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Mother's Day Gift Ideas from FlexiSpot

09 May 2022

Our mothers carried us for nine months before we finally entered Earth and started our lives here. Before our moms even got out of the hospital from the laborious childbirth, they carried us in their arms, even already starting breastfeeding within 24 to 72 hours of birth. Since we came out of this world, there hasn’t been a day that they have not thought of us. We don’t even know if they fully rest even on days they say they would.

Moms are often regarded as the caretakers of their children. From breastfeeding when they were babies to dressing them up as toddlers and playing with them as kids, moms have always been by their children’s side. Even when they become a rebel or are discovering themselves during puberty, moms are always just there to listen, support, and guide them. The only payment they ask for is to see their children in a good place. That’s when they know they’ve done a good job when their children are able to fend for themselves and live meaningful lives. There’s nothing quite like it to put a smile on a mom’s face.

When raised in a loving household, the impact is so huge; it’s unmeasurable. Mothers are able to raise conscientious, loving humans who also raise their own families with love and care. A community of kind individuals is created.

This is why every year, it’s just right to have a day when we celebrate our moms. It’s important that they feel our love every day and it’s also different when we multiply this a million times over every Mother’s Day. The special holiday is just around the corner, March 8 to be exact for this year, so we took it upon ourselves to help you show your love to your mom. Whether it be an act of service, a word of affirmation, a gentle touch, spending quality time, or giving gifts, we’re sure that your mom would appreciate any gesture as long as it’s coming from you.

Here at FlexiSpot, we decided to share some products that are not just physical gifts for your mom, but more so, a gift for an upgraded quality of everyday life. You get to provide them with comfort and convenience as well as efficiency and productivity. Not to mention, these products also promote and ensure good health.

Adjustable Bed Base EB011

Adjustable Bed Base EB011

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, and we’re willing to bet, more especially your mom. Again, it’s not just a physical gift, it’s rewarding your hard-working mom with the best luxury sleep ever. They work more than eight hours a day, making sure everyone in the family is safe and sound. Rest is something they usually take for granted so this gift will be a big relief for them to have quality nights of sleep.

What’s more is this bed base is an adjustable product, meaning it could be customized to the needs of one’s body. Read, watch TV or go to bed comfortably with the head adjustment ranging from 0 to 60 degrees. For more comfort, adjust the height of the bed by choosing from these three leg options: 3", 6", or 9”. The under-bed storage space measures up to 25 cubic feet.

This could still be used without a new bed. It can be fitted into a standard-sized bed frame or could act as a standalone support system. It comes with a wired remote control that is easy to use and adjusts the bed frame to a comfortable sleeping position. It uses a durable and quiet motor and delivers a max thrust of 6000N (600kg) at a sound level of fewer than 50 decibels for a sound sleep. For safety, it comes with a mattress retainer bar so you or the mattress would not slide off from the frame.

Sit 2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

Sit 2Go 2-in-1 Fitness Chair

Your mom is not getting any younger. The more she ages, the more she has to take care of her health for long and happy life. Give your mom the gift of health and fitness this Mother’s Day. This fitness chair has a breathable mesh backrest that is comfortable and stable at the same time. It has a firm seat cushion that ensures an enjoyable sedentary sitting experience. The seat can be adjusted easily with a one-touch lever.

It has a calorie tracker that can count the calories that your mother burns while they pedal at work or during rest time at the house. They may also customize the resistance level, depending on how fit they are. The caster wheels are durable and almost sound like a whisper.

It will keep their minds alert, stimulate creativity and also help them lose weight if that is their goal.

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Kana Bamboo Standing Desk

Moms love purpose so give it to them every time you can; for instance, getting your mom this Kana Bamboo Standing Desk that not only benefits you but also takes care of the planet. Under your mom’s name, one tree is planted in for the One Tree Planted initiative. Not only that, the KANA standing desk boasts of a chemical-free production process. It uses aldehyde-free glue which makes it even more eco-friendly.

This desk boasts of a carbonized 2H lacquer coating and resists scratches, water, and insects. It has a bamboo desktop that is highly durable, natural, and resistant to daily wear and tear. It offers three Pro desk frame options with a wide adjustable range. The following options are Pro 2-stage, Pro 3-stage (inverted), and Pro 3-stage. It has 2, 3, and 3 leg sections respectively. The pro-2-stage and Pro 3-stage (inverted) both have a weight capacity of 220 pounds while the Pro 3-stage could hold 275 pounds. Its lifting speed is 1.26 inches per second, 1.38, and 1.5 respectively. The height range goes from 22.8” to 50”. It has an advanced dual-motor lifting system that ensures maximum stability at high settings. Your mom will be able to focus more on her daily tasks without risking her long-term health if she begins to work on a height-adjustable standing desk.