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How to choose your standing desk converter

25 May 2020

You are looking for a standing desk converter but there are just so many options that you end up not settling for anything at all. The wide selection can drive you to so many directions that it renders you overwhelmed. That’s normal. Having too many options can leave us anxious and undecided. But we are here to save the day! We have narrowed down some considerations on how to choose your standing desk converters.

Now that we have receded into our homes, we are adjusting to the realities of remote working. The good thing is that you have all the control over what to put in your office. A standing desk converter is one of the economical ways to give your workspace a dose of health and wellness. With it, you can sit and stand – two habits that will have a lasting impact on your body.

Answering the Main Question

Let’s go to the heart of the matter. Choosing a standing desk converter can be a little tedious. But if you do your assignment, you will get a piece of office equipment that will change your life.

Research shows that more standing can boost metabolism which is important for overall health, support the benefits of exercising, and reduce aches and pains from extended hours of sitting. If you are happy and satisfied, good things come after. You will work better with fewer complaints about body pains. And after a while, if you played your cards right, you will also have a better posture to boot.

If you are encouraged with the benefits, let’s look at the list of the things that you should look for.

Does it have excellent ergonomics?

– A model with high-quality design should make height adjustment a piece of cake. The product’s panel should be flexible to accommodate your ideal height and angle and be able to support your things at the same time. This should be a non-negotiable for a true blue ergonomic sit-stand converter. You should be able to use your monitor at eye level so that you do not strain your back and neck. There should also be a keyboard tray that will support your hands and wrists.

Can it cater to my height preferences?

– Consider your height when you choose a desk converter. You have to make sure that you have factored in your current desk’s height measurement so that you don’t end up with a standing desk converter that will be too small or big for you.

It will also be beneficial if you can easily adjust your monitor on your standing desk converter. This way,  you can work from different angles at any given time.

Is it durable?

– Your standing desk converter should have a sturdy and well-built work surface. The kind that will not easily chip or warp under pressure. This is why you should invest in a quality sit-stand converter from the get-go. A good indicator is the manufacturer’s warranty. If it says that they offer a three- or five-year warranty that means a manufacturer has full confidence in their product.  Make sure that it will cover your needs because it can be costly and disruptive to buy a faulty desk converter.

Is it safe and easy to use?

- A standing desk converter should be well assembled so that there will be no risks of any product-related hazards. It is so much the better if a sit-stand converter comes fully assembled so that you do not have to install anything and minimize the incidents of poorly structured equipment. Make sure that there are no pinch points or rough edges that will put you in danger. It’s another plus if it comes with cable management straps so you can keep your cords organized. 

Does the manufacturer offer accessories?

- If you want a shared aesthetics for your workstation, then go for a manufacturer that has a broad product  portfolio so you can purchase thematic support items. This will create a more professional and smart look in your office. It also offers another benefit besides design: If it all comes from one brand, there should be 100 percent compatibility in the hardware.

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