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Get That Blood Pumping and Burn Those Calories With a Standing Desk

04 June 2021

When you are focused on working, you are rarely thinking about burning those calories. Your mind is determined to finish the task at hand and deliver the work required of you. Well, we got some good news for you. You can start building a healthier lifestyle even while being buried at work.

Standing all day is significantly healthier than sitting for eight hours. For most people, the ability to burn calories while standing at a desk is a worthwhile bargain for being on their feet all day. Do all those calorie expenditures, however, equate to weight loss?

Doesn't it sound appealing? All you have to do is stand up and the weight you have been trying to lose will fall off. How many calories burnt by a standing desk, on the other hand, equals significant weight gain? Is it true that standing desks help you lose weight?

What Are the Benefits of Standing?

Standing appears to not affect our weight loss at first glance. After all, you are just standing there, maybe moving your arms or legs a little. Standing desks burn between 100 and 200 calories per hour, whereas sitting at an L-shaped standing desk burns only 60 calories.

You get your muscle mass working while you are on your feet, and even doing something as simple as stretching your legs or tapping your foot expends energy. Standing desks burn more calories than sitting desks because of all those small motions and the active muscle mass.

Is it, however, enough to lose weight? While standing may not be a replacement for the gym, it cannot hurt, right?

The Act of Standing is Like a Walk in the Park

Even though you burn calories at your desk, you will not be melting away your body fat anytime soon. The additional 100 to 200 calories burned may seem like a lot, but in the great scheme of things, it is a drop in the bucket.

It is the same as eating one small bite for dinner and declaring that is all you need for a healthy meal. It is too tiny to make a significant difference daily and needs to be supplemented with something else. You will need to incorporate more movement if you want to lose weight while standing.

For instance, during your breaks you may also take a short stroll, stretch, or do a quick workout. These are the activities that will raise your heart rate and help you start converting your body fat to muscle. Just like what we are sharing with you in this article. Why not use the standing desk, not just solely for work purposes?

What Easy-To-Follow Quick Workouts Can You Do While Standing at a Desk?

To clarify, do standing desks burn more calories than sitting workstations? Yes, if exercise or other movements are included. Here are a few standing desk exercises that you can do, whether you love going to the gym and working out every day or are more of a casual fitness type.

These can be done at breaks, before lunch, or as a way to wind down before the end of the day. They are also effective in combating post-lunch fatigue.


Push-ups at your desk provide the ideal incline for you. If you do not want to do horizontal push-ups on the floor, support yourself against a standing desk and execute push-ups from there. Inclined pushups can be much more helpful than ordinary pushups, and they are also a lot easier!

Dips in the Chair

If your standing desk has an office chair for when you need to sit down, you can get some decent exercise by dipping into it. It is preferable if your chair does not roll while you are doing this, as this can cause some serious issues. Make sure you complete your dips correctly every time, and you will start to see results!

Go for a Walk

Simply going for a brisk stroll whenever you have a break, or a stop can be beneficial. If you work in an office, take a break from your desk or computer, and stroll outdoors to visit your coworkers, or go for a stroll around your house if you are at home. If you truly need to kill some time, go outside, and take a walk. You will burn calories while also getting some much-needed sun exposure!


Being able to lean down and at least seem to be sitting down if you are standing all day can be a lifeline for many. A few simple squats may often restore feeling to your legs and are a quick and easy workout to perform whenever you need to move around.

Standing is pretty great, but it requires exerting more.

While standing desks are better for your posture and overall health than sitting desks, they are not the body fat burners we all wish they were. Standing burns some calories, but not nearly enough to help you lose a significant amount of weight. Instead, concentrate on incorporating office activities into your daily routine and maintaining an active lifestyle.

That is what will give you the most bang for your money in terms of weight loss, and you will feel much better as a result! Whether you do a few pushups after work or spend an hour at the gym, you will notice a difference in your waistline!

Add Ergonomic Office Equipment to Your Station at Work

Still, if you feel that burning an extra 100-200 calories each hour would help you lose weight and that every little bit helps, you might consider switching to a standing desk to shed some of that excess weight. It may take some time to adjust, but after you have gotten your body adjusted to standing while working, you will notice that you are burning more calories.

Choose the best standing desk for you, incorporate some workouts and physical activity, and get used to seeing the number on the scale drop. Who does not enjoy the sensation of weighing themselves?

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