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Let's find out. Is the Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters EM7MB - 36" the right fit for you?

06 January 2020

It's 3 pm. You've been in the same position for about three hours, and you know it isn't supposed to hurt this much, but it does. You try to complete the spreadsheet you're working on, but you can't just ignore your spine hurting. So you do the reasonable thing.

You stand up and stretch for a little. However, that makes you look like a total oddball because everyone else is doing precisely not that. Then you sit down back, but your back hurts. You really just want to stand over your computer to work, but you can't, because your desk is low.

If you've ever been in this position or something like it, you might be interested in trying out a sit-stand desk or standing desk converter. Simply put, it's a desk that allows you to work sitting down as well as standing up. Experts have pointed out that sitting down for long periods isn't necessarily great for the back, and standing during work can eliminate a lot of spine problems.

In the spirit of the health benefits of using stand up desks, we'll be reviewing the Motorized AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converters EM7MB - 36" to see it's important features and whether you should consider getting it or not.

Key Features of the Motorized AlcoveRiser

  • Many other standing desks have hydraulics or mechanics that require effort from the users to lift, but the Flexispot EM7 is motorised. This means that you only need to push a button to get it to rise. So while traditional desk users may have to lift their desks up, you don't have to. It comes with versatile height settings too, so you are catered for no matter your height.
  • Since it is a motorized desk, you might have the perfectly sensible fear that it would be loud and come with mechanical cranks and all that. But here's where the desk riser really shines. It is ultra-quiet, so you can switch positions as many times as you like without disturbing others.
  • One of the big flaws of most other electric desk risers is that they build up speed as they lower and often crash into the desk and jostle your monitors. The Flexispot EM7 has a patented bracing system that ensures that this doesn't happen. The bracing system guarantees that going up or down is a smooth experience, and nothing is ever jostled.
  • Other none motorised desk risers often add to your problems instead of solving them. If, for instance, you're suffering from back pains, and decide to get a desk riser that depends on force from you to get lifted, aren't you hurting the back you wanted to protect in the first place? The Flexispot EM7 removes that burden from you and replaces it with a button, so you don't have to exert any strength on lifting the desk.
  • With a weight capacity of 55 pounds, there is hardly a thing that the Flexispot EM7 desk cannot comfortably carry. It can accommodate up to two monitors, a full-sized monitor, your mouse and more.

Would I recommend?

At $339.99, the Flexispot EM7 is not the cheapest option on the market. However, the cheapest options aren't motorised and that is an important distinction. In fact, for motorized desk risers, the Flexispot EM7 is pretty cheap. Like we've seen, it has amazing features as well, so yes, I would recommend you get the Sit-stand desk.