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5 Advantages of Using Bamboo

13 October 2021

You might have heard of alternative energy sources these days. In many countries, people turn to natural energy sources like solar energy, water energy, and the like in creating facilities that can supply electricity to communities. These programs pave the way to conserve energy and avoid the depletion of finite sources. 

These days, manufacturers use new resources to create the pieces of office furniture that can deliver the best ergonomic solutions, just like what FlexiSpot makes. Indeed, it's the most-trusted provider of the outstanding Kana Bamboo Standing Desks, Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk, and Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desks. These are the standing desks, sit-stand desks, and stand-up desks from the bamboo and high-grade woods that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly. 


The Great Step in Becoming an Eco-Friendly Company

FlexiSpot is a company that cares for the environment, and it's one of the proponents of using sustainable resources in creating superb ergonomic products. They adhere to the international environmental standards that aim to promulgate enactment to protect and advocate the importance of reforestation. 

FlexiSpot stands by its corporate and social responsibilities. As they continue soaring heights in creating the most innovative ergo products like the Deskcise V9 Pro or Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair, they do not neglect their responsibilities in promoting the manufacturing of ergonomic pieces in an environment-friendly way. 

Hence, they create their standing desks using bamboo materials. Indeed, these are some of the most renewable materials, and creating products using these resources can help restore the ecosystem and save the forests. 


Partnership with Non-Profit Organizations

FlexiSpot is not alone in bringing back the balance in nature. They ventured into helping non-profit organizations such as the OneTreePlanted last August this year. 

Eventually, the partnership paved the way for the company to plant 500 trees. What's impressive is it's just the start of the advocacy. FlexiSpot dedicates the company to bring back life in nature. And you can take part in this life-changing advocacy. It's because when you purchase bamboo products such as the L-Shaped Standing Desk E4L and AlcoveRiser Bamboo Standing Desk Converters 28"/35", the company will be able to plant a tree. In return, you will receive a certification showing that you participated in this program. So, every dollar you will spend on the bamboo desks is worth it because you will participate in a monumental program. 

Moreover, this act proves that FlexiSpot is a company that cares beyond the number of sales. They inspire us to uphold the responsibility to take care of the environment because there's only one green planet that needs our compassion and consideration. It has become damaged for many decades now, and it's time for us to step ahead of the race because it might be too late for us all. So, participating in such a movement can help us save nature. 

Advantages of Seeking Sustainable Resources

FlexiSpot continuously creates the most innovative standing desks that are from the most sustainable bamboo materials. These resources have superb qualities. Hence, when you purchase bamboo desktops or desk products from bamboo materials, you see how sturdy these products are. These materials could withstand fires and absorb the pollutants in the air, and they could give out oxygen that you need. Aside from these beautiful qualities of the bamboo desktop, there are other advantages of using sustainable resources. 

Advantages of Bamboo

The Advantages of Bamboo

Indeed, bamboo is a very renewable material a builder could have. When utilizing bamboo as a building material, you can save more than 50% of the costs. Aside from that, you can ensure that bamboo doesn't easily break. Here are some other reasons to choose bamboo: 

a. Using Bamboo Can Reduce Deforestation

Bamboo can mature rapidly, and in as little as seven years, bamboo forests can thrive. Hence, there is zero chance of deforestation with bamboo; that's why it's ideal to use it as a material; when you use bamboo, it will only take a few years to replace it. 

b. Bamboo is Resilient and Can Grow in Different Climates

Often, people think that bamboo can only grow in hot tropical countries, but the fact is that bamboo can survive even in cold places. So, you may ensure that even if they use these materials to create a product, there will be more places to plant and grow these plants to survive and thrive. 

c. Bamboo is Environmentally-Friendly

Utilizing bamboo as materials is both healthy for the environment and the people. It's because bamboo can produce as much as 35% oxygen. Hence, if you're going to purchase the desk products of FlexiSpot, you can ensure that there will be an abundant supply of oxygen in your area. Moreover, you can ensure that your bamboo freshens the air well. 

d. Bamboo is a Carbon Dioxide Absorber

Bamboo can help slow down global warming because a hectare of these plants can absorb as much as 26,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year. The fact that it grows back so quickly means that you won't leave the Earth with a big gap in carbon dioxide absorption.

e. Using Bamboo Makes Your Carbon Footprint Smaller

Bamboo has the lowest impact in terms of carbon footprint. When manufacturers use these materials, there is an assurance that new shoots will grow to replace these plants. So, as they create furniture pieces using these materials, they can ensure that pollutants will be under control. Hence, it's great to use these materials to create bestselling furniture pieces and other significant innovations. 

Final Thoughts

Resorting to alternative materials is a wise move to decrease the carbon emission that worsens global warming. The battle against this environmental problem might be tedious, but we can still save the environment with utmost dedication. Global warming is detrimental and is already severe, but if we focus on the goal and find solutions, there will come a time that this planet will be back in good condition again.