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The Best 3-Stage Standing Desk to Buy (2021)

06 December 2021

The new rush for healthier workstations stems from the awareness of dangers prolonged sitting causes. With WFH’s popularity, workers need standing desks to create a healthy home office. You can convert your regular desk to a standing desk if you buy a standing desk converter.

But a better option is 3-stage standing desks. If you are conversant with workplace trends, then we’re sure you know this desk is popular.

Besides the public health benefits of standing desks, the 3-stage standing desk offers more stability than its counterparts. That explains why it’s all the rage.

Now that we've established the cruciality of the 3 stage standing desk, let’s examine the best options on the market. We’ve curated the quintessential 3 stage desks from FlexiSpot.

The Perfect Height of an Electric Standing Desk

The Perfect Height of an Electric Standing Desk

3-stage standing desks are different from the 2 stage legs because of one prime feature. The 2-stage standing desk has two compartments in the telescopic section, while the 3-stage desk has three sections. Consequently, the legs in a 3 stage standing desk over-laps better than a 2-leg.

This enhances the stability of the desk. Due to this, 3 stage standing desks are the best choice for your home office. Especially if you have your work requires ultimate desk stability.

What is the perfect height for an Electric Standing desk?

Before buying a standing desk, height is a pivotal factor. Every exquisite standing desk should be at elbow level. To determine this height, measure the space between your elbow, at 90 degrees, and the ground. With this measurement, you can decide on the best standing desk height suitable for you.

A standing desk is suitable for users who are 5’11/6ft. The above measurement guideline is a suggestion to help increase the height depending on your preference.

That trick would earn you an accurate estimate offers you maximum comfort. Standing desks don’t have a specific height. Their heights and sizes vary from type to type. But most standing desks range from 40 to 55 inches in height.

The standard height of a standing desk isn’t rigid. People have different sizes and heights, so your sitting and standing height depends on those two factors. To discover if your standing desk height is perfect for you, consider these:

Stand tall and make your shoulders straight. To determine if your back is straight enough, check if it’s parallel to the ceiling.
Your head should point upward.
Put your arms by your side and bend your elbows to angle 90 degrees.
Your fingers should be on your keypads as you adjust the height.
Adjust your monitor height such that you can see the screen.

Deriving the maximum benefits from a standing desk depends on the setup. The monitor height, keyboard, and mouse placement are accompanying factors to consider. Consider these tips while setting up your sit-stand desk.

Now, let’s delve into the best 3 stage standing desks.

The Best 3 Stage Standing Desks

FlexiSpot’s creativity bank is irrepressible. The numerous peculiar designs crafted by the engineers are proof. According to our market survey, the following top standing desks made a splash in the ergonomic market.

Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk

Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk

Experience the splendor of nature with this all-inclusive sit-stand office desk. Being one of FlexiSpot’s paradigm for an eco-friendly workstation, Kana Pro Bamboo standing desk displays the richness of bamboo. You can almost feel the thoughtfulness put into its making when you see it!

Undoubtedly, the appearance is impressive-- but that barely scratches the surface of its features. If you have a knack for strong furniture, this is a must-have! Don’t get us started with the tensile strength in the bamboo, which the furniture automatically adopts.

The unmatched strength also doubles as a stabilizer when the height changes. It doesn’t even wobble in transition or at the highest height like other standing desks.

It also boasts of a powerful motor for an enhanced loading capacity.

Besides these stellar features, flexibility is the icing on the cake. You may customize the Kana standing desk by selecting a frame feature you find desirable. Think of it as a way of recreating your standing desk!

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk

Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk

Hello, healthy living! That’s a catchphrase that describes the Seiffen Laminated Standing Desk. There’s no way you’d struggle with spine issues. Carefully built to offer impeccable quality, this furniture leaves nothing to your imagination.

Let’s start with the variety of colors. Maple, Mahogany, Special Walnut, etc. these are a few of the elegant color choices available for the Seiffen desktop. So, you can match your desk with your home office-- or not. But it does feel good to have the option!

Thanks to the numerous test it was subjected to, we’re positive the desk is durable. The simple keypad features also add to the glamour. You can switch to different suitable heights swiftly. Besides, you get to pick a suitable frame for yourself.

You’d sure get value for money with Seiffen! But it’s not the only desk with great features.

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series

One look at Adjustable Standing Desk Pro Series, and you can tell it has a tougher edge to it. Well, that’s right; it is for hardcore players.

And, of course, the features are as hardcore as they get! The motor is unlikely to fail you even at the maximum weight capacity. The lifting speed wouldn’t falter under any circumstance. Not even when lifting 274 LBS weight (Note that this weight applies to EC4).

The stability is applaudable, as expected. The operation is steady, quiet, and quick.

Taking it a notch higher, FlexiSpot equipped this desk with an exquisite control panel. Consisting of a keypad that allows for three heights preset and programmable sit or stands reminders. Hence, sharing this desk with family and friends attracts zero hassle.

The desktop options range from bamboo and solid wood to laminated. Regardless of your choice, the tabletop has a carbonized technology coating for preservation. And they are highly adjustable to accommodate varying height ranges.

For such a strong desk, it has a brief assembling time. In about 15 minutes, you’d have a new versatile standing desk sitting pretty in your workspace.

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

As the name suggests, Comhar All-in-one is a standing desk with an all-encompassing feature list. It’s an office stand desk that can tend to multiple users. The four programmable height presets to ensure that.

Control has never been easier! All you need is one tap, and you are out of the chair and burning some calories on your feet. It features a wide adjustability range. This rangy height option makes it suitable for a whole family-- even kids!

Who says you can’t have it all?

This desk proves otherwise! Comhar all-in-one is portable to fit into enclosed spaces yet spacious to accommodate your accessories. With features like superior safety and the elegance it offers, it sure is impressive.

So, work in grand style with Comhar all-in-one, one of the best desks.

Oh, and don’t worry about your cute pet or kids distorting the settings via its control panel. So long you put the safety lock button to maximum use. In addition, the anti-collision feature also works as a shield to prevent the desk from running into obstruction while in motion.

FlexiSpot sure put in a variety of thoughtful features into this desk. It’s no wonder that customers can’t seem to get over it!

Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk

Willow Solid Wood Standing Desk

The willow solid wood standing desk lacks nothing in terms of appearance. It has a rich, sleek, and appealing design, sure to fit any workspace décor. This furniture would equip your office with adequate features to exterminate a sedentary lifestyle.

It’s sturdy and firm for lifting your monitor and other accessories during work. Being environmentally friendly is an added advantage- especially for avid environmentalists. Willow is perfect if you are keen on buying a standing desk with high-quality and solid natural materials.

Fluid adjustment movement and smart keypad control make sit/stand motion stress-free. With Willow standing desk, working is a breeze.

Esben Standing Desk UD4

Esben Standing Desk UD4

This sit/stand desk might be the final piece of the jigsaw for your home office. Its exquisite and minimalist aesthetics is a masterpiece. With minimum distractions on the Esben standing desk, you can focus on work with ease.

It’s comfortable with a compartment to aid storage and declutter your space. Moreover, the flexibility and portability make it a practical desk choice for mini offices. Esben is like the new cool kid on the block; its design is simple but elegantly noticeable.

This adjustable standing desk is the cream of the crop for staunch minimalism fans.

Do I Need A Standing Desk


Do I Need A Standing Desk?

Yes, you do.

There’s hardly any task you can accomplish without your desk. Now that work from home is a new culture, your desk is vital for your everyday life. While this is beneficial in many ways, the downside is massive.

You risk slipping into a sedentary lifestyle that keeps your back rigid for prolonged hours. This posture may spawn health conditions like Piriformis Syndrome or Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction.

Practicing a 1:1 or 1:2 sitting band standing balance promotes healthiness and prevents injury. That’s why you need a standing desk to switch between standing and sitting healthily.

What is 3 stage standing desk

3-stage height adjustable standing desks are desks made from three different expanding and collapsing pieces. Due to this feature, 3 stage sit/stand desks have a wider range of height adjustment than 2 stage desks’ limited adjustment range.

What to look for when buying an adjustable standing desk

Space. That's the first factor when buying a height-adjustable standing desk. It’s desirable to invest in a desk with sufficient space to accommodate all your monitors, keyboard, notes, and mugs. Dealing with a shortage of desktop space is cumbersome.

Most standing desks have the highest height adjustment suitable for six-footers. Hence, if you are above 6 feet, thoroughly inspect a standing desk's height allowance before buying it. 3-stages desk has a better height allowance, so, always consider it.


3-stages desks are a better option because of their versatility and stability. Before buying a standing desk, decide on the type that suits you more. Weigh all factors like your height, the nature of your job, the purpose, and other things.

Don’t be in a rush; take your time and buy the best! Our detailed guide provides all information required to ensure you do!