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Get Up and Gear Up: 12 Back to School Offers from FlexiSpot

18 August 2021

Summer will soon give way to September, and children will return to school. It will be pretty unusual as several children will be learning from home, at least for a while. As a result, parents would be in charge of organizing the learning environment. Children take their cues from their parents, so if you are upbeat and optimistic, they will be as well. A conventional desk or a dining table can be used as the study space. While these workspaces may satisfy minimum requirements, most of them fall short of providing good ergonomic design.

The number of people suffering soreness in their neck, back, or shoulders is already on the rise.

If left untreated, the pain can lead to long-term musculoskeletal injuries. 

The objective is to provide the best atmosphere possible for maximum concentration while minimizing distractions and stress.

Incorporating Ergonomics

Because children will be learning from monitors, the size of the screen and your child's posture is critical. A decent-sized display is preferable. Your child will be more interested in instructors and other classmates since the image will be broader. The monitor's peak should be at the top of the child's head, with their eyes in the middle of the screen. This is critical for avoiding forward-head posture and the infamous text neck. If your child has to use a laptop or tablet, you may need to elevate the device to eye level using a stack of thick books, a box, or a laptop riser or monitor arm (which will require an external keyboard and mouse.) Good posture improves learning and makes children more content with the process.

FlexiSpot is Here to Help You Figure This Out

FlexiSpot provides a comprehensive selection of ergonomic solutions for the home, workplace, and classroom. FlexiSpot's products are meticulously designed with the best materials to improve health and performance in adults and children safely.

FlexiSpot's purpose is to make it simpler to live a healthy life by offering innovative solutions to establish better working environments that encourage convenience, productivity, and wellness.

Through creative and ergonomic approaches, the objective is to assist people to attain new levels of well-being and create the ideal work-life balance.

Here are some highlights from FlexiSpot's Back-to-School Offer, perfect for this coming fall. Get up to $140 off, only until August 30!

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Wooden Top 

(less $140) $399.99

The Comhar occupies minimal floor space while providing a smooth and stable surface for even one of the most expansive desktops available. A nook, corner, or empty wall is all that is required to accommodate Comhar. The desk structure is made of powder-coated steel tubing, which resists scratches and stains and maintains steadiness even at the maximum setting. 

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

(less $130) $229.99 

This standing desk is cost-effective and recognized for its quality standard and effectiveness by combining sophisticated functionality with a reasonable price. Sit and work or stand and work for less than $300 without worrying about spine health concerns. EN1 is one of the best-selling desks under $300, having been designed to meet the needs of North American ergonomic requirements. The desk structure, made of high-quality steel, avoids any wobbling even at the maximum height setting. Combined with two-stage legs and a strong motor, it ensures smooth and fluid-like transitions all day. You can simply save your preferred sitting, standing, and under-desk cycling height with three programmable presets.

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk

(less $100) $209.98 

Seiffen is FlexiSpot's best-selling model. Ideal for different scenarios, this comes with two frame types, Eco and Pro, and three keypad options. 

  • Video Conferencing: It is the best option for video calls, such as distance learning. Because the motor is intended to change through height settings gently, it will not push objects about when moving.
  • Working and Studying: The Seiffen desk surface is large enough to accommodate all of your office and school equipment and supplies and even share your workspace.
  • Gaming: Suitable for larger desktops and bulky accessories, this workstation is a gamer's dream.


  • Eco (2-Stage): The Eco frame is robust, designed to support the weight of your PC and other devices. 
  • Pro (2-Stage): Better quality and performance for dedicated players and those who use many accessories. Lift speed, stability, and load capacity are all improved by the dual-motor lifting system.
  • Pro (3-Stage): A wider adjustable range and a faster lifting speed are ideal for those who want additional height adjustment. 


  • Basic: You may easily change from sitting to standing with a single button press.
  • Standard and Advanced: Using the energy-efficient LED display, you may save your preferred sitting, standing, and under-desk cycling levels. You can also set up activity reminders to notify you when it's time to swap positions.

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Kids Study Desk

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Kids Study Desk

(less $40) $259.99 

This desk adapts to your child's height at each step, from kindergarten through college. It promotes a healthy learning environment by allowing your child to switch between sitting and standing as needed – no manual raising or lowering is necessary. It only takes one touch to elevate the desktop height from 550 mm for little children to 890 mm for tall adults. There's no need to worry about spills or messes since the waterproof desktop resists stains and water damage. Parents may be confident that the desk is entirely child-proofed with anti-collision sensors and smooth rounded edges on both the tabletop and desk feet.

Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B

Ergonomic Office Chair OC3B

(less $30) $169.99

The breathable mesh back and passive lumbar support relieve body pressure while providing dependable ergonomic support. With its 3-position armrest lifting function and adjustable armrest, it comfortably accommodates your body. Its adjustable headrest allows you to relax your neck, and a 2-position tilt-locking mechanism enables you to recline the chair when you wish to rest.

Other featured products:

Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk (less $40) $359.99

Gaming Desk GD1B (less $40) $149.99

AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters M7 - 30 inch (less $300 using code: M730) $129.99 

GoRiser Standing Desk Converters ML2 (less $20 using code: ML220) $99.99 

Smart Bike Trainer Stand BT01 (less $70) $59.99

Mesh Desk Organizer DO01 (less $14) $31.99

RGB Mouse Pad MP016 (less $6) $29.99

Check them all out by heading over to the FlexiSpot website, or you may consult their friendly customer care associates by clicking here!