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The Best Workstation Set Up For Coders and Devs

29 October 2021

Sitting at a desk for hours on end is a necessity for all Devs and coders. It's the only way to debug all those errors to ensure that you can compile programs that run smoothly on any machine. So, extended work schedules come with the territory. Having the perfect workstation set up not only helps you get things done but also helps take most of the load off your neck, shoulders, and back.    >

It’s not merely picking the right desk. But, about setting up a workspace that inspires you to keep pressing on even when you can’t debug a codding issue. The Standing Desk + Cable Spine + DM1 + D5D combo offers you a way to address most of your ergonomic and aesthetic concerns in one fell swoop.

Let’s have a look at how you can set it up and accessorize it to help you reach your full potential as a developer or coder. 

Standing Desk + Cable Spine + DM1 + D5D

Combo: Standing Desk + Cable Spine + DM1 + D5D

Why mix and match furniture when you can get the ideal workstation in one neat package? Well, this combo answers that with a range of sleek features, which include the following: 

Adjustable Standing Desk EN1

Adjustable Standing Desk EN1

This stylish yet highly functional standing desk is what you need for your home or office. It combines a minimalistic design with advanced features. Its stand-alone prices are budget-friendly as well. 

With this desk, you can sit or stand without worrying about spinal issues. It also helps improve your blood circulation, which heightens your situational awareness and focus while sifting through infinite lines of code. 

Stylish Desktop

This desk features a 1-inch thick chipboard top with a laminated and lacquer finish. This increases its durability and resistance to the elements. It also comes with symmetrical patterns and understated color options like; black, white, mahogany, and maple.

Other color options include 

Special walnut
Marble grey 
Woodgrain ( grey & white)

Stable Desk Frame 

Standing desk frames are prone to some wobbliness. The manufacturer eliminated this by opting for a high-grade industrial steel material construction. It comes in black, grey, and white as the main color options. 

It features 2-stage legs that maximize your economy of space. The design also features a smooth and fluid-like transition. So, you could even slot it next to your bed for those days you don't feel like getting out of bed. 

Loading weight capacity

Programmers depend on a variety of desktop computers, screens, and various electronics to help them get their job done. This standing desk supports a max lifting capacity of 154 lbs. So, you can adjust the height without the need to unstack your electronics.  

Noise levels

Coding is an art that requires concentration. This desk features 2 powerful motors. But, they have a whisper-quiet operation, which plays to a noise factor of under 30 DB (decibels). This noise level is even lower than the noise your PC's heatsink makes as it compiles code in an emulator.  

Dimensions and Adjustability 

This rectangular Standing Desk comes with the following default dimension choices: 


It weighs a mere 111 pounds, and you can adjust the desk to reach a maximum height of between 28” and 47.6”. 


The LED memory control panel is the hallmark of this standing desk. It features 7 button controls that you can use to great effect. This panel allows you to set 3 memory height presets so you can lock in on your desired height. 

Aside from that, it features friendly alerts that remind you to stand up when you’ve been seated for way too long. 

Cable Spine CMP017

Cable Spine CMP017

Miles of cabling presents an occupational hazard for a coder's work environment. This cable spine offers an attractive and practical way to eliminate such clutter. It not only routes all your cables from the ground up. But it also offers strain relief and mechanical protection to your array of cords and cables. 

Here are some of its productivity and aesthetically enhancing features; 

Colour Options 

You get to choose between silver, black and white. You can mix it up or simply patch the frame and desktop color. 

Flexibility and Adjustment 

This cable spine consists of interlinking blocks that terminate in a 5.08” diameter steel base plate. You can manually remove or add blocks to adjust the spine coverage up to 50.40”.

The spine also features a top hooking element that you can screw to the bottom of your standing desk. 

Stability Features 

The spine features a robust ABS polymer material construction. An added advantage to this polymer is it enhances stability while increasing shock resistance. A metal base adds some weight to bolster the stability factor. 

Anti-Fatigue Mat

Working at a standing desk offers an excellent way to improve your blood flow to counter muscle fatigue. But as they say, too much of something can be poisonous. That's why this combo features an ergonomic anti-fatigue mat from Flexispot.


Size: 32.3 x 20.5 x 0.98 inches not-flat mat          

Foot print: 33 x 21.5 x 2.5 inches

Material: 100% polyurethane

Weight: 7.26 lbs

Max weight capacity: 300 lbs

Color options: floor mat black   

Productivity Enhancing Features 

Multiple Massage Points

This feature uses your natural body movement and posturing to simulate a continual foot massage. It helps improve blood circulation, which promotes physical and mental stimulation and relaxation. 

Cushioning and Support 

This mat features a 0.98-inch thick polymer material, which helps distribute your weight evenly as you stand for hours. Aside from relieving the pressure from your haunches, it also adds some comfort to the overall experience.  

Zero Skid Design 

The bottom of the mat features evenly distributed grooves that enhance its surface grip-ability. The top is also a textured surface that helps avert slips and falls while standing. 

Dual Monitor Mount D5D

Dual Monitor Mount D5D

A dual-screen setup helps coders and developers keep track of all the elements of a project. You can type code in your text complier while running it simultaneously on an emulator. This helps you to visualize your project and adds an element of quality control. 

The Standing Desk + Cable Spine + DM1 + D5D Flexispot combo features the following dual monitor mount options: 

Dual Monitor Mount F8LD
Dual Monitor Mount D5D


Product  D5D F8LD
Weight 13.67 lbs 13.67 lbs
Color Black Black
Installation Type   Desk installation  Desk installation 
Screen Size Range 10"-27" 24"-36"
Loading Capacity 3.3 - 11 lbs  8.8~22 lbs/arm
Supported VESA 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm 75 x 75, 100 x 100 mm
Material Aircraft-grade aluminum and professional quality plastic Aircraft-grade aluminum and professional quality plastic
Max Height 15.5'' 20.7"
Max Extension 20.1'' 22.6" 
Swivel ±90° ±90°
Rotation  ±180 ±180
Tilt   -85 - 15° -85 - 15°
Clamp  0.79"- 4.72"  0.79"-4.72"
Grommet 0.98"- 4.72" (Size of the hole:1/3 inch-2.75 inch  0.98"-4.72" (Size of the hole:1/3 inch-2.75 inch)

These 2 monitor arms give you loads of freedom in viable screen configurations. You can opt for: Possible Screen Configurations

Extended/ widescreen
Landscape + portrait 
Back to back 
Mixing 2 different screen sizes 

Flexibility and Adjustability 

As you can see from the above table, this monitor arm mount swivels, tilts, and extends to a variety of specifications. What makes it worth having is you can adjust your screen with as little pressure as you have on your fingertips. It will also lock firmly in place even when you adjust your standing desk. 


You're free to choose between a grommet and a C-clamp attachment base. Such features ensure that installation takes less than 5 minutes with a screwdriver and no other specialized tools. 

Supported Screens

This dual monitor mount and arm supports a wide range of computer screens. It's also ideal for use with all–in–one desktop computers.

Availability and Pricing

This Standing Desk combo from Flexispot has a standard retail price of $399.99. Stocks run high on Amazon and other reputable online stores. Shipping costs and some taxes may apply if you reside outside the United States. 

So it may be wise to double-check the conditions of the sale before settling on a purchase. But, this combo offers a decent bargain compared to acquiring the desk and each accessory from an individual purchase. 

Compatible Furniture and Accessories 

You can enhance your comfort and productivity by adding the following items to complete your workspace: 

An Ergonomic Office Chair

An Ergonomic Office Chair 

A programmer needs to make special ergonomic considerations when picking a chair. You're likely to sit for more hours even if you have a standing desk. So it helps to have a comfortable ergonomic office chair as part of your ensemble. 

It helps you take fewer breaks as it offers enhanced back support. You can also roll around your workspace on the seat casters—so no need to get up, reaching for something that's far from your desk. 

Virtualization Tools and Aids

Virtualization Tools and Aids 

Establishing flow charts, timelines and storyboards helps you visualize the functionality of your innovations. Unfortunately, this is challenging on computer screens. It can also create tons of paperwork that can drive you insane. 

Therefore, you'll also need a whiteboard to help keep your coding environment neat. The following products are ideal for such a function: 

Height Adjustable Whiteboard Standing Desk
Magnetic Dry Erase Board 36 x 24 Inch
Cork Board Bulletin Board 36 x 24 Inch

These whiteboards can double up as a table surface for other collaborators. When your team wants to blow off some steam, you can also use them as a Ping-Pong or foosball table.   

Under Desk Drawer S01

Accessories That Declutter Your Workspace 

A coder or developer's workspace is a beehive of activity that generates loads of paperwork. You also have a variety of machines that introduce yards of cables and cords to the mix. 

You can work the following accessories into your workspace to eliminate such clutter; 

Power Strip with USB PS12S: acts as an extension cable that docks neatly on your standing desk. 

Under Desk Drawer S01: Fits neatly under your standing desk, enhancing your storage options for all the tools and documents in your workspace. 

Adjustable CPU Holder CH1: ensures that your CPU docks safely under your desk. Its robust material construction and tactful design also eliminate shock and abrasions that can damage your desktop computer.

Best of all, it's adjustable to fit a CPU of any form factor. 

Clamp-on Adjustable Keyboard Tray KT2B

Keyboard and Mouse Ergonomics 

Working code for hours requires you to type loads of words. Your hand also needs to operate your mouse. This leads to loads of muscle strain from the pressure of resting your palms on a hard-pan surface. 

The following accessories can help you reduce the likelihood of developing carpal tunnel and other repetitive strain injuries: 

Mouse Pad MP012/MP014
Clamp-on Adjustable Keyboard Tray KT2B


Flexispot offers a flexible warranty and returns policy on this standing desk combo. The terms include: 

A 5-year warranty on the frame, motor, and height adjustment mechanism.
A 1-year warranty on the cable spine and anti-fatigue mat. 
3-year warranty on the dual-monitor mount, arms, and gas spring mechanism. 

You can return any item in this combo without any shipping or re-stocking penalties 30 days after receiving the product.

Cost to Benefit Analysis 

This Flexispot combo offers a budget-friendly approach to building the ideal coding or Dev workspace. It's easy to assemble and use and conserves space due to its economic footprint. However, the most redeeming feature is it enhances the “coolness” factor of your workspace.   


Stress-free assembly 
Hardware protecting features 
Supports a dual-screen coding setup 
Pricing reflects a bargain on each stand-alone feature 
Space conservative design


It doesn’t feature an ergonomic office chair as part of the combo
Limited color combinations 

Final Verdict  

It's often said that sitting for too long can be as harmful as smoking. Sure, this could be merely an alarmist take on leading a sedentary lifestyle. But, it nudges Devs and Coders to take some action before it's too late. 

This Flexispot  Standing Desk Combohelps you get up whenever you need a break from sitting while remaining active on the keyboards. It comes highly recommended for remote workers, coders, and Devs that work from home. This recommendation stems from the fact that it occupies less space than ordinary office furniture that helps tidy up your workspace.