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Is The Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk A Great Fit For You?

01 January 2020

If you've ever had spine pains, you'd know that there are only a few things more painful than having a hurting back. You'd also know that one of the things that aggravate spine pains is bad posture. Incredibly, one of the things that contribute to bad posture is sitting at a desk for long periods.

Really? Absolutely. Sitting in one position for too long, like you're often forced to do in a traditional office setting isn't healthy for your back. Now, sitting for too long in a bad posture? That can even lead to back problems that weren't even there before.

That's why I'd suggest getting a Stand-up desk. If you've not heard of Standing desks or if you've heard of them but haven't decided the best one for you, today's your lucky day.

We'll be reviewing the Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk EC1 - 42" standing desk to see if I would recommend it to you— or anyone.

Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk EC1 - 42" Features

  • When getting a Standing desk or Sit-stand desk, it is important that they are functional. That is, they should be able to help you work as well as your normal desk. The Value Electric Height desk is just as good as your normal desk as it accommodates two monitors while retaining a respectable size. It's not as big as other desks and still manages to accommodate two monitors. So you can work with your monitors despite switching from a normal desk to a standing desk. That's impressive.
  • Another important thing to look at is the transition. One of the best things about Standing desks is that they make the transition from sitting to standing positions very easy. The electric height-adjustable desk frame of the desk makes it easy to transition from sitting to standing and vice versa with minimal effort. It comes with up/down buttons and electric motors that are at the apex of engineering efficiency with industry-leading noise levels and stability. The desk can rise up to 48.6" from a 29" sitting position— all at the push of a button.
  • Whenever you can, you should purchase environmentally friendly products, and that's another thing that stands this desk out. The 1-inch thick wood surface of the desk is made from environmentally friendly medium-density fibreboard. Users also have a plethora of colour choices and sizes to choose from, so there is no design trade-off and they can actually feel good about choosing the more sustainable option.
  • It's no use getting a Standing desk that doesn't bear the load of regular desks. Designed with double steel tubing that guarantees stability even at its highest level, this desk is an epitome of maximum structural integrity. The surface of the desk is resistant to scratches, water and stains. Thanks to tougher and more durable powder coating. With a weight-bearing capacity of 154 pounds, which is a lot, this desk can carry everything on your former desk and even much more.
  • The most important feature of this desk, of course, is that it allows you to stretch out your back while working. Since sitting in one position for long periods can prove disastrous for your back, this Standing desk— and others like it, save your spine from being bent in ugly postures for too long.

Would I Recommend?

At around $279.99, this desk is a bit pricey— but so are a lot of things. If you can afford it, I'd advise you to go for it. It is sturdy, easy to operate, and environmentally friendly. There aren't a lot of options quite like it on the market.