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National gorgeous grandma day

23 July 2021

Learning about national gorgeous grandma day; How to maximize today

Nana? Granny? It does not matter what you call her; all that matters is that today is for her! Today is gorgeous grandma day.

July 23rd is a day to show grannies how much you love them. We all know how much grannies adore their kiddos. And that you can always count on nana to come to your rescue at the drop of a hat. They are worth celebrating. Right?

What makes this national holiday more beautiful is that it is not aimed at older women with grandchildren alone. Not all women assume the grandma status naturally.

For some, they become nanas by age even when they do not have grandkids of their own. Hence, gorgeous grandma day is a day that celebrates the nana age.

Now, take a moment off and picture your grandma; if you do not have her around. Or if you do have her around you, take a look at her; you cannot deny that she is stunning, right? How about you take some time off to appreciate such elegance?

History And Timeline of National Gorgeous Grandma Day

The uniqueness of this national holiday is undeniable. But how did it come into being? Let us satisfy your curiosity with a brief ride down memory lane.

Society has created a stereotypical mold for a conventional grandma. Based on norms, grandmas must wear positivity around like a badge, be the cuddliest beings, and always have the listening ears for all our worries. These beliefs are undoubtedly true about grandmums.

However, it does not stop there.

For most people, the thought of a grandma includes one with the most dated fashion sense and little appetite for technology. This narrow perception stems from the assumption that women who are above 50 should live a quiet life.

The national gorgeous grandma day seeks to dispel this notion and open people up to old ladies unwilling to retire to the dull lifestyle.

In an attempt to challenge this norm, Alice Solomon invented the gorgeous grandma national holiday. But this is how it all started.

She graduated from Wellesley College in 1954 at the age of 50. After she graduated, she realized that women her age are senior citizens, even though they were not actual grandmas.

Solomon invented gorgeous grandma day to challenge this cliché. Since society tagged women deemed to be beyond their heyday ‘grandmas,’ she decided to embrace the term.

However, she glamorized the appellation with the word ‘gorgeous.’ Consequently, gorgeous grandma day is about portraying older women in a daring light and detaching from any form of limiting stereotypes confining them.

How To Observe National Gorgeous Grandma Day?

Have you ever felt like the universe does not understand you only to receive the warmest and fuzziest words of wisdom from nana? Then today is about you showing her the same warmth.

Appreciate her infectious love for life the best way you can. Forget about messages, calls, or video calls, and spend time with your grandma.

If you have a grandma with the best reception to hippy games and activities, indulge her like never before. For rebellious grandmas, some daring activities might make them feel alive.

Additionally, you can take out time to give your gorgeous self some splendid day out regardless of your age.

Traditions To the Day Special

Make her a card

Today is about doing something spectacular to make your gorgeous granny grin from ear to ear. A phone call or face time is not going to get you that. Visit a convenience store, grab a blank card, and create something special with it.

Write your heart out; if you are not good with words, find a poem that communicates your love online. It does not matter how you get those words, but you should wear your “heart on the card.” Send her the card with her favorite flowers.

Spend the day giving her a treat

When last did you have a me-time or a date with your grandma? Been ages Hun? Well. You are getting a premium opportunity to spoil her silly. Get her some delicious treat! Some sandwich, her favorite burger spot, or her favorite beverage will do.

You can also take her out shopping, get her a stupefying makeover. And make her feel like the foxy lady she once was-- quick correction, the foxy lady she still is.

And you can swap roles and make her cookies or cook her favorite meal using her magical recipes. All she needs to do is watch and enjoy the treat.

Watch a funny movie

You can binge a funny movie with your grandmum. Several badass grandma movies will have you laughing off your asses in no time.

One that has received some rave reviews since its debut in 2015 is a movie titled ‘grandma.’ This movie will give you a good laugh. However, do not be spoilsport; get some snacks! Spice it up with the best side attractions; make it a bonding time that trumps any other.

Achieve your goal

If you are a gorgeous grandma, close to or above fifty, celebrate your this day by doing anything you would love to do.

Take that class, try that outfit, join that group, go on that date because you are gorgeous! And you can achieve anything you want regardless of your age.

Do not let stereotypes or doubts hold you back. Engage yourself actively wherever you want. Alice Solomon proved you can do anything by graduating at the age of 50. Follow that same pattern and live a fulfilled life.

Pay tribute to all the gorgeous women out there

You can take some time to pay tribute to women who have shown us that age does not stop you from achieving incredible feats. For instance, your grandma must have saved the day numerous times, beating a Captain America’s record.

Alternatively, you can read about women who were not fazed by old age. An example is Flo Meiler tried pole vault at the age of 65, proving that age should not stop your dreams. Reading about her can encourage you to accept the challenge.

And there is Dorothy Custer that celebrated her 102-birthday leaping off a 500 feet bridge above the snake river.

Also, you can join the #gorgeousgrandmaday trend online; take a picture of you having a swell time with your granny and post it online with that hashtag. You may also get to see photos celebrating other gorgeous grandmas.

Fun Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Grandparents find it fulfilling

Four out of five grandparents enjoy the title. And some of them that are not fond of the idea grow to love it and experience the satisfaction of being a grandparent.

Bet that explains their openness and unrelenting push to make their grandkids the best version of themselves.

Good influences

Grannies and gramps have one of the best approaches to raising kids. Look around you; some of the finest men and women impacting the world were raised by their grandparents, for instance, prominent people like Barack Obama and Jack Nicholson.

Not all grannies are old

An average grandparent in the United States is about 48 years. See? Not all grannies are old. You will find it shocking that the youngest grandma in the world is 23 years old.

Show Your Grandma Some Love with Flexispot

Did we mention that showering your grandma with gift is an excellent way to celebrate her? Communicating your love with the most thoughtful gifts sends an accurate message to the receiver.

Flexispot is a famous brand that makes top-notch healthy office furniture. When it comes to family, we believe living healthy and dispensing love is essential. Hence, we never cease to promote unity, love, and peace in every way we can.

In this case, we celebrate the love that gorgeous grandmas stand for in every family. However, we are also keen on helping grandmas maintain their gorgeousness in good health.

Consequently, we understand that grannies have spare time activities that they engage in for fun. Or sometimes because they have a passion for it. Not all the activities are active; some require sitting for prolonged hours or bending over a book when they need to read.

You can show your grandma some love by helping her lead a healthy life and making her favorite activity easier. For instance, if your grandma sews, we recommend our height adjustable sewing table to ensure she has the maximum comfort while she sews.

Additionally, we have other standing desks with adjustable heights that can fit all kinds of activities. Setting up a mini office with the best workstation may be the best gorgeous grandma gift ever. You can buy an accent chair to make her knitting sessions a breeze.

And if you do not know what your granny enjoys doing, spend more time with her. Create happy moments and get to understand her more. It is national gorgeous grandma day, make it an exceptional holiday.

Similar National Holidays

Gorgeous grandma day is not the only national holiday that celebrates the elderly. Look out for others like:

National senior health and fitness day: May 25th

Letter to an elder day: Feb 26th

National Senior Citizens Day: August 21st

Why National Gorgeous Grandma Day Should Be One of Your Favorite Holidays

She makes the best food and has the best recipes

We are about to ask a tricky question-- well, not really. Who makes the best dishes in the family? We all know the answer.

Grandmas have the magical touch! They are the ones with artistic culinary skills.

From the Mac ‘N’ Cheese you look forward to on thanksgiving to the apple pie that made your mouth water! Grandmas sure deserve the big ups because they definitely make the tastiest dishes.

But no one needs to feel attacked in the family; today is all about the gorgeous grandma that taught you the basics of cooking! Let her revel in the moment.  

Rebel with a cause

Grandmas and rules are like two parallel lines with slim reconciliation possibilities. The truth is they always have a cause-- one that often involves yielding their grandkid’s desires.

Rules like “don’t give him ice cream, mom” never sits well with them. If their grandkid wants some ice cream, he is getting some-- no questioning their decisions. For this reason, we can never deny the undying love the kids have for their grandparents. Neither do we doubt the fact that grannies will go any length to make their grandkids feel better.

If this is what rebellion looks like, we cannot get enough of it. And we never want a short supply of it.

She has no filters

Gorgeous grandmas have one thing in common. They say anything that comes to mind without any filters. They do not care who is around or what the subject matter is.

Sometimes their opinions are wrong. However, this fact does not stop them from airing their minds. They either don’t care or don’t know they are wrong.

Either way, we do not mind, wrong or not. The bluntness we get from most grandmas is enjoyable. Although we never want to be the ones bearing the brunt!

Why is Grandma Special

We all need to reflect on this question on gorgeous grandma day. Such reflection makes it easy to celebrate our grannies more.

Why is grandma special?

Would it be accurate to claim it is because of the unconditional love she doles out without holding back? Or the bouts of wise words that they deliver when it is most needed?

Or because she gives the kindest smiles even when we are an emotional wreck? Or because she understands the deep emotions that you cannot communicate?

The list goes on and on. You know your grandma better than we do. And even though the bond may run deep than we think, it is about time you answered this question: why is your grandma special to you?

Final Words

Grandmas are the blessings that we never knew we had. Appreciating them is the least you can do to show how much you love them.

And if you are a grandma, you can show yourself some love today! Break free from the stereotypical constraints surrounding you.

Age is a number that should never stop you from taking action. It is world gorgeous grandma day; stay stunning and young.