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How a Standing Desk and Desk Bike Can Help Optimize Work Performance and Energy

09 June 2022

You cannot talk about energy optimization and work performance without mentioning Flexispot products such as the best standing desk mate, the Under Desk Bike V9U, that can boost the energy of an employee while cycling without making any noise. FlexiSpot prides itself in this best standing desk mate offer, paired with a height-adjustable standing desk mate. With a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs, this product allows anyone to shed off extra weight while working without having to adjust the machine every minute and struggling to keep one’s balance while on the desk bike. This is because the Under Desk Bike V9U is built with:

under desk bike

1. A product dimension of: 37.6 for the length, 22.8 for the width; a height range of 29.6 to 37.2 inches

These dimensions allow your lower torso and buttocks to fit comfortably in the sitting area. Anyone cycling with this product can be assured safe while trying to keep their balance. There’s no room for worry if one is putting himself or herself at risk because safety is one of this desk bike’s priorities. All the user has to do is enjoy. In comparison with other stationary bikes in the market that are wobbly at times, Flexispot's under desk bike is an excellent sturdy choice while exercising during work.

2. Item weight of 51 lbs

Even though it’s more than 50 pounds, it’s still easy to move around any room or from one to another because it’s equipped with easy-rolling casters. You don’t need to lift or force the lumbar when moving this piece of equipment. What it simply requires is the right force and posture for you to be able to transfer the under desk bike from one side to another corner of the office.

A magnetic level resistance of up to 8 levels

3. A magnetic level resistance of up to 8 levels

Some also worry that they might be too fast when they’re cycling. Others worry that they won’t be able to maintain their balance during an exercise when filling out a spreadsheet for work. You don’t have to worry anymore because this under desk offers resistance level options that can help you manage your cycling speed and run smoothly without disrupting your focus on your job. In fact, it can even sharpen your focus so that you’ll finish your job more efficiently. Plus, you won’t be worrying that you might hit your soles or ankles on the product because of too much speed.

Because of these amazing features, it will be easy for you to make the right choice for a desk bike. For some, it might even be a no-brainer because this product hits two birds with one stone: buying a chair for work and having a stationary bike in one. During the day, you’ll be comfortable without feeling the need to adjust your lower torso or move it from time to time because of soreness. This desk bike has a cushion that allows you to sit enjoyably while finishing your work on the height-adjustable standing desk.

The V9U’s durability and sturdiness can be paired with Flexispot's height adjustable standing desks such as the Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series EC5 which boasts of a dual-motor lifting system. Regardless of your preferred height, the motor system allows you to work at your best, secured with a functional and stable desk. The EC5 has also other mind-blowing features including the following:

4. The 220lb-weight capacity:

Because of its weight capacity, there’s little to no fear that it will collapse anytime soon. You may lean on the desk with ease while you’re working or leave one too many office materials on the desktop surface because the desk could most likely accommodate your weight.

The 1.4 inch/s lifting speed

5. The 1.4 inch/s lifting speed:

You also don’t need to wait a couple of minutes when adjusting the height because of the desk’s fast lifting speed. It saves you time and effort, especially when you’re rushing to finish a work project.

6. This also functions quietly:

Much like the V9U, this desk has a quiet operation, adjusting the height without hardly making any noise, less than 50 decibels to be specific. It still is noiseless even if the desk surface is lifting the items on top of it. Fret not because we can guarantee that the desk adjustment won’t be making any noise in the office.

With all the features of these two FlexiSpot products together, you can be guaranteed of your dream workstation. The durable and sturdy EC5 the functional V9U allows you to optimize your energy and work performance without having to worry about your workout time. You may do tick it off your list while seated all the way. All you have to do is to set the buttons on your desk’s desired height and cycle on with the under desk bike, finishing your report for tomorrow’s workday.

Standing Desk and A Desk Bike

Other Things to Consider for a Standing Desk and A Desk Bike:

Durability and function are very important factors to consider when purchasing a standing desk and desk bike, but it’s not only what you should check out. You will ultimately land with the best pair if you consider the following as well:

1. Weight Capacity of the Desk Bike:

If your goal is to lose weight and stay active while not affecting your work, the weight capacity of the desk bike could help you a lot during your actual job in the office. The weight capacity can help you cycle and, at the same time, shed some pounds while busily attending to your office tasks.

2. Standing Desk's Height Range:

You need to be sure that your standing desk can accommodate your height and meet your desired level. Since you’re already investing anyway, you need to assure yourself of maximum comfort and convenience. You won’t have a problem with the V9U and EC5 which have a suitable height range for people who are of medium to tall heights.

3. Workplace:

You need to consider your work environment. Are you working alone or with your colleagues? Would you be disturbing them if you use a bike during work? If you think this is the case, then you need to have products that feature noiseless and smooth operations such as the FlexiSpot V9U and EC5.

Final Thoughts:

It’s already challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle; what more if you are a busy bee at work. This is why it’s very important that you will choose the best products such as the V9U and EC5 to cover for your workout plans and goals. It would help you stay in shape while becoming a much better and more efficient employee.