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Techniques for Managing Your Professional Life in Turbulent Times

29 June 2021

One of the many things that this global pandemic has taught us is that everything in our lives is fleeting and indeed temporary. We have all seen life flash before our eyes and the same thing can be said about some professionals who are suddenly out of jobs.

With that being included in our daily thoughts, we just cannot help but also wonder how our fates and futures will be. It is tough not to be concerned about how to handle your career in these unpredictable times. 

Fears about how well you can execute the work and if you will be able to get it or stay in it for a few more months will be difficult to overcome.

The good news is that, while some external factors have a significant influence on what ultimately occurs, you also have some control over it. You must not only maintain a high grade of work, but you must also be able to adapt and broaden your abilities and horizons as the situation requires.

Here is a plethora of valuable information that will go a fair distance toward assisting you in keeping your wits about you and navigating uncharted territory. 

No matter what your professional standing is, you can utilize this article for additional tips. The strategies will mostly be categorized based on professional stages, making it easier to locate what pertains to you.

Starting a Career as a Fresh Graduate

As a recent graduate, you are hoping to build a name for yourself in one of two ways. You likely have a career path in mind, and it is based on the degree program you completed. 

First and foremost, you most likely want to become a part of that sector. Additionally, you will need to establish yourself as a valuable addition in the workplace.

Exhaust All Possibilities and Do Not Be Too Picky

Only a few recent college grads have the option of choosing their first job. Most people must "pay their dues" before their talents and other positive characteristics are recognized. 

Some of the best chemists started as lab assistants. There are IT managers who began their careers as interns who were responsible for grabbing someone else's coffee. You must realize that this is not the time in your life to be overly fussy.

It is easy to feel that some things are beneath you since you have a university education and an abundance of knowledge. This is, however, the moment to work on breaking free from that perspective. You will not be doing the more mundane duties indefinitely. Always remember that nothing is set in stone. Consider it an opportunity to learn how the spokes contribute to the overall rotation of the wheel.

Being a Junior Employee

You undoubtedly feel like the most expendable member of the team as a junior employee. Managing your career can be frightening during uncertain times since you cannot shake the notion that you will be the first to go if the company begins to eliminate workers.

In reality, you are not always correct. Staff employees with more training and experience are usually safer than those with less. On the other hand, the organization would be unable to function without a perfect blend of all three. 

So, what can you do to keep your employment while also ensuring that you are contributing meaningfully?

Collaborating and Safeguarding Team Relationships

Corporations can respond positively if you demonstrate that you are a true team player. For this method to work, everyone must have this impression, and this should ideally be something you adopt as a personality attribute.

The actions you must take are also straightforward. Keep an eye on anyone who appears to be having a poor day. Even if the task at hand is not your job, provide your assistance where you can. Make it clear to your teammates that they can rely on you.

Whatever method you use, once individuals are aware of your presence and knowledge of the team, everything should flow well for you.

Changing Careers for Senior Employees

As a senior employee, you have a strong grasp of the company's operations. When you begin to focus on your career amid difficult times, though, you may get concerned about where you stand with the firm and what you can do to avoid being asked to leave.

Even if you are concerned about the condition of your career, senior staff members generally believe they are safe. Remind yourself that no matter how long you have worked for the organization, there is still a chance you will get fired.

Taking this method motivates you to rediscover the appetite you had when you first joined the ship. Begin to rekindle that enthusiasm by making suggestions, being proactive, and demonstrating your leadership talents.

Have Room for Improvement and Growth Opportunities

This is especially significant for individuals who have not noticed any changes in a long time. You must demonstrate that you can adapt to the times, regardless of how long you have been doing it. 

During uncertain times, it is also necessary to redefine your career. Take training courses, earn further credentials, and do not be hesitant to take on new challenges.

Freelancers Have Woes Too

The situation of a freelancer is quite different from the previous three cases, though there are some parallels. A freelancer does not have all of the same concerns as a full-time employee, but they do have their own. A contract between a client and a freelancer, for example, can normally be canceled without warning at any moment.

Furthermore, freelancers are rarely in the same physical place as the people they work with. Almost all of them work from home and are not in the workplace. Some freelancers are not even aware of their bosses' appearance. 

So, as a freelancer, what can you do to guarantee that your income stream is not disrupted during this uncertain period?

Establishing Relationships is Your Best Asset

The most important thing is to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your existing income stream going. Long-term employers who have been good to you should never be prioritized over new prospects. 

Regularly communicate, go above and above to fulfill the set goals, take initiative in your work, seek feedback, and make sure the client knows how appreciative you are for the opportunity.

If you cannot take on extra work in your current employment, do not attempt this stage. As previously said, it is critical to retain current ties. Those are clients who believe in you, which implies you are more likely to acquire employment in the future.

When you find that you have extra time and availability, you should make use of it. Having many money streams is advantageous and doing so provides you some peace of mind during unpredictable times.

Be Ready to Face Anything

This is one that a lot of people overlook. You must recognize that, while doing everything you can to keep your job during difficult times will almost certainly increase your chances of keeping it, the converse is also true.

Not only do you need to realize that this is not the end of the road, but you also need to have a strategy in place to assist you to cope if you lose your job unexpectedly. 

The fact that you have obligations that must be met does not change because you are transitioning from one job to the next. Make a strategy and a budget so you will not be completely adrift if the worst happens.

Do Not Be Afraid to Consider Comfort

It is a known saying that we should learn to step out of our comfort zones every once in a while but in this regard, we are talking about your benefit.

People function far better when they are at ease, according to studies. Physical discomfort, for example, can have a significant negative impact on productivity. So, if you want to do your work tasks as well as possible, you must recognize that your comfort plays a significant role in your capacity to do so.

Creating an ergonomic workspace wherever you are is one of the finest strategies to assure your comfort. Much of what you need is given while you are in a regular office environment, so you do not have to worry about it.

Since Working from Home is Here to Stay, Check If You Have a Good Setup

However, what about your remote work location? Some of the items could go a long way in immediately making you more comfortable. 

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