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Limited Working Space? Try A Mobile Standing Desk

24 June 2021

Modern workplaces require a high level of adaptability. Workers desire independence, and it is frequently the key to being satisfied at work. According to one study, businesses that let their employees choose when, where, and how they work are more certain to be content with their employment and perform much better.

With people working from home or in an office and requiring their workstation, the popularity of mobile computer desks is growing. You may not have enough space for a standard computer desk that can stay in the exact location all the time, and the same is true for small business locations.

With flexible work alternatives, companies may provide employees with unprecedented degrees of autonomy even within their walls. We've all heard of an excellent idea, initiative, or concept that came from somewhere else than your designated cubicle or corner office. Working beyond your assigned workspace, on the other hand, might be inconvenient or awkward without your entire technology, office supplies, and equipment, or even your snacks and beverages.

On the other hand, standing makes people more engaged and promotes more intuitive teamwork. Simply gather a couple of mobile workstations for a stand-up discussion. The ability to connect with teammates and feel your most excellent promotes interpersonal skills, work engagement, and innovative brainstorming. Before we get to some of the benefits of just being active by moving around with a mobile desk, imagine enjoying the benefits of working while standing and even walking. The most common advantages when using standing desks include:

  • weight loss
  • lower risk of heart disease 
  • lower blood sugar levels
  • reduce lower back pain
  • prevent neck strain
  • decrease headaches
  • prevent shoulder, buttocks, and leg pain
  • increase productivity
  • improve energy
  • reduce diabetes, heart attack, cardiovascular diseases risk
  • increase lung capacity
  • more efficient brain function
  • more creativity
  • more focus
  • improve mood
  • lower stress
  • delay aging process
  • fewer hemorrhoids
  • better digestion
  • delay muscle degeneration

Employees today need a product that can keep up with them while also supporting them in feeling (and working) at their optimum. Mobile desks, such as FlexiSpot's Height Adjustable Mobile Desk MT3, are essential for moving work with the user, from desk jobs to meeting rooms to shared areas. It adjusts to their level of comfort and how they choose to work—sitting or standing.

Height-Adjustable Mobile Desk MT3

A tabletop that tilts and has a ledge stopper

While writing, drawing, drafting, or reading, tilt the tabletop for a more ergonomic working position. The stopper keeps your computers, tablets, and books safe.

Effortless height adjustment

The built-in gas spring system aids in smoothly lifting the tabletop from 29.3 to 45 inches off the floor. Simply grab the lever to initiate the spring lift mechanism, which allows you to raise and lower the desk.

Mobile and transportable

With four caster swivel wheels (2 lockings), you'll have smooth gliding motion, and front leg stoppers will keep your stand firmly in position. It comfortably glides about on wooden or carpeted floors thanks to its large casters.

Spacious and adaptable

This mobile sit-stand desk can be used in place of a traditional desk or a smaller laptop cart. Its top surface (23.6" x 20.5") is spacious enough to accommodate even the largest smartphones and laptops.

Durable and stable

The desk has a lightweight aluminum frame coated in satin pewter for long-term durability and ease of maintenance. It is ideal for professional settings such as offices, art and music studios, libraries, and doctor's offices.

Convenient hook design

Using the handy hook on the desk stand, you can keep your backpack, computer bag, or purse with you wherever you roll the desk.

Where you can use mobile workstations

  • Individual workstations: Having a movable desk in a conventional workspace provides an additional choice for workers who may wish to work next to a window or just engage on a particular task with a teammate.
  • Meeting rooms: By placing a few mobile desks around the traditional boardroom table, guests can alternate between sitting and standing, which is incredibly beneficial for extended meetings. They can be used as a breakout room or as a pedestal for presenters. You may even take your meetings outside so everyone can benefit from some fresh air and a change of scenery.
  • Open spaces: With mobile workstations, unused space can be converted into productive space. Employees now have stable support to put notes or drafts to evaluate, so hallways or other shared spaces can host last-minute meetings or conversations.
  • Lunch area: Especially now that we COVID-19, most companies are already requesting their employees to report back to the office. That entails strictly following the policies and guidelines organizations are implementing to keep employees safe. That includes social distancing anywhere in the workplace. Just in case there isn't enough seat left in the lunchroom as part of the guideline would be decreasing chairs, you may have your lunch just fine with your mobile desk. You may use it with a stool or practice standing lunch because, why not?

The truth is that a desk with wheels lets you quickly move around and work in any space that you like rather than staying in the same spot. Even if having your own workspace is ideal in this time of the pandemic, it may be somewhat monotonous and may make you feel restricted, all by yourself. Whatever your perspective, the fact is that the popularity and demand for mobile standing desks have been expanding, and you can now find a vast choice of models that can meet your needs.

If you are still not sure of the benefits of employing mobile standing workstations, here are the important ones to consider:

Affordable work desk option

If you are thinking about beginning your own small home business, you will need all of the money to get started on the proper foot. Instead of leasing an office or renovating an entire room to serve as your home office, you can use a portable standing desk. This will not only save you a lot of money, but it will also ensure that you can attend to your budding business from anywhere in your home while reaping the benefits of standing as well.

It will fit most rooms

You can transport your mobile workstation with you anywhere you go in the office or around the house, no matter how small. This is why it's perfectly ideal for homes or workplaces that have minimal space.

You should know about portable workstation desks because some of the best ones already have caster wheels. So, when it's time to move the room where you're working, simply push or drag your transportable computer desks. Some that are collapsible can also be found.


A mobile computer desk gives you a lot of freedom since you are no longer bound to remain in one area because you cannot relocate the desk. It is now possible to transport the computer if necessary. This gives you the freedom to enjoy other things with it like watching YouTube or a movie from your bedroom at night and for some privacy, especially in shared homes, and maybe work from your family room throughout the day.


One of the most appealing aspects of mobile desks is their adaptability. In reality, many people use their own to work when necessary and as a piece of furniture. While this choice is heavily dependent on the mobile desk you purchase, it is crucial to note that it may be the ideal answer if you live in a small apartment. Then again, you may use the portable desk to work, eat, or simply organize your books on it.

Also, imagine sitting in your workplace garden or your personal patio or backyard on a gorgeous bright day (or cloudy, if you prefer) while accomplishing deadlines, or maybe while playing online games and watching cat videos.


No amount of exercise will undo the damage done by sitting for half of your daily activities. Is there any benefit to standing up to work when it does not appear to be more demanding than sitting? Well, studies found that standing burns half as many calories as sitting. That implies you'll burn 50 more calories every hour, and possibly even more if you're not only standing but also walking.

Enjoy the feel-good perks of a mobile workstation no matter where you choose to be productive! Check out FlexiWellness Center for more tips on ergonomics, workplace productivity, and wellness.