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Office Stuff That Double As Home Furniture

26 April 2021

Most of us associate office furniture as boring and drab. Which is why some people tend to use their home furniture that are seriously stylish yet offer nothing more than the aesthetics and usability.

However due to popular demand, most companies are giving new life to their line-up of office furniture that can easily fit in your home for the most cohesive look. But you do not need to look at the offerings of others because with FlexiSpot's wide array of choices from the standing desk to a power strip, we guarantee that you will have the best quality with the most perfect designs.

Read on over to find out what makes FlexiSpot the best choice for your home and office needs.

Standing Ovation

With the Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) by FlexiSpot, you are guaranteed to have the best standing desk experience whilst also maintaining a great home ambiance.

This easy-to-assemble ergonomic standing desk features a solid wood desktop that is eco-friendly and has a sleek, classic look that will go with any decor inside your house or the office. Aside from that, the stable desk frame with advanced function is made with a highly resistant high-grade steel that can withstand any stain and scratches. Wobbly desks problems are also eliminated because at the highest adjustment point, this desk would still stand while the powerful motor ensures smooth height transitions all day long.

Speaking of transitions, the  Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) can also be outfitted with the right keypad for your needs. The choices are the basic and the advanced all-in-one keypad but we would highly suggest the latter since it comes with three programmable presets so you can easily save your favorite height that can accommodate seated, standing, and even under-desk cycling heights.

For those who love a beautiful design whilst still being eco-friendly, the Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) comes with two desktop options. For the eco-friendly choice, the rubberwood desktop is sourced for responsibly harvested rubber trees that are way past their production cycle. The solid wood veneer on the other hand has a texture and effect that can be likened with a traditional solid wood but is a more economical approach. This solid choice is also much easier to maintain and care for than the rubberwood desktop. Nonetheless, both are still great choices no matter which one you pick.

The Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk (Eco & Pro) is the perfect blend of functionality and elegance that will be a great conversation starter for your home needs.

Accentuate It

For the people who love to witness both function and beauty at the same time, FlexiSpot offers two of the best accent chairs in the roster. For art lovers, the Scalloped accent chair 1049 will surely tickle your fancy. It is a stylish addition to any space with its scalloped seashell edges and vertical channel tufting that just screams divine elegance. To take it a notch further, the Scalloped accent chair 1049 is furnished with a soft and beautiful stain-resistant velvet. In addition to its beauty, your comfort is also guaranteed thanks to the densely padded round seat that has a spring coil system for premium comfort and style. The three colorways to choose from are the graceful pink, serene blue, and moonlight grey which all evoke beauty and grace ala The Birth Of Venus by Botticelli. 

The ones with a more modern but groovy house interior would love the Modern Velvet Accent Chair Claudia.  For full comfort, it has an extra wide bench and a comfortable, fluffy cushion for the back and seat. This is the guest chair that will both leave you and your guests speechless. Not only is this one-of-a-kind modern accent chair ideal for the living room, but it can also be used elsewhere in the building! This velvet upholstered chair can also easily fit in the dining room, bedroom, reading corner, and several other places. Also built with golden metal legs for a long-lasting, high-strength look and an incredibly simple installation the chair and frame can and will support up to 245 pounds.

Storage Is All The Rage

The modern industrialist design is still one of the most favored house styles around the world. And it is easy to see why. A neutral color palette is used to make the subtly stark hues stand out even more. Furniture is preferred to have the hardware feel with a touch of understated elegance.

With those in mind, the Metal Storage Cabinet 004&002 the perfect match if you are after furniture with a hardware feel and something that can be mixed and matched around. You do not need to worry about only being able to put files because with a little bit of care, the Metal Storage Cabinet 004&002 can have just about anything inside. What is more is that it can fit over 40-kilograms which make it really ideal for storage.

Save Your Shelves

Fancy a more airy and cozy feel for your home? Then the Floating Shelves WSF1 is perfect for you. A package of three floating shelves is included. Each of these shelves has two hooks, making it easier to organize. The floating shelves are also simple to install and robust enough to accommodate a variety of household objects, so they can be installed anywhere in your home. They are available in maple and mahogany, both of which are visually appealing. You can also mount two fixed hooks to the floating shelves to further arrange your green plants and other everyday necessities.

These floating shelves are the excellent and elegant way to increase storage in any home. These are also excellent gift ideas for family and friends because they are both practical and elegantly built.

Final thought

Having a home not is just not enough. For others, the idea of creating the perfect living space all boils down to the furniture that they decide to fashion their surroundings. But at FlexiSpot, we offer not just beautifying but also solutions to your workspace and even home woes with our wide array of furniture that can either go from professional to homey.