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Holiday Decoration Ideas for Your Workplace

25 November 2021

With the holidays just around the corner, there is no doubt you're looking for ideas to decorate your workplace.

Decorating the office can be a great way to make your office look nice and festive, but it can also lighten the mood and bring employees together for Christmas. If you're looking for ways to decorate your office for the holidays, you've come to the right place!

Let's look at some decoration ideas so you can add some cheer to your office.

Decorations for Cubicles

Decorations for Cubicles

You can make your workspace much more fun by transforming cubicles into gingerbread houses. Of course, this will take some time and effort, but with some cardboard, colored paper, and adhesive tape, you can get it done in no time! In fact, you can make it more fun by allowing all employees to decorate their own gingerbread house the way they like, or you can make the job easier by printing out designs instead of drawing them.

Another easy way to decorate your cubicles is to use balloons. Balloons are the perfect decoration for any occasion. Find red, white, and green balloons and put them up next to each desk to add some color and excitement.

Hanging Decorations

A simple idea for decorating your office is to hang red and white candy canes on the ceiling. Not only does this add a splash of color to your workspace, but it also adds to the festive vibes and puts everyone in a celebratory mood. The candy canes can be real or made of paper and PVC, depending on what you like.

If candy canes aren't your thing, you can also go for something else, like icicles. If you prefer keeping your workspace neutral, you can also add light fabrics or fixings that can give your office a new touch.

Decorate the Walls

Decorate the Walls

If your office walls are white, they can get pretty boring to stare at. You can easily transform these into something more fun and colorful that makes you think of Christmas. You can invest in some peel-and-stick wallpaper that reminds you of Christmas or has a holiday theme, or you can simply make your own decorations and stick them on the wall with tape. Whichever you go for, the decor will make your walls look much less empty and contribute to the holiday vibe.

You can also opt for some simple printed Christmas stickers that are easy to find and put up.

You can also hang up toy snow skis or boots or even tiny stockings on the office walls and decorate those with red and green ribbons or cuttings to make them look more Christmassy.

If you have the time, you can also use brick wallpaper to give your office walls a brick effect that can make you feel like you are inside a chimney. If you hang up any stockings or trinkets on a 'bricked' wall, you can really add to the Christmas vibe.

Decorate the Windows

Sometimes office spaces are not really designed for decoration and may not give you much room to work with. In that case, windows are also a way to decorate your space. Even something as simple as putting fairy lights around each window is enough to make your workplace look much more festive than it would otherwise. If you have the time and resources, you can even take it a step further and add some ferns, pine cones, and ornaments.

Crank Standing Desk

Decorate the Desks

If your desks are white, you can use that and decorate them with cotton to make them look snowy. You can even add some paper snowflakes to stick to the walls and desk for added effect.

If you don't want to use decorations that involve a lot of work, you can skip the snow, and simply put up paper snowflakes in front of your desk to add a bit of sparkle. If you want to take the easiest way out, you can even use a wreath or vibes to decorate your cubicles.

If you've been planning on renovating your office space and getting new furniture, what better time than to do so around the holidays?

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An adjustable desk is also great for your holiday decorations since you can try out many more creative ideas for decorations, though they may take some time and effort.

Decorate the Entrances

Even hanging up a wreath on your office door can make your workplace look much more festive than it would otherwise.

But if you have a bit of extra time and want to make things more fun for yourself and everyone else at your workplace, you can decorate the entrances with some elaborate Christmassy decorations.

You can make a color-coordinated archway that makes the entrance flawlessly dramatic for you and your colleagues. With ribbons or Christmas balls and even candies, you can decorate it and make it much more festive and captivating. You can also go for the inflatable archway option, which can make your job easier and may even add a bit of humor if you get a character-based arch.

You can also take the extra step and instead of putting anything up on the door, you can use stickers and removable wallpaper or wrapping paper to turn your office door into a giant gift box! Nothing works better to ignite the Christmas spirit like a huge Christmas present!

Get A Christmas Tree

Get A Christmas Tree

Nothing screams 'Christmas decoration' like a Christmas tree. It's possible that you may not have a lot of space in your office so you can opt for a smaller tree and get everyone to join in on the decorating. If everyone brings in some of their favorite ornaments, the tree can make everyone feel a sense of belonging as well as make the experience fun.

If you don't have time for a larger Christmas tree - even if it's technically a small one - you can get miniature trees and place them on everyone's desks.


Lighting can make a large difference in how any space looks. If you bring in Christmas or fairy lights and put them around the office, you can make it look festive without having to do anything else! You can also use different methods to put them up - covering the cubicles in lights, draping them over the desks, or even just putting them on the walls. With a bit of festive lighting, you can add some festive cheer to your workplace.

Leave Some Presents Around

Leave Some Presents Around

What is Christmas without some presents? Don't worry, you don't have to actually get some presents. Just some empty cardboard boxes of various sizes wrapped up and placed around the office can add the Christmas vibe to the area. A simple idea, but it can change the atmosphere by making everyone excited for the upcoming holidays!

Floral Arrangements

Flowers bring life to any party - and your office. You can get some flowers and arrange them together with mosses and evergreens to give the impression of a Christmas tree. Add some ornaments and you've already managed to add Christmas cheer to the office already.

Make Typical Christmas Decor Using Office Supplies

Make Typical Christmas Decor Using Office Supplies

A fun way to decorate the office for Christmas is to use office supplies to do the decorating. Not only is it a fun and creative way of spreading the holiday cheer, but it's also easy to do and can make your colleagues laugh.

You can make a wreath out of green post-it notes, and make it more personalized by asking everyone to join and leave a little note on their post-it note. You can also make a Christmas tree yourself using gloves, though this may take some time and effort. You can also decorate the office by hanging up photos of your employee and colleagues’ faces in a Santa hat.

Decorating the office for the holidays should be fun, so don't worry if you didn't get to do as much as you wanted to. The purpose of decorating is to spread the Christmas cheer and you can do so with even a few decorations.