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President's Day Event Warm-up| Enjoy The Flash Sale on Flexispot Standing Desks

13 February 2023

If you've made the choice to buy a standing desk, why not go for the best in the game? We're talking about Flexispot's Pro Plus Standing Desk E7. This is the Swiss army knife of electric height adjustable standing desks–it does everything, and it does it right!

Following the pandemic, the number of people working from home in the US tripled, creating the need for better and more ergonomic furniture for home offices. Numerous reviewers have featured the Pro Plus Standing Desk E7 from Flexispot as the best standing desk for office or work-from-home setups.

We're here to give you the tea on why you need to buy the Pro Plus Standing Desk from Flexispot and what accessories to pair it with for an elevated work experience. Best of all, we'll tell you how to get it at a massive bargain on President's Day and in the Flash Sales featured as part of the warm-up event.

The Pro Plus Standing Desk E7

When choosing a height-adjustable standing desk, there are many factors one might want to consider. After all, it is quite a significant purchase, and the majority of people rarely change up their furniture within a decade or two of purchase.

So, what are the most important factors to bear in mind as you shop around for a standing desk?

● Build Quality

● Compatibility with workspace

● Compatibility with the user

● Holding capacity

● Mode of operation

● Reliability

● Aesthetics

● Accessories

● Cost

We'll do a quick highlight of how the Pro Plus Standing Desk E7 meets each of the above requirements.

Build Quality

The Pro Plus E7 has the most stable and durable build design. This is evident in the thicker leg columns, which are the first indicators that the Pro Plus is not your average standing desk. Further down, the base features automotive-material grade solid carbon steel that's near indestructible.

The desk's frame is brought together through industry-leading laser welding technology that not only gives your desk a sleek appearance but also ensures that it is durable enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use. And in addition, you get to customize the desktop by choosing between three premium choices for desktop material: 100% natural bamboo, solid wood, or E0-graded chipboard.

Compatibility With Work Space

Your Pro Plus E7 is compatible with most workspaces thanks to its adjustable frame width. Whether your space accommodates a large surface top or only a smaller desk, the E7's frame adjusts between 43.4" to 74.8", allowing a desk board size of anywhere between 47.2" to 80". This additionally means that if your living situation changed, you'd only need to change the desktop.

Flexispot also offers two varieties of desk leg styles. A C-shape for you if you need extra under-desk space for cabinets, PCs, or drawers. Alternatively, you can get the T-shape that takes a centered design and is better for stability. For anyone looking for an L-shaped standing desk or a corner standing desk, Flexispot offers a variety of other options that will definitely suit your needs.

Compatibility With Users

The Pro Plus E7 sit-stand desk is great for the whole family, even for kids standing desks. The rising desk has a height range of 22.8" and 48.4". Therefore, if youre anywhere between 4'2" and 6'4", you can comfortably use the desk seated or standing. Pair it with an ergonomic chair to reap maximum benefits.

Holding Capacity

It is important to know that your desk will hold not just your monitor but any accessories that you might need to pile on. With a weight capacity of 355 lbs, the Pro Plus E7 stand-up desk can handle a massive load. And the best part is that it remains sturdy at the highest height and stable at every angle, as long as you keep the weight load within the recommended max.

Mode of Operation

The E7 is an automatic standing desk, meaning you don't have to manually crank a shaft to get it to your preferred height. Use the electronic keypad to raise or lower the desk and even save your preferred height settings.

The use of dual motors ensures that the desk has better stability when raised and lowered. While on the other hand, Flexispot calibrated the most ideal column gap (0.05 mm) to ensure the smoothest movement of column stages during operation.

The motors are whispered quietly, so you will not disrupt anyone when changing your desk height. And should you have a child, pet, or obstacle that doesn't realize that the desk is in movement, there are crash-prevention sensors that motion the desk to stop when they detect an object in its path.


What makes the E7 a reliable adjustable height desk is its pristine build and superior performance. Flexispot's golden goose, the E7, comes with a 15-year warranty just to show you how ruggedly dependable the sit-stand desk really is. What's more, the desk passes 20 thousand motion tests in a controlled lab setup to ensure that it functions as it should by the time it gets to your space.

The desk is even better with built-in features like USB charging ports, programmable height presets, and child lock mechanisms that make using the electric standing desk more seamless and hassle-free.


The E7 cuts no corners when it comes to elevating your office decor. From the holeless leg design to the high temperature resistant, anti-wear coating that gives the desk outstanding color consistency to the customizable desktop material with your preferred color choice–your end product is a guaranteed stunner.

The bow on top is the embedded cable management tray that neatly conceals all your wiring for a clutter-free stance.


Flexispot ensures there are no limits to the possibilities of what you can do in terms of standing desk accessories. We recommend adding casters, a standing desk mat, and a powerstrip at checkout. You can also match your desktop material with other accessories, e.g., pair your bamboo desktop with bamboo drawers.

Another great standing desk attachment would be the under-desk hammock that allows you to siesta during your breaks. Alternatively, install workout equipment like the standing desk bike chair.

Accessories set your sit-stand desk far apart from even the best standing desk converter or any DIY standing desk you might drum up. See more on our accessories page.


Finally, we have cost. This Flexispot standing desk retails at $529. However, we're committed to making our high-quality products accessible to you at a price that meets your budget. In light of that, we're ecstatic to announce that we have a huge sale coming up for President's Day–and before the main event, we'll have a warm-up sale, where you can get the E7 for over 15% off.

The details:

President's Day Discounts

In honor of President's Day, Flexispot will be running a sale from the 20th to the 26th of February. We will have loads of discounts lined up for you, so mark your calendars.

Before D-Day, we'll have a warm-up sale on February 16th, where certain products will go on sale. If you have been eyeing the E7, or we've just sold it to you in this article, get ready since the price for the E7 Standing Desk will drop from $529 to $449.99. That's a whole $80 off the normal price! If you had the budget for it, you can then take advantage by sneaking as many accessories into your cart for the best standing desk experience.

And as you warm up for our President's Day sale, we want to get you excited about some additional savings you could make. We're calling it the Buy More, Save More campaign.

Spend $600 and get $50 off, spend $900 and get $90 off, spend $1200 and get $120 off, and finally, spend $1500 and get a whole $150 off.


The E7 is an excellent standing desk for home office use or shared office spaces. It has all the hallmarks of a durable and well-executed piece of office furniture. It is ergonomically designed and with the right accessories is unbeaten in its efficiency.

You can also check out our cheaper, hot-ticket, alternative standing desk, the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk–a bamboo desk made from sustainably sourced and sustainably used bamboo. For every purchase of this desk, we donate to the One Tree Planted Organization

Other products to look out for in the sale include our electric bed frame, our ergonomic chairs, the standing desk treadmill, the electric bike work chair, and the stand-up desk converter, among many others.

So, save the dates, add as many items to your wishlist, and prepare your coins for the savings of a lifetime.