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FlexiSpot Comhar vs Costco Electronic Standing Desk : Which one is right for You?
Feb 19, 2021

If you’ve been shopping around for a new electric standing desk to upgrade your home office, you’ve no doubt come across FlexiSpot’s new Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk. Its chic design and versatile features are already generating buzz. But, as one Reddit user notes, it resembles the Tresanti 47” Adjustable Desk sold by Costco. So how do you know which one is right for your situation?

We’ve rounded up the specs and features for both to help you make the best choice for your home office.

Snapshot Comparison Chart
Our quick-glance comparison chart below itemizes the top 8 features shoppers look for when comparing electric standing desks with built-in storage. Comhar stands toe-to-toe with Tresanti when it comes to the motor and desktop size, but it offers more robust device charging, more desktop finishes, more height presets and an anti-collision safety feature. Keep reading, we’ll dive into each of these a little more below.

While there are some similarities between Comhar and Tresanti, Comhar, after analyzing the snapshot above, clearly outshines Tresanti in all 7 of the categories highlighted below.

Wider Adjustable Height Range
With one of the broadest height-adjustable ranges available for standing desks with drawers, the Comhar is an ideal choice for kids and adults. Comhar’s lowest adjustment height of 28.3” is more than an inch lower than Tresanti so it accommodates kids and short adults better. For tall individuals, Comhar is also a better choice since it raises 0.6” higher than Tresanti to accommodate people up to 6-foot, 4 inches. For all height levels, Comhar’s whisper-quiet motor powerfully lifts the desk one inch per second for smooth and quick adjustments that take users from sitting to standing in less than 10 seconds.

Properly-Placed Control Panel
It’s easy to access the quick-touch control panel on the Comhar. It’s conveniently located on the right side of the desk where users can easily adjust the controls with a simple press. The Tresanti control panel, however, seems ill-placed because it’s situated on the desktop surface where it takes up valuable workspace. Both Tresanti and Comhar make it easy to pre-program your preferred height settings. But, you get more settings with Comhar. It’s a great choice for family use with up to 4 programmable height presets. Tresanti only has 3.  

More Versatile Integrated Device Charging
If keeping your devices powered throughout the day is a challenge in your current workspace, there’s no question that Comhar will deliver the most benefit in that regard. It charges up to 3 devices with 2 USB-A ports and 1 USB-C port while Tresanti offers 2 USB-A ports only.

More  Desktop Colors & Finishes
Comhar gives you the most options when it comes to choosing the look of your electric standing desk. It’s available with either a sturdy chipboard desktop or a modern tempered glass desktop. The chipboard model comes in 3 colors: maple, classic black and white. The tempered glass model comes in both classic black and white. Tresanti only comes with one option: white tempered glass.

Thoughtful Anti-Collision Safety Feature 
There’s no need to worry about damaging or crushing other objects when the Comhar standing desk is in motion. The anti-collision function auto reverses the desk’s direction whenever it senses an object in its path. Tresanti does not seem to offer this safety feature.

Worth in value
Although the price of Comhar (glass desktop version) is a bit higher than Tresanti, Comhar definitely packs in more features for the price. Not only is it more versatile for home and family use, it offers more colors and finishes to suit your personal preference. Best of all, the quality and comprehensive function is second to none in the standing desk market.

Additional Benefits about Comhar

Ultimate Space Saver: In addition to outshining the competition in the top features listed above, the Comhar scores high when it comes to its space-saving design, taking up minimal floor space so people in tight living or office conditions can easily make room for it. 

Easy Installation: Installation is also a breeze with the Comhar standing desk. Thanks to its pre-assembled parts, which ship in one box, users can assemble it in five minutes.

Why Choose the Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk?
We know we covered a lot of features across these 2 brands in our quest to help you find the perfect standing desk with built-in storage and device charging. So, to summarize, here are all the ways the Comhar electric standing desk stacks up impressively to the competition.

  • Compact, space-saving design that’s suitable for household use
  • Broad adjustable height range that accommodates kids and adults
  • Advanced control panel with 4 height memory settings
  • 3 integrated USB charging ports (only model with both USB-A and USB-C)
  • Anti-collision mechanism  to prevent unexpected 
  • 2 versions of desktop materials (chipboard and glass desktop) with full classic colors of black, white and maple colors in option

Still not convinced? Check out what ergonomics expert Willi Robinson has to say about our Comhar Standing Desk on HomeOfficeApproved

Buttom line
In a nutshell, Comhar is definitely an optimal choice in view of all these highlights. If you are looking for a legit standing desk for your home office, Comhar gives you the most bang for your buck, allowing you to focus on finding the perfect balance of sitting and standing throughout the day.

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