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FlexiSpot 909 Tech Day Buyer Guide

30 August 2022

FlexiSpot is excited to invite you to the FlexiSpot 909 Tech Day. This is an event where the company lets customers behind the curtains. During the 909 Tech Day, FlexiSpot will share its know-how as an industry leader and cutting-edge core technology. As a technology-driven organization, through the products it makes, FlexiSpot is dedicated to tech advancements in all its services. In this age and time, companies are transforming into digital-first businesses because technology has a crucial role in meeting customer needs continuously changing. Organizations such as FlexiSpot have created a culture that allows itself and its users the chance to showcase its best work or products. FlexiSpot, 909 Tech Day event allows FlexiSpot to connect with people through its technology-based products since they play a role in people's lives.

The FlexiSpot 909 Tech Day is an exciting event from 7/9/2022 to 9/9/2022. It is such a big event for this ergonomic product manufacturer because it will celebrate years of connecting with its users through technology-based products. Like other FlexiSpot events, this one will feature fantastic deals and different ways to earn and save more while buying FlexiSpot products. I can’t wait for the activities and deals that will be up for grabs in this event because a healthy working lifestyle can be achieved through technology that focuses on health and, at the same time, makes it easier to work with. Are you fast enough to grab the best deals? Here is a list of activities offered during FlexiSpot 909 Tech Day.

1. Flash Sale

You should check out your items quickly from 00:00 to 23:59 PST from the days starting 29/8/2022 to 6/9/2022. Do not miss the markdowns as time flows because you will miss out on the best flash sale deals. Some products from this activity that you should look out for include the E5 standing desk that will have a discounted price of $379.99 from the original price of $479.99 (20.83% off). Another product to look out for is the FlexiSpot EB8 Standing Desk with a bamboo top 48”, type A and C USB charging ports, and spacious drawers. During this flash sale, the product’s discounted price will be $359.99 from the original price of $499.99 (28% off discount). Hurry while stock lasts!

2. Crazy 909

If the flash sale isn't too good of a deal already, be prepared for this activity because you can’t miss what FlexiSpot offers. From 7/9 to 9/9, consumers can grab sweet deals like a $9.09 limited flash sale. You can get a $9.09 flash sale twice daily at 9:09 am and 9:09 pm EST; each flash sale inventory is limited.

Here are some of the products under this activity that you should watch out for:

A. FlexiSpot Pro Plus E7 standing desk. The desk has a free under-desk hammock that will be good for your pet. This standing desk with a 15-year warranty has a versatile adjustable height range of 4'2" to 6'4" and can hold 355lbs. It also has an embedded cable tray that hides your cables, keeps you and your playful kids safe, and LCD Keypad Panels with advanced and premium features. You can save 22.41% off by getting this advanced standing desk for a discounted price of $449.99 from the original $579.99 on 7/9/2022.

B. AlcoverRiser Standing Desk Converter M7MB. The extra spacious work surface of the M7MB allows you to use your computer monitor without worry. It has a keyboard tray that can accommodate your 17-inch laptop, a mouse, or a full-sized keyboard. Other features include a more comprehensive height range of 5" to 20" for tall people and a removable keyboard tray. The discounted price goes to $179.99, saving 21.74% off the original price of $229.99 on 8/9/2022.

C. Ergonomic Office Chair OC15. The chair has an adjustable 3position lifting armrest that ensures your body fits correctly. Its adjustable lifting headrest helps release tension from your head and neck; hence, the chair is perfect for your home office, workplace office station, and gamers. Get the chair for a discounted price of $199.99 from $299.99 and save yourself 33.34% on 8/9/2022.

D. F1 Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair. The desk bike's comfort shows it can be an alternative for your office chair. It has a breathable mesh backrest for stability and comfort, a height-adjustable seat that a one-touch lever can adjust, and it cycles smoothly and quietly; hence you won’t disturb the people around you. The discounted price under this activity on 8/9/2022 will go to $329.99, saving 17.50% since the original price was 399.99.

3. Tech Day Group Buy Campaign

The idea of the Group Buy campaign is that those who buy more FlexiSpot products will save more. The timing for this activity will be 3 days, from 7/9 to 9/9/2022, and the rules include; that the final price of every item will depend on the number of people that buy it. Also, the product price difference will be refunded three working days after the campaign by FlexiSpot. Some of the best-selling products under this activity are:

Pegboard with an original price of $69.99. This pegboard makes full use of the space and can be used to store keys, stationery, mini plants, crafts, cups, mobile phones and more.

Comhar Pro Standing Desk Q8 and the price for the Q8 standing desk under this activity is $799.99. It has a built-in wireless charger and adapts to most wireless charging devices. Other features include a spacious embedded drawer, an under-desk cable tray, and a durable bamboo desktop that makes it durable and stylish.

4. Tech Day Direct Sale

Another exciting activity will take place during FlexiSpot 909 Tech Day, from 7/9 to 9/9/2022. The rules for this activity are;

The deal will be the same discount as black Friday.
There will be 365-day price protection on an item’s price if the price lowers or goes on sale within 365 days from the purchase date. Note that this price protection policy will cover only one price protection adjustment per order within that price protection period.
The price protection policy will exclude shipping promotions, coupon codes, prices from other websites, competitors, third-party sellers, inaccurately advertised or misprinted pricings, and rain-checks for sale pricing on items that are out of stock because of promotion or sale, cyber-Monday, or black Friday promotional pricing and sales.

Some products to watch out for under this activity during the 909-tech day include:

FlexiSpot Pro Plus E7 standing desk- discounted price $499.99, original price $579.99.
Standing Desk Dual Motor Frame E5-discounted price $379.99, original price $469.99 save 19.15 %.
Kana Bamboo Standing Desk-discounted price under this activity goes for $329.99, while the original price is $369.99.
Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top-48”- discounted price $359.99, original price $499.99; this is one of the best FlexiSpot deals.
Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Bamboo Texture Top -48”- discounted price $359.99, original price $499.99 save 28% and enjoy smooth product operation.
Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk EG8- discounted price $419.99 and the original price of $499.99.

5. FlexiSpot Tech Card Game Collection

FlexiSpot will be running this fun activity on their website from 29/8/2022 to 6/9/2022; hence you should not miss out on fun with FlexiSpot! The rules are straightforward;

1. Collect the six puzzles to light the post and find a chance to share the pool of $9000 vouchers. You can use these vouchers on the FlexiSpot Tech Day from 7/9 to 9/9 or on FlexiSpot sites.

2. You should subscribe first to get 3 puzzles and sign in daily to get a puzzle. If you get the same puzzles, try more missions.

3. Puzzle collection ends at 11:59 pm PDT on 5/9/2022; then, you can reveal your voucher from 6/9/2022 at 9:00 am PDT to 9/9/2022 at 11:23 pm PDT.

4. To get more puzzles, share the game link up to 3 times on social media, add at least 1 favorite to your shopping cart, sign in daily or make a purchase at the store to get 5 puzzles.

5. After revealing the voucher, you will receive a code through email.

6. Participating in the game means you agree to the rules, and FlexiSpot reserves the right to final results.

7. Successfully checkout and release your bonus.

But this is not all; from 29/8 to 6/9/2022, gifts will be waiting for you, including an anti-fatigue mat, 50% money back, and a planted tree. To claim your prize, DM FlexiSpot on Facebook and share the page on your social media.

Also, you can join the FlexiSpot group to enter the giveaway activity, participate and stand a chance to win gift cards, standing desks, and points throughout the FlexiSpot event from 29/8 to 6/9/2022.

The first five people to complete their checkout at 00:00 or 9:00 PST from 7/9 to 9/9/2022 will get a free order. During the same period, there will be a 15% off site-wide coupon for the first 50 people with the code “techday15” at 00:00 am PST and 10% off for the first 100 people to enter the code “techday10” at 00:00 am PST.