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Fostering Employee's Health and Wellness: Flexispot Employer's Guide

16 March 2022

In a world where the "client is always right" and customers can never seem to do wrong, the middleman suffers silently. And by the middleman, we mean employees. Companies tend to pay so much attention to their client base with little or no regard for their workforce.

At Flexispot we align with the thoughts of Richard Branson who believes that employees should come first, not clients. According to him, if you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients. In other words, you should pour as much warmth as you would want your consumers to receive into your staff.

Making your employees feel respected and appreciated goes beyond a huge raise. Well, it may be a step in the right direction. But oftentimes, money never really solves the problem. Cos, while some can find solace from a toxic workspace in money, others cannot.

It then becomes a question of 'how best to cater for employees?' A question we believe is not asked as often as it should.

On the bright side, you are not so far from the answer. In subsequent paragraphs, you will find a couple of suggestions that can help achieve optimal employee mental health. As a plus, we also added some Flexispot Wellness equipment that can help you attain this goal.

Ideas For Fun Wellness Activities At Work

Since people have been forced to work from home, there seems to be little or no excitement. The rush that comes with beating traffic to work, the sugar spikes that come with office drama, and the calm they experience on the bus ride back home are now absent.

Everyone just seems to be stuck in a crazy spiral that never seems to stop. Even in the contemporary hybrid workplace, employees are still battling with the side effects of living a sedentary lifestyle for far too long.

As insignificant as these things might seem, they go a long way in affecting employee health. This is one of the reasons why people tend to slip into depression pretty fast.

What you should understand as an employer is that employee health is important; especially mental health. It influences a person's productivity whether directly or indirectly. The least you could do to safeguard your business is to protect the mental health of your workforce. And it starts by bringing fun back into the workplace.

Here are a couple of ways you can do that:

Fun games

Fun games

People generally are more productive in a fun environment. It gives them a sense of belonging and makes them feel appreciated. It also allows them to bond with and show support for their colleagues.

As an employer, you can organize bonding retreats quarterly, annually, or twice a year. It gives employees something to look forward to after working like a horse for so long.



The pandemic took its toll on the physical health of many. Only a few came out unscathed. Many now have to deal with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, lower belly fat, and a few sugar imbalances.

Exercise is the best way to help right the wrong done by living a sedentary lifestyle during the pandemic. It can also encourage employees to keep fit and stay smart.

Booking individual classes for each employee is a good idea. But it's not as good nothing beats joint exercise plans. That way, employees can bond with their colleagues.

You can get a gym instructor to help facilitate the exercise session. It could physical, virtual or hybrid. Flexispot has a couple of workout sessions on the FlexiWellness Center. You should check them out.



One way to encourage exercise is to buy a treadmill for the office. It is the most convenient exercise equipment. It can be placed in the office gym or a dedicated area for workouts.

Working the treadmill primarily helps employees stay fit. Additionally, treadmill exercises help the mind stay alert and sharp.

Folding Treadmill

There are several types of treadmills. The folding treadmill however seems to be the most suitable option for an office. This is because the treadmill is collapsible and can be placed under an office desk. So you don't have to worry about creating extra floor space for the treadmill.

Flexispot has quite some spectacular folding treadmills that suit any workspace.

The Flexispot Under-Desk Folding Treadmill WP01 can be an amazing addition to your office. It is a workout pad with a 47.2" x 18" runaway. It has a holding capacity of 220lbs., which makes it suitable for employees of different sizes.

This folding treadmill is built comes with a LED display that is controlled by a remote and has a Bluetooth feature. It's also designed to be safety-oriented and conscious. So if when treading the mill, you get too far back on the pad, the treadmill automatically slows down. Consequently protecting whoever's working the mill from falling off.

Another spectacular exercise pad option is the Flexispot 2in1 Treadmill 01. This model can either be used as a regular running pad or as an under-desk workout treadmill. It is designed with a handrail that can be folded to achieve the ideal under-desk pad.

It is affordable, noiseless, easy to install and it has a relatively spacious runaway of a 15.8" x 41.3" dimension. It has a walking speed rate of 0.5 - 4.5MPH and a running speed rate of 0.5 - 7.5MPH.

With any of these treadmill models, you don't have to worry about your employees sitting in one position for too long. They can walk or run while they work.

Indoor Cycle

Indoor Cycle

Do you know that your employees' cycling adventures are not limited to the outdoors? They can now cycle indoors at a spot without losing the much-needed focus at work.

Bike chairs make this possible. These chairs are designed by Flexispot to promote the advantages attached to cycling. In other words, when you workers use these chairs, it strengthens their muscles and helps proper blood circulation across the body.

The Sit2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair for example has a regular office chair top with a fitness bike at the bottom.

The fitness bike has pedals attached to it and roller coasters at the base for easy movement across the room.

The top of the chair is designed with a breathable backrest that aids comfort and stability. It also helps employees maintain a proper body posture while working.

To encourage effective use of the bike chair, you can organize a competition for employees at intervals. The Under Desk Bike V9U has an LCD that keeps track of calories shed and distance records.

You could check the LCD on every chair at the end of the week and reward the employee that appears to have made the most use of it.

It will encourage others to utilize the desk bike.

Neck Pillows

Neck Pillows

There is such a thing as "text neck". While some people seem to think it's a condition that is limited to phone addicts, cases have shown this condition exists. And that it is not just limited to phone addicts.

Most times people working with mobile gadgets like desktops, laptops, and the like, lean forward while typing. If they keep that posture for too long, they can develop text neck. And text neck can further result in serious stress injuries like cervical and shoulder pain. It can also lead to thoracic hyperkyphosis.

One way to avoid this is to encourage employees to get the Flexispot Comfort Neck Pillows. It helps relieve neck pain and can help an employee relax better while working in the office.

Talent Hunts & Club Activities

Talent Hunts & Club Activities

Employees are more than what they seem on the surface. They could have the voice of a nightingale or could be the best artists in the area. You could even have a stand-up comedian far better than Trevor Noah without getting to experience any comic relief throughout their stay at your company.

Most times, it's not entirely the fault of the employee. It is you, as an employer, that has failed to create an enabling space for employees to display the fun side of themselves. Luckily, it's not too late to change that.

You can start by creating an office talent show where employees can just be themselves. You could also encourage them to form clubs or to start safe space meetings. In these clubs, they feel at home while at work, they display their talents and they can grow and learn from each other.

Supervised Rest

Supervised Rest

Sometimes, especially on busy days, when employee output is at its peak, the law of diminishing returns kicks in. At this point, the employee can no longer be productive. He just needs time to rest and recalibrate.

The next thing is not to scold him and send him right back to work. Because at that point, he can no longer be valuable. What you should do instead is to encourage him to rest.

You can get a couple of nap pods in the office; say 2-5. Agree on a time he'll be ready to get back to work and leave him to get some rest. By the time he is back at his desk, his output will be as fresh as flowers in the morning.

Meditation Sessions

Meditation Sessions

Meditation Sessions are an asset to every organization. They help employees approach life with a deeper sense of understanding. Sometimes they assist in building self-esteem.

Persons who meditate often are smarter than their counterparts and they tend to look at things differently. This critical, forward-thinking mentality is something every employer should be interested in building. Cos, a healthy mind can only birth top quality output.

So invest in yoga sessions with your employees. You can take these classes with them occasionally to show support and monitor their progress. Pilates also aids concentration, balance, posture, and flexibility.

Either of these options will positively influence the attitude of your employees to work.


The office is and will always remain a hub for business. At the same time, it can be made a friendly environment for employees without encouraging complacency.

Putting the already suggested measures in place may do a number on your pocket. In the long run, however, the productivity levels will make up for every penny spent.