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Ideal Standing Desks for Pregnant Women

07 June 2021

The Challenges Faced by Pregnant Women:

This is maybe the toughest challenge a woman could ever experience in her life. They say it's a colorful journey; it may not be as ideal as it could be because, in reality, one needs to endure a lot of pain in bringing a beautiful life in the womb. What makes it more challenging is when a woman is keeping a career that gives her a difficult time at work. With this, ergonomic problems arise and pregnant women are vulnerable to these. The problems that they experience are: 

  • Ergonomic Problems:

Pregnant women experience these problems from their first trimester to the third one. The pain along the spine is what they need to bear especially because they have a baby in their womb. The heaviness doubles as the baby develop and grow heavier. 

  • Effects of Weight Gain:

From the excessive weight to the accumulation of excessive fluid that naturally occurs because of the weight that doubles, women become prone to illnesses caused by weight gain. 

  • Spine-related injury:

In some cases, women do not notice this at the beginning because they tend to ignore them or they are focused at work but this kind of injury creates havoc on the woman's health after a few years usually when they start to have brittle bones. Pregnancy may leave them vulnerable to these illnesses because when a woman gives birth, she gives her energy in bringing the child out creating injury in her body. What's making it more difficult it while the mother is pregnant, she needs to keep a busy life in the office. This is more challenging and more dangerous for her. 

Amidst these difficulties, more women courageously accept these challenges and move forward. They stand the pain and keep a career in the corporate world. With this, we may support our brave mothers who contribute to the company by providing them with ergonomic solutions that could be of great help to them. These solutions could be fully given by Flexispot. The company caters to above and beyond ergonomic services through the height-adjustable standing desks, gaming chairs, and desk bikes. Thus, in this discussion, we will be talking about: 

Why One Should Choose Flexispot: 

  • Flexispot products are an array of the best ergonomic products in the market. In particular, their standing desks are engineered with precision and could really follow the contour of our bodies hence pregnant women could safely use these standing desks.
  • These standing desks from Flexispot have unique features. They provide absolute convenience. Hence, a pregnant woman does not need to bend or do improper posture because the standing desk could easily be operated on by simply clicking the up and down buttons or click the sit-stand reminders. 
  • Flexispot Standing desks could also help a pregnant woman finish a task with ease without sitting on a chair all day long. With just a few clicks, our mothers could finish tasks on their hands without forcing their backs. 
  • Flexispot standing desk could maintain the proper posture because mothers have the chance to stand straight or sit comfortably while writing someone on the standing desk.
  • Flexispot Standing desks are considered robust and could carry heavy weights without occupying most of the space in the office. Some choices could be put in a small-spaced area. 

Now that we are aware of the good points of using the Flexispot standing desks, let us now go to the next part of our discussion where we would talk about the: 

Ideal Standing Desks for Pregnant Women:

The following standing desks are ideal for our busy working pregnant women who want to keep an active lifestyle and successful career. These Flexispot top standing desks are: 

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series EC5

  • This standing desk is considered a heavy-duty standing desk because of the sturdy and robust materials used to create this standing desk. With this, our mothers could feel safe using this. After all, it could help them work with ease because it's a heavy-duty product. 
  • It has an enhanced structure and its lifting speed is 1.4" per second so, despite its robust features, we could ensure that it lifts fast no matter how heavy the devices and things are put on its surface. 
  • This has a speedy lifting speed because this piece of equipment uses a dual motor for its lifting system. Hence, one could consider this as a robust and efficient piece of equipment. 
  • What's nice about this is it has a weight capacity of up to 220lbs. Hence, it could be easy to work on it with the device or other heavy office materials. 

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series:

  • This is another standing desk with a dual-motor lifting system. This standing desk is a speedy and efficient kind of equipment that could speed up the work of our mothers in the office because the stress would be lessened with this. 
  • The weight capacity of this standing desk is 275lbs. Hence, pregnant women do not need to worry about things falling down the table while they are busy typing and making their reports. 
  • This standing desk is water-proof so one would not worry about damaging the product even when water is spilled over it. 
  • It has control panels that could easily be operated on. It alleviates the stress of pregnant women with just a little click on the panel. 

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Glass Top

  • The third standing desk has a glass top that would add sophistication in the work area of the pregnant woman. This could bring positive energy and could relax her while she's busy working in the office. 
  • It has height presets that could help her simply click the button if he wants it to move up and down. 
  • These presets would help her program her preferred height and just click on it whenever she needs that desire height level. 
  • What's good here is it has a lifting capacity of 110 lbs. 

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk (Eco & Pro)

  • This standing desk has a lifting capacity of 275lbs. This is ideal for pregnant women who need to put a lot of stuff on the surface of the table. 
  • It has improved stability and could ensure that our pregnant women do not need to worry about bending doing improper posture while using this.
  • It has a sit-stand reminder feature so it would be easier to use for our pregnant mothers. 

Final Thoughts:

They are the bravest people that we could meet. They keep a steady job while making sure they take care of themselves and the baby in their wombs. Hence, making sure that their work environment is conducive and safe for them all through some pieces of equipment that could aid them in their journey just like the Flexispot standing desks.