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Revamping Your Office: Flexispot’s Magic Touch

12 August 2021

“Health is wealth."

Living healthy is a decision that we must consciously take. Whether we decide to diet and eat only healthy food or actively work out to achieve the “summer body,” we can’t ignore our health. 

However, many don’t understand that our work ethics affects our health more than we expect; healthy work-life starts with your workspace. 

The truth is, you can’t ignore your workspace healthiness and stay productive. These two are like cause and effect; one affects the other. 

Unfortunately, we often allow work to take over our focus while struggling to keep up with bad working conditions. 

The consistency in work ethics is understandable.

We all feel the need to provide ourselves with a better lifestyle-- if you are a parent, your kid's interest is the primary drive. But wait up, take a moment to answer this question. 

Would all these matter if you end up with a disease that renders you immobile?

We all know the answer to that. 

According to ILO, 160 million people struggle with work-related illnesses yearly. We bet that got your attention. With such statistics, it’s about time you stopped downgrading your work health. Embrace a healthy work-life like you would warm up to a long-lost friend. 

Are you wondering how to improve your workspace?

Not to worry, Flexispot is here to help you out with that. Flexispot has been at the forefront of work-life health for years, seeking to find lasting solutions to workplace-related problems. 

Before we delve into some of these life-changing solutions, let’s find out why a healthy workspace is important-- besides boycotting illnesses. 

Confident multiethnic business people

The importance of a healthy workspace

Numerous people spend a substantial part of their lives at work. This is a primary reason to make your office as healthy as possible. However, the effect of a bad workspace is more far-reaching than people understand.

An unhealthy workspace can range from settling for a bad office chair or desk station to donning your office walls with a distasteful color mix. So, what do you stand to gain from a healthy workspace? 

Increased Productivity

All business owners or employees have one major desire: to be productive. Your productivity at work is like a scale that weighs your efficiency. Now, don’t get this twisted; business isn’t productivity.

Sincerely, you can spend days on a task without working with optimum productivity. It hurts when you invest efforts and time only to struggle with a low output. If this happens to you frequently, you need to take a step back and reanalyze the situation.

Often, this situation is due to poor working conditions. Under terrible work conditions, your creativity tends to be impaired. 

However, you can resolve this by revamping your home office or co-working space. 


This is related to productivity; when you focus, you get productive. But you can’t expect focus if you’ve developed pesky low back or neck pain. Or keep enduring an uncomfortable sitting experience.

It would help if you had all the focus you can get while working; sadly, a bad work environment only drains your focus. 

Reduced Health Costs 

Yearly, workers spend millions trying to manage work-related diseases. You can keep your health costs low with a healthy lifestyle. 

You can also avoid dangerous conditions like ergonomic injuries and similar avoidable hazards. So, in the long run, investing in a healthy workspace saves you a lot of money.  

Spotlight on Flexispot

Flexispot is one of the leading manufacturers that seek to provide customers with refined ergonomics without barriers. We are committed to the healthy workspace cause. 

This company stands for support and love unapologetically. We seek to promote self-love by ensuring we support you with good ergonomics while you, in turn, support your family in love.

In pursuing this noble mission, we passionately convert a passive conventional workspace into an active workspace that supports productivity and wellbeing.

Flexispot’s corporate headquarter is in Livermore, California. We have 13 warehouses in different parts of the world including the first two warehouses located in Tennessee and California. Similarly, we have offices in several countries. 

The burning need to develop something that promotes an active workspace drives our development of unique workstations. Regardless of your taste, there’s something that would tend to your condition and suit your taste.

Interestingly, studying the trends of customer response to Flexispot reveals that we’ve got a track record of utmost satisfaction. And considering their extensive lineups of ergonomic workstations, it’s possible to get stuck finding what you need. 

In such cases, the famous “Flexi-support” are flexible enough to see that they meet your queries with prompt answers.

Every day is an opportunity to connect people to their dream workspace. An admirable feature about Flexispot is that we passionately seek the interest of everyone at large. Making an extremely affordable workstation is an indication that we cater to all budget ranges. 

There’s always something for everyone. This recalls our mission which is to strike out a work-life balance with the best innovations and ergonomic solutions we can produce. 

Flexispot is deliberate about building ergonomic workstations that are unique and stand out from competitors. This is a deliberate action that aims to develop a personal connection with customers. 

We attempt to communicate our dedication to seeking solutions to your workspace problems in the best way.

Hence, every workstation Flexispot produces has an innovative story. Plus, you’d notice the immediate solutions our workstations provide for unhealthy spine issues, low back pains, neck pain, shoulder pains, and discomforts generally.


Can you trust Flexispot with your workspace health?

The short answer to this question is: Yes. 

In all our 20 years of existence, one main drive has been the desire to provide active ergonomic workstations. To achieve this, Flexispot meticulously engineers all products with the best quality materials. 

And make your products that double your productivity level, boost performance, and good health.

Moreover, all our products go through the most stringent tests that you can imagine. For instance, they engage tests like Fatigue tests, temperature tests, pressure tests, and vibration tests. All these tests determine whether we would put the product out or not. 

However, please don't take our word for it. But we have several positive feedbacks from our clientele daily? This feedbacks cut across individuals to huge corporations. Based on the compilation of these feedbacks, we accumulated 4.8 overall ratings. 

Feedback for customers

Here are some of our famous customer’s feedback.

With the whole family transitioning to schooling and working from home, the Flexispot office desk has been a perfect solution. It has a space for a laptop or monitor and keyboard. The keyboard tray is removable so the kids can turn it into a study desk when needed -- Kelly P.

This workstation is terrific, and I got the exact product I wanted. The set-up process is hassle-free and short. You only need to unpack and start using it. You can set any height convenient for you with the handle, and it doesn't take too much time.

The desktop converter is easy to clean and accommodates my monitor. The keyboard and mouse also sit comfortably on the converter-- Elina.

There are so many similar feedbacks from satisfied customers. Hence, you can trust Flexispot to provide the exact product you had in mind. 

The production phase isn’t a walk in the park, but our innovative R&D engineers are a necessary part of the creation story. And, of course, and essential contributors to our clientele’s satisfaction.

Modus Operandi for Flexispot

We redefine love, care, and healthy living every chance we get. And this includes how we manage our sales and shipping. 

Flexispot has a working website for purchase. This website has an encrypted connection that protects sensitive data like your home address, name, credit card details, etc., that you input on the website.

If you look through our website, you will notice Entrust and Sitelock’s seals of approval. These seals signify that they have both verified our website and it’s safe for any transaction.

Furthermore, we strive to portray excellence in all we do, including handling customer's orders. 

So, as soon as you navigate our user-friendly website to find what you love, click on the product to make a purchase.

When you order a product and include your address and every other information, Flexispot will ship the order within two business days if the address is within California or Tennessee. 

Shipping to an address outside California and Tennessee will take 2-5 business days. But these time frames only apply to products that are in stock.

Furthermore, Flexispot has a strict 30-day risk-free policy. Thus, you can refund any product if it falls below your expectation. 

We will inspect the goods properly before refund to ensure it's "like new." But if it isn’t, restocking charges may apply.

Can Flexispot help improve my productivity at work? 

 Diverse factors affect work productivity. However, a poor working environment is one of the main reasons. Since Flexispot makes workstations that provide solutions to ergonomic problems and unhealthy workspace, it’ fair to conclude Flexispot improves productivity.

Besides, there are feedbacks from customers that suggests Flexispot’s product has improved their productivity.

To answer the query of whether we can improve your productivity, yes, in many ways. The obvious way is via our excellently manufactured products, and the other is through our highly interactive blog.

Our blog offers steady ergonomic advice to prevent avoidable ergonomic mistakes. 

Furthermore, we offer companies the opportunity to partner with us to provide the best ergonomic workstations to their offices. 

Must have workstations

Sifting through our extensive list of products may be overwhelming. Although we have tried to classify each product on our website, we still believe you need to understand the essentiality of each workstation. 

Are you having issues figuring out how to assemble a healthy office? Then you will find this helpful. Some workstations should be part of your daily life. Thus we've made a shortlist of workstations that are must-haves for a healthy office.

Kana Bamboo standing desk

Standing Desk

Why do you need a standing desk? Because it’s healthy. People don’t understand how dangerous sitting for prolonged hours is. 

It causes multiple death every year, not to mention how many diseases it fosters. This is why we have invested so much into creating various standing desks depending on people’s needs. 

You can access an impressive adjustability feature and a smooth transition from sitting to standing. The best part is that you don't need to stop working. 

The process can be as fluid as you want it to be. One of our best sellers, the Kana Bamboo standing desk, has all these features, and to top it all, it’s eco-friendly. 

Soutien Ergonomic chair

Ergonomic Chairs

We agree that sitting for prolong hours affects your health negatively. But you can’t spend all day standing. And if you must sit, you must have an ergonomic chair that offers lumbar support.

We have several ergonomic chairs that can give your spine the best health possible. An example is the Soutien Ergonomic chair with a 3D lumbar support, extensive adjustability settings, and other ergonomic features.

Under Desk Drawer S01

Storage cabinets

Having a cabinet helps you keep your desk tidy always. You may feel this isn’t essential, but a cluttered desk affects your productivity gradually. Plus, it's unfair to your brain if you have to search for all your office equipment throughout a workday.

Keep your files, documents, and office equipment organized always. 

Cable organizers

Cables flying around always give your desk an untidy appearance. A productive space is void of any form of untidiness or clutter. Cable trays and organizers keep your cables tidy and hidden.

Tying the knot: why should you buy from Flexispot?

From desk bikes to standing desks to ergonomic chairs, we have a wide range of workstations. The important question is: what is your workspace lacking? 

Trust Flexispot to bring it to deliver the perfect workstation whenever you order.