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FlexiSpot Independence Day Sale: What to Expect

04 July 2022

Independence Day is right around the corner, and we are ready to celebrate the Flexispot way! Get ready for the best Independence Day deals and sales coming to you right now. During the weekend of 4th July, you will see markdowns on everything from summer clothing to beddings and furniture. If your focus is on a specific standing desk or chair, now is the time to go and get it for your house, but you will need to move fast!

Independence Day celebrates America’s independence and is a perfect occasion to save big bucks. We know you have probably been planning for the 4th of July all year, ready to break out the grill for some burgers, load up on barbecue sauce, a case of beer, loved ones, and most importantly, fireworks. Before firing up your grill or taking a break from the scorching heat, you should hop online and shop FlexiSpot ergonomic furniture. Celebrate the 4th of July with unmatched deals that will look after your health; then, you can kick off your Independence Day celebrations.

Since we want you to have fun this Independence Day, instead of searching the internet depths for the best sales and discounted prices, we have compiled a list of the best furniture our brand offers. We always have you covered, even during this sale season, so sit back, relax and hit the “add to cart” button on the furniture you like the most.

Flexispot E5 standing desk

1. Flexispot E5 standing desk

You can skip back pain and spine injuries brought by prolonged sitting hours with the E5 standing desk. Since you shouldn’t neglect your health this Independence Day, we are pleased to remind you that Flexispot is offering a good deal this fourth. This direct electrical standing desk is a good choice, primarily if you work from home this independence holiday. The desk can be configured without or with a tabletop. The tabletop is very high quality and comes in two sizes of 140 by 70cm and 120 by 60 cm. when you choose the Flexispot E5, you are paying for a standing desk with a 3-stage dual-motor hidden within the desk.

The electrical standing desk can move up and down from 620mm to 1250mm, and an advanced “all-in-one” keypad controls the height. It is advanced because it can save up to three different heights you can jump to with a single press. The E5 standing desk can safely house up to 200 by 80cm desktops and a cable tray that will help keep your workstation neat and safe from tripping for your little kids who might sneak into your room when you’re not watching. Finally, the desk's motors come with a 3-year and five-year warranty for its frames. The exciting part is for just Flexispot offers this standing desk to its customers for as low as $389.99 during this Independence Day sale.

Flexispot Pro Plus Standing desk (E7)

2. Flexispot Pro Plus Standing desk (E7)

You can enjoy the uncomplicated and smooth sit-stand transition at the comfort of your loft this Independence Day with the E7 standing desk. Personally, the E7 standing desk is one of the best Flexispot products I have encountered. This is because the desk is built with thicker leg columns, and the leg column gap is scientifically designed to be 0.05mm, the optimal setting for column stages to move smoothly. The desk is designed to be stable even when you unevenly top your stuff on the desk. What is more interesting is the desk has a 15-year warranty. Who would not want such an assurance?

If you are considering this standing desk for your house this Independence Day, it is safe to know that it has a height-adjustable range. The desk is adaptable for all family members, giving you a user-friendly experience for several users ranging from 4’2” to 6’4”. If someone taller than 6'4" in your family, we recommend using a monitor stand. Also, the desk is strong enough to hold the weight of two grownups, meaning it can hold up to355lbs. You can use multiple monitors and extra devices like printers and dual speakers.

The E7 standing desk's latest LCD keypad is a screen touch panel with powerful functionalities. It contains USB charging ports that allow you to charge your devices while working. The child lock button can be locked to prevent accidental touches from your pet and kids, and finally, it has 4 programmable height presets designed to make you reach your desired height quickly. The E7 standing desk is our top item this Independence Day sale, and you can learn more about the standing desk from our website as this is a deal to watch out for this weekend for as low as $579.99.

Flexispot E8 standing desk

3. Flexispot E8 standing desk

The cost of this standing desk this holiday is about $09.99. add to the cart and enjoy this standing desk with an exclusive oval column for a reasonable price. Like the E7 pro plus, this desk has a 15-year warranty. Its advanced structure and enhanced lifting mechanism boost the loading capacity and ensures maximum stability even when the setting is at its highest height. The standing desk’s smart control panel comprises an LED touch screen and a child lock, as you can lock the height position until you decide to deactivate it. Finally, four memory presets that allow you to save your perfect working height in standing and sitting positions.

Also, the standing desk contains a dual-motor lifting system which allows for a higher weight capacity of 125kg. Its three-stage frame design provides extra flexibility and a height adjustment system of your choice from 60 to 125cm. It also has an anti-collision system that senses collisions and can be set depending on your needs. It allows the lifting column to feel obstructions while in motion and protects the desk and the objects around it from damage. With the E8, you hide your cables under the desk using the groove to keep your station safe and organized. If you decide to work from home this holiday, the desk’s soft edges have been designed to prevent potential injuries and create a safe playground for your pets and kids, so this is what you need.

Ergonomic Chair Pro (OC14)

4. Ergonomic Chair Pro (OC14)

Flexispot has changed how people enjoy work hours using ergonomic chairs and desks. Years spent with scientists and design teams have led them to give its clients unique ergonomic chairs and desks that focus on their health and wellbeing. It is the perfect moment to introduce the new Flexispot OC14 ergonomic chair that has recently hit the market. Several of you have used our products, including office chairs, gaming chairs, and standing desks. If you like the experience we have given you so far, this Independence Day sale is the perfect time to check out our latest ergonomic chair, which goes for $629.99, the better ergonomic chair in its price range.

The chair's frame is transferred to the center of its interior to support your spine. This hidden inner frame design subverts the exposed form of a traditional seat frame. It shows that the seat can provide good back support for its owners, especially for users that already suffer from lumbar discomfort. Also, its back floating support can adjust its support strength and force angle automatically depending on the height and weight of the user. It ensures the seat is integrated with your body for an optimal sitting experience while working. Another eye-catching feature is the chair’s mesh fabric, which has good breathability and elasticity. The OC14 is made of a waterfall-type complete mesh frame design, providing more comfort, breathability, and less tiredness after sitting for long periods.

The best thing about the ergonomic chair is that you can use it in your office or for gaming. Not many chairs offer this kind of feature. It has a soft-touch cushioned armrest for the comfort of your hands and a front foam pad embedded in the seat cushion to disperse the pressure you might experience in your legs. This ergonomic office desk chair allows you to recline comfortably with its 45-degree backrest tilt feature.

 Comhar All-in-One standing desk

5. Comhar All-in-One standing desk

Our final ergonomic that we recommend for this Flexispot Independence Day sale is the Comhar standing desk that is made of a glass top. This multi-functional desk contains four programmable height presets, USB charging, and an embedded drawer for easy use. The desk was designed with an entire family in mind since it provides a broad height adjustment range of 28.3” to 47.6”, making it compatible with children's heights. It is the perfect desk for small corners since it doesn't take up space; at the same time, it offers a spacious desktop surface. We should all go for elegance in this Flexispot Independence Day sale by getting the Comhar standing desk that is made of a tempered glass table top that is finished with rounded edges for safety, elegance, and comfort,

The standing desk also has a safety lock button and an anti-collision feature that ensures the safety and prevents damage to the desktop. Finally, if you will spend this weekend with family playing board games, the desk’s glass top option makes an excellent choice for impromptu mini shuffleboard games.

During this Flxispot Independence Day, you can get exclusive coupons. Visit the Flexispot website and get all the information you need on these products. Happy shopping and happy Independence Day.