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FlexiSpot's Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals You Won't Be able to Resist

15 November 2022

Black Friday is just around the corner.

Every shopper waits for this day every year because crazy sales are waiting and they can finally get a product that they've been eyeing for so long.

You'd save money because you would be able to score the same quality product at a much lower price point. It's really filled with deals that most people couldn't resist so if you're an experienced shopper, you should be preparing by now or even weeks before so that your Black Friday experience won't turn out to be a disappointment.

You will come out victorious from the sales event if you will be able to buy everything that you want at the right time, the right color, size, etc.

Why are we saying this when you can just literally take your wallet out of your pocket and start shopping? Because come Black Friday, many shoppers will be like you. Imagine the feeling of excitement that is rushing in your veins is also the same feeling that is rushing in someone else's. You would be butting heads with them to secure a stock of the product that you both want. So how do you prepare for the Black Friday madness?

First off, you must save money even months before the sales event. In this way, you are sure that you can afford what you are buying. There won't be any guilt or hesitation to buy what you want because you have already saved up for it. Work hard and set aside money for your savings and then get money for your expenses including your shopping receipts.

Secondly, check out the site you want to purchase on regularly. They would for sure be posting Black Friday deals even before the event. You'd want to be the first one to know what they are offering for Black Friday so you can prepare accordingly. For example, a brand will let you know when a Flash deal would start and end or they would tell you much they'd slice the price of particular products. You can also then compare it to other sites carrying the product. In our opinion, it's best to buy yours at the official site of that brand.

Thirdly, you can now start adding to the cart the products that you want. The idea is to quickly checkout on Black Friday so you are ahead of the shopper pack. So when you go to the site, you can immediately go to your shopping cart and check how much is the discount for the items that you are intending to buy. You can still remove those that are not on Sale or that the discount wasn't enough for you. And then, you can now checkout and pay for your items. There are many deals for those who check out first so make sure you are on your toes when it comes to buying the products that you want.

Black Friday is also an important sales event for FlexiSpot. Every year, we participate in this event and make sure to provide the best deals for our customers. This year, there are exclusive coupons available since November 4, and can still be used up until November 24. You can get $30-$100 discounts when you use the coupons for the following products: Pro Standing Desk E5 (only up until November 16), Pro Plus Standing Desk E7, Oval Shaped Standing Desk E8, Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top EW8, Standard Standing Desk E1, Standard Standing Desk E1 Pro, and Adjustable Bed Base (S1). Just go to their individual site pages to see the coupon codes you'll need for the discount to apply.

Next, FlexiSpot has pre-Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that started last November 11 and would be running until November 24. So there are Flash Deals where you can get chairs, bed bases, standing desks, desk converters, and desk bikes for $50 to $200 less.

And then, you can also expect a price drop of standing desks, standing desk converters, coffee tables, and desk bikes that range from a $20 price drop to $100.

Expect as well that there will be new arrivals: the ET223Q, E1, and S5.

Of course, there are bigger sales come November 25, the actual Black Friday up until November 30. You would save $70 to $160 in Flash Deals and enjoy price drops from $40 to $160.

You will never get these products at a better price than now. So hurry up, come prepared, and get ready to check out!

Before we end this article, we thought we'd like to talk about those who regard Sales in a negative light. They say that you don't really save up money during a sale because if the product wasn't being sold at a discount, you wouldn't buy it in the first place. So you actually spent money that you weren't intending to spend but since it was on sale, you were tempted to use your money to get that item for yourself.

Well, if you've been eyeing that product for so long then we say that buying it during the Sale season is a win-win. You are most probably saving up for that product already anyway. This means you were able to save a few bucks and you don't need to be saving further for the product because here is an opportunity for you to buy it at a less price.

And then again, if we're talking about buying furniture, it's not really the same as buying trendy clothes that you would not be able to wear again after four or five times. You use furniture for years and when you buy quality, you are making an investment that will save you money for years. It's all about smart purchases where you can get a bang for your buck.

And as our last point, if you've worked hard enough, don't feel guilty about splurging sometimes. If it will make all your hard work feel rewarding, then by all means do what it takes for you to get that feeling of euphoria. Just know how to balance everything out! Happy shopping!