment level, which moves the seating down or up with a little squeeze as you cycle. Its compact form fits perfectly beneath any computer workstation, making it an excellent workplace exercise choice.

Whatever your exercise intensity preference, the whisper-silent stationary biking with 8 levels of resistance allows you to get some strong activity in.

You can keep track of the time, mileage, caloric burn, and more on the LCD.

There are more benefits to biking but in an effort to keep this article short, it would be better for you to try and find the benefits for yourself. So, bike your way to a healthier version of yourself with these FlexiSpot fitness solutions.