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I Wish I have These FlexiSpot Products

27 December 2021

It’s just a day before Christmas Day! Christmas Eve may be a workday but it’s also special for most, if not all.

During the weeks leading up to Christmas, the streets were already filled with holiday cheer. There is the sound of Christmas bells ringing, intoxicated conversations among family and friends who haven’t seen one another for quite some time, a mix of Christmas songs and muffled chatter coming from the crowd of shoppers in brick and mortar stores.

As the song goes, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. We have the opportunity to spend some time with the people we love the most and to pay it forward by helping the less fortunate.

Many consider December as their favorite month of the year. Why wouldn’t it be? Everyone is in high spirits and companies give out 13th month pays and Christmas bonuses. Parties are everywhere with some even requiring you to act Secret Santa for another guest and to buy a gift according to what’s in her or his wishlist. For the thrill, we use codenames so as not to attach any personality when picking gifts, just the answer to what’s written on the wishlist.

For me personally, I know what I want so I make sure I send links to my Secret Santa and why I want to get them. Here are some products from the FlexiSpot site that I wish I’ll get as soon as I open gifts tomorrow.

Galaxy Light Projector 001

Galaxy Light Projector 001

I recently discovered this light projector from the site. I was immediately drawn to it—partly because of the price, $36.99!)—but more so, because I am in love with astronomy. Being able to project it in my bedroom will surely provide me with many “sleepful” nights. It projects the ocean wave, moon, and stars so just thinking about it now is already giving me goosebumps. Its multiple color feature, remote control, BlueTooth speaker, adjustable angle, and more are surely worth the price at $40 less. I can’t wait to have one in my bedroom.

Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk

Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk

I have so many thoughts in a day so this standing desk that could capture my ideas at any time is a win-win for me. If no one gets it for me, I’ll probably buy it myself! Its main feature is a flip tabletop that can also function as a dry-erase board. The whiteboard desktop is spacious with 48” x 24” dimensions. It’s 0.7 thick and is made of PET high-gloss film which makes the surface smooth and durable. It’s easy to write down notes with a dry-erase marker and to wipe it away with a dry fabric or eraser.

The desk can be flipped and angled at five positions, (0/60/70/80/90°). You may lock your desired angle into place and ease in your activity for the day, whether it be writing, reading, or drawing. Of course, I also love that it can be moved around the room on any floor surface because of its four easy-rolling caster wheels. It can be locked into place once you’ve chosen where you want to settle for the day.

Under Desk Bike V9U

Under Desk Bike V9U

I’ve heard from countless colleagues how great this bike is. It probably is the best standing desk mate anyone could ask for. This is perfect for any fitness level and anyone can pick it up to break some sweat while working. It can be used with a height-adjustable standing desk. With easy-rolling caster wheels, the V9U can be moved around the office easily. It comes fully assembled when it arrives on your doorstep so there won’t be any need to install it.

Another notable feature that I love is its height-adjustable seat. With no more than a gentle press, the user-friendly pneumatic adjustment level moves the seat up or down. It also has a whisper-quiet pedaling system with eight resistance levels for healthy movement. An LCD displays time, distance, and calories burned.

Sewing Standing Desk ES9W

Sewing Standing Desk ES9W

I love to sew and have always had trouble where to put my sewing machine. When I saw this sewing machine from FlexiSpot, I immediately knew I wanted to receive or buy it on a special occasion.

What’s great with the ES9W is that the sewing platform may be adjusted separately. It comes with a knob that allows the user to lower or raise the workbench up or down five steps. Its weight capacity is up to 26 lbs, just enough to carry the weight of an average electric sewing machine.

The workspace is also very spacious because aside from the sewing machine platform, you may add a detachable side table that measures 9” * 24,” adding to the already 43”*24” table where the sewing platform is attached.

I know I don’t need to worry about scratching or staining the desk frame because it’s made of high-grade steel. It’s guaranteed stable even at the highest adjustment point and because of its two-state legs, smooth and fluid-like transitions can be expected throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

I’m not gonna lie because fingers crossed that I get to open a present with one of these inside, I still think that the real purpose of Christmas is to spend time with people we love and to pay it forward, especially to those who have less