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How to Work Less Sitting While Staying Active at Home

19 October 2021

It is no surprise that individuals are concerned when they sit for more than six hours at a time for days on end. They can raise the risk of death in addition to high blood pressure. 

Despite this, when we are put on lockdown, we seem to spend a lot of time sitting and forget how to sit less when working from home. This habit puts our health in jeopardy. 

According to experts, we can take tangible steps to sit less while working remotely and prevent the negative consequences of it. Find a fun activity they enjoy, and be sure to stretch, eat mindfully, and get moving during the day to avoid sitting all day!

Working from Home? Here Are Some Tips to Help You Sit Less

Taking a break during lunch

Taking a break during lunch

Overeating at one's desk and neglecting work breaks might lead to death. Take active breaks to get up from your desk, sit less, and walk away from it throughout the day. Getting together will compel you to get up and away from your desk, and you will be forced to do so by social pressure.

Add fifteen minutes of walking to your routine

Taking a brisk walk twice a day is enough to meet the minimum recommended daily physical activity. Moving with your feet is fantastic, but if you can walk for 30 minutes every day, say over your lunch break, which would be even better.

Put on active clothing and shoes

Put on active clothing and shoes

Standing or walking in some formal or heeled shoes may cause pain. If you are having trouble with this, try switching to more comfortable shoes. 

The same guideline applies to too tight or ill-fitting skirts, slacks, and other clothes. Allow yourself to move about freely by loosening things up.

Exercise that is both quick and effective

We may neglect or forget to respond to motion alerts from our smartphones or fitness applications. 

If you find yourself in this situation, try a more straightforward approach to reducing your sitting time. 

To improve blood circulation, move your legs and hips and try marching in place. To lift your spirits, turn on some music or get up and perform some yoga stretching.

Supportive tools for active sitting

You find yourself sitting in front of the computer for hours without getting up within minutes. When we have a busy task, we tend to sit as long as possible to hope that it will be finished soon. Instead, there are a few tools that we believe will be useful.

Replace your chair

Replace your chair

It would be ideal if you could sit in an ergonomically sound chair (at least most of the time). Is that the only chair you have to sit in for the rest of the day? 

Use an exercise ball instead of sitting at your desk during the day. During this training, your spending reports will be a fantastic source of strength and endurance. 

You may even work standing up if you position your laptop on a high shelf (or other countertops) when traveling.

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

A desk that allows you to stand

If you want to sit less and keep connected to your desk, consider obtaining a home office standing desk. Standing rather than sitting at work is healthier for your health. However, you should keep track of how many times you stand throughout the day.

A standing or sitting desk at work can help lower blood sugar levels, increase circulation, and decrease musculoskeletal pain like back and neck pain. 

Standing does not reduce your risk of heart disease; yet, sitting less and standing for too long can cause significant health problems. If you can strike a balance between standing and sitting, standing at work with an adjustable standing desk is preferable to sitting all day.

You will not be able to get by with just a regular standing desk. Even if you have the ergonomic chair described below, sitting for lengthy periods is harmful to the body. 

Instead, you could be reducing your lifespan, increasing your chance of chronic diseases, increasing your physical discomfort, and so on.

In your office, you will need a standing desk. If you work from home, all you need is a functional office desk that also doubles as a standing workstation, such as FlexiSpot's Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro).

This standing desk is the market leader in ergonomic desks. Through high-level personalization, the product prioritizes your comfort and convenience. You can configure the desk using memory presets and programmable height settings.

This product is noted for its outstanding quality and efficacy and for combining contemporary features with a low price. You may now sit and work without having to worry about back pain.

Furthermore, this is one of the most widely used models. It is a nice-looking desk for a reasonable price, and it can help you relax and feel better about your posture and other potential health issues.

It operates at a whisper-quiet level, which aids in noise reduction. Aside from that, it features a 275-pound lifting capacity. One of the most impressive features of this standing desk is its ability to adjust quickly without causing you any discomfort or trouble.

The use of flow boards

A balance flow board improves energy, muscle memory, and productivity. You can boost your blood circulation whether you are seated or standing. 

This practice incorporates Tai Chi and Yoga techniques to improve balance and awareness while forming new neural connections between the left and right sides of the brain.

With this advanced workout board, you will be able to execute push-ups and planks more simply at home. One of the advantages of standing workstations is that this flow board may be used with them.

You may rotate the board in several directions by using your feet; it has a semi-spherical fulcrum that fits under any desk. This will enhance blood flow and reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis and blood clots.

Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1

Mats that reduce tiredness

A standing mat is an anti-fatigue mat that is lightweight and portable. They operate to contract and extend your leg muscles as you adjust to the mat's flexibility and maintain your balance by moving them slowly. The slope of the carpet encourages children to move around as much as possible while also enabling them to sit less.

Anti-fatigue mats are an excellent choice for exercise routines since they lessen impact and tension on your joints and legs. 

It prevents you from being immobile for too long, which helps you avoid the hypnotic effects of stasis. 

Fitness mats are recommended for fitness enthusiasts because they are made to support any training. The excellent anti-fatigue mat from FlexiSpot is precisely what you need. They sell the Standing Desk Anti-Fatigue Mat MT1.

Last Thoughts

You can be more productive and reduce your risk of sedentary job-related health issues by using ergonomic office goods. 

A standing desk allows you to alternate between standing and sitting, and you can also use the other suggestions in this post. The bottom message is that you should not let yourself sit for lengthy periods to stay active and reduce your risk of MSDs.