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FlexiSpot Furniture and Accessories That You Need for Your Home Office

16 April 2021

It is estimated that the average person spends about a third of their entire life sitting in the office during the most productive phase of their lives. That’s more than 90,000 hours, with most of that spent sitting behind the desk. This is bound to have a toll on the body and the mind with time, and this is why many companies are investing heavily in the best furniture that creates the most comfortable and conducive environment that one can ever wish for. 

Flexispot is one of the biggest office furniture makers in the world who have some of the best furniture pieces that can be used both at the regular office space and your home office setup. Getting someone who creates office furniture that pays attention to the needs of the workers is hard; for this reason, if you are planning to open an office anytime soon and you are in need of furniture, Flexispot should be your priority stop. The following are some of the products that you should consider.

Standing Desk Converters

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a desk that has limited space but buying a new one would be too much? This is a common problem that people who have set up home offices go through all the time, and the best solution for this would be getting a Standing Desk Converter from Flexispot.

This is a special type of desk converter that you can add on top of the desk you already have to create more space for your PC, keyboard, or any other item that may make your work much easier. It is the fastest and cheapest way of converting your workspace into a flexible and active work area that you can change at any point without breaking anything in your body. Flexispot has over 20 Standing Desk Converters, and they have the following features.

  • Straight Up and Down Movement: The converters can be pulled up and pressed down with ease without making any noise. It can even be pressed flat before storage, occupying as little space as possible. Setting it up is a matter of finding the space on your desk and unfurling it to a height that works best for you.

  • Easy Adjustments: It is a single-handed design that comes with easy-to-adjust parts. Flexible joints that don’t require tools but your hands, something that even a child can do without any help.

  • Quick -Keyboard Tray: You don’t have to worry about where your keyboard will be nestled. The converters come with quick-release keyboard trays that can house keyboards of any size. The tray can be lowered and leveled up at your own convenience.

  • Eco-Friendly Construction: These converters are built using sustainable materials like MDF, and this means you will be using a product that is not a part of a destroyed environment, a big selling point for people who care about nature.

  • Certified Products: Each converter is subjected to a number of rigorous tests to ascertain their ability to handle what they are designed for. By the time they leave the assembly line, they are ready for use.

Height Adjustable Desks

When you think of an office desk, the thing that many people are used to are fixed desks that can barely be moved around, but what if you were told that there are height adjustable desks that allow you to work even while standing? That's exactly what Flexispot has brought to the table. Height adjustable desks are very handy as they have changed how people work, bringing a lot of health and wellness benefits to anyone who uses them. Flexispot has over 15 unique height-adjustable desks that have the following overall features.

  • Great Loading Capacity: The desks may not look like it, but they have an impressive load capacity, with most of them being able to handle up to 275lbs at a time. This means you can load up your desktop PC, and it will have more strength to hold up some more.

  • Stability and Speed: It only takes about 1.4 seconds for the desk to lift itself to the height you want, all this without toppling over, thanks to high-class ingenuity that pays attention to the laws of physics in their construction.

  • Low Noise Levels: With so many movable parts, one would expect to be subjected to a lot of noise, but that is not the case. The noise produced by the automated standing desk is less than 50db. Other people in the office will barely hear anything as you make your own adjustments.

  • Anti-Collision: Those accidental knocks you get every time you move around are a thing of the past with height-adjustable desks from Flexispot. They are equipped with sensors that detect any slight movement, avoid collisions, and save people from injuries while protecting the desks from damage.

  • Memory Buttons: You don’t have to keep calibrating the desk every time you want to make changes. You can simply save your settings and access them with a simple press of a button.

  • Durable Construction: The materials used in making these desks are sourced from the best sources. Powder-coated steel tubings and compact desktops ensure that the desk is able to withstand the constant changes without developing complications.

Chairs and Sitting

A chair is a very important part of the office setting, and getting the right one can be the difference between having health complications and a smooth time at work. There are many companies that are trying to come up with solutions for these problems, but none has been able to make as much progress in that area as Flexispot. With a catalog that boasts of about 50 office chairs. They come in varying sizes, shapes, and designs, each suited for a particular setting. The following are some of the overall features that cut across the table.

  • Lumbar Support: The biggest challenge of sitting in the office for up to 8 hours a day is the strain that creeps up on your back. There's very little you can do if the chair is not designed to counter that. Flexispot chairs come with 3D lumbar support; they hug the body snugly from the neck all the way down to the spine, giving you a comfortable fit.

  • Adjustable Height: You can raise or lower the chair to suit your body size as you see fit without struggling. The up and down movements are seamless and can be achieved by pressing down or pulling up a lever until you attain the size you want.

  • Breathable Mesh: The chairs come with a breathable mesh at the back that ensures the constant flow of air remains uninterrupted. This comes in handy at the office as it stops your back from sweating and creating wet patches on your clothes.

  • Certified Quality: Before any Flexispot chair is allowed out of the assembly plant; it is subjected to a number of tests to ascertain that every part of the hair works as expected and that it can withstand all kinds of pressure. 

Health and Fitness

Combining work and fitness is a new frontier that is slowly taking root in many office settings, but not many manufacturers have been able to find the winning formula other than Flexispot. When creating fitness solutions for the office, there are a lot of factors that have to be looked into; things like the space available, the noise generated, and the ease of movement. Without considering these, you may end up cluttering the office space making life more difficult.

Flexispot is home to a number of fitness solutions that can be set up in any office space. They range from desk bikes to vibration plates, workout benches, massage guns, among many other products. The following are some of the features you should expect for the desk bike and workstation.

  • Easy Movement: The desk bikes are heavy but moving them from one point of the room to the next is easy work. They come with rolling casters, and all you need to do is push them across the floor with one hand, and they smoothly glide to the exact position you want. 

  • Adjustable Seat: The seat can be adjusted instantly depending on your preferences. It comes with a gentle lever under it that allows you to pull it up and push it down to suit your size. This means that it can be used by people who are as short as 5’1” to those who are as tall as 6’2”.

  • Great Comfort: The seat padding is constructed using premium materials and is well designed to provide the right comfort no matter how heavy you may be. The cushioning is soft, and you will barely feel the solid parts of the seat digging into your bed.

  • Quiet Operations: Unlike the fitness bikes found in gyms, this desk bike is as silent as the grave. You can cycle away as you work as fast as you want, and the people next to you will barely hear anything. There are no distractions at the office, and this gives you the freedom to try out a lot of workouts.

  • 8 Difficulty Levels: The desk bike is not for playing around. It comes with eight difficulty levels with a dial marked from 2 to 8. Selecting a difficulty level is easy, giving you more exercise options.

  • Quick Assembly: You don’t require any outside help or tools to put the desk bike together. It comes pre-assembled, and all you have to do is put the parts together, and you will be ready to use it within a minute of unpacking it.

Why You Should Choose Flexispot

As mentioned earlier, there are a good number of furniture solutions providers who try their best to come with great products that address the everyday problems in the working spaces. However, only a handful of these are able to deliver on what they claim, and topping the list is Flexispot. There are many reasons why you should choose Flexispot for your office furniture and accessories needs, and the most notable ones include the following.

  • Fast Shipping: Flexispot ships all its products through FedEx in the United States, and they are shipped on the same day if the order comes before 3 PM Central Time. The standard delivery time within the US takes between 3-8 days, but you can always be assured of getting your products eventually.

  • 30-Days Free Return: Flexispot is interested in customer satisfaction more than anything else, and for this reason, the products come with a 30-day free return policy. This is a good window frame that gives you the time to experience the product on a personal level before making the final decision, and if it is not up to your expectations, then you can safely return it.

  • 5-Years Warranty: It is not every day that you come across products that era slapped with a five-year warranty. It covers all products that are bought from authorized Flexispot dealers spread out across the United States. The products covered include height-adjustable desks, sit and stand desktop workstations, desk bikes, hairs, monitors mounts, and massagers. This gives you the freedom to enjoy what you buy without fear.

  • Eco-Friendly Products: Flexispot is invested in protecting the ecosystem. For this reason, the manufacturing department uses environmentally friendly materials and invested in recycling to ensure that as little of nature is destroyed in their production. If you are passionate about the environment, then Flexispot products are exactly what you need for your office space.

  • Good Financing Plans:  If you don’t have the cash to get that furniture piece that you badly want, Flexispot can arrange for you to have it and complete the payments later on. Getting their products to as many people who need them is what is driving the constant growth of the company.


Furnishing an office space doesn’t simply involve aesthetics. You also need to make things as comfortable as possible for the workers, and Flexispot has been able to find ways of making this a reality. If you are looking for durability, efficiency, and aesthetics all combined into one, then Flexispot is who you should check out right now.