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Did You Dream About Me?

02 August 2021

Last night I dreamed about my older sister asking me to accompany her to the shopping center. It was surreal. We were both happy because as women we both love shopping. We started looking at some of the beautiful and colorful dresses displayed inconspicuously at the center of a department store. I was surprised to see a dress that I really wanted to buy and was thinking about it for more than two weeks. My sister went selecting and fitting the dresses she wanted to buy.

Next, we went to the cosmetics department and there were bright colored lipstick, matte, lipsticks with pastel colors and others were in skin tone colors and we agreed to buy some together with pressed powder with our own choice of colors.

After shopping, we went to a nearby restaurant to have our late lunch. It was already afternoon when we felt hungry, maybe because we were excited about shopping and it was a rare occasion for us to be together doing what we really like best. She was not living with us anymore because she got married and her husband took her to his hometown far away from my family residence. 

We talked about how she had been doing, about her family, and eventually, it became a girl talk. She was a bit sad when she talked about her husband. She became gloomy and while she talked about him, she was teary-eyed and I sensed that there was something bad going on in her family.  

At first, she was hesitant to tell me about the problem but in the end, I was able to convince her to pour her heart out and share with me about what was going on between her and her husband. She revealed that they were seeing eye to eye and that her husband was not regularly staying in their house. She heard through a grapevine that her husband was having an affair with a co-employee. 

I was shocked to hear her husband was having an extra-marital affair. Before she got married, my sister described her husband as loving and responsible. And I knew that her husband, Robert, loved my sister very much. I can’t believe that she did that to my sister. I consoled my sister and advised her to just stay calm and sober. And I told her that we as a family were behind her and would support her financially or otherwise.

I also told her the fact that people change over time. So, what her husband did was possible to happen, and that he may have changed as a married man and was challenged by other women with the thought that he was still attractive as he was when he was still single. I also told her nobody is perfect and man is by nature, polygamous, as others say.

She became silent and stopped crying. Maybe what I had said to her made her a little bit better and was confident that we would be helping her whatever happened. I let her talk more about her problem but she already stopped and refused to talk about it anymore. So I digressed from the issue to make us both feel good by talking about what we were able to buy. She was in the act of giving me something - a little red box when I heard the sound of the alarm from my smartphone. It was already 9 a.m. and it was my time to get up to work.

Then I realized that I was dreaming the whole night I was sleeping. It was real and vivid as I remembered everything that happened with my sister and our conversation. I was really shocked because my sister passed away several years ago. I had goosebumps at that moment. I felt my sister was still alive and was telling me something. I knelt down and prayed for her soul and was speechless that morning.

Everyone dreams about something, it may be about people, things, events, and the like when we are in deep sleep. A dream is "defined as a series of thoughts, visions or feelings, dreams arise several times per night during sleep" (  

When I dreamed about my sister, I thought that I missed her and wanted to be with her to talk about a lot of things. And that may be the reason I had a series of visions seeing her as she was alive and animated. An online article was published ( retrieved from a similar source) about some theories of a dream.

  • Sigmund Freud and Wish-Fulfillment - The famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud was the first to suggest that dreams may serve a particular scientific purpose- he believed that dreams were often a form of wish-fulfillment. In a dream, a subject could act out desires he or she could not fulfill in waking life.”
  • Carl Jung: Dreams as Direct Mental Expressions -” Although Freud and Carl Jung were contemporaries, they disagreed strongly (and famously) about the nature of dreams. Freud believed that dreams, by nature, disguised their meaning. In contrast, Jung believed that dreams were actually direct expressions of the mind itself. He also believed that dreams served two functions: to compensate for imbalances in the dreamers’ psyche, and to provide prospective images of the future, which allowed the dreamer to anticipate future events.”

A dream as a form of wish-fulfillment can become reality if we work for it. If the wish is about success in the future, you can have your plans to succeed right now. Why don’t you start to write the bucket list you want to achieve this year or next on a Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Profrom FlexiSpot

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