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The Easiest Ways to Turn a Wooden Potting Shed into an Office

02 November 2022

It's quite possible that you wouldn't have considered a home office as your favorite work spot until 2019, but the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world by surprise.

And that leads to the sweeping revolution that every portion of your house, starting from that empty corner in your vacant room to every unoccupied square footage, as you think of setting up a home office.

But as pivotal as a home office is to the productivity and motivation of remote workers, especially ones working from home, the going gets tougher when you're unable to find an appropriate space that'll accommodate all your office essentials.

And we understand that you might not be always lucky like the workers with a backyard or outdoor spaces, so we have some good news for you.

All you need is a wooden potting shed of a backyard wooden pod that has been converted to a shed. You can use that wooden potting shed to build the best home workstation that no one has ever seen or mind has ever pictured.

Today, let's run through some ideas and tips that will save you from stress as you prepare to take this life-changing decision and decorate the shed to your taste.

The Top Divisions of Shed You Can Use as a Workstation

Interior Shed

If you would like to have a separate private room or study indoors and the available space seems to be too big to waste, the interior potting shed should do a wonderful job.

The bonus with this shed is that it's accompanied by all the classy specifications and designs that'll make the outdoor space feel more private and sophisticated. This also applies to indoor areas.

To regulate the noise transmission and enjoy your private meetings, it's a brilliant idea to introduce soundproof paneling options to the setup. And if you know that your home is located in a chaotic area, you should jump on this offer. However, you need to consider your budget first.

Secondly, we will also suggest that you install privacy panels if you feel knowing or seeing what's happening in the shed will make you lose focus. Privacy panels aid zero visibility.

Custom-made Office Shed

A major factor you need to consider when sourcing for a shed to convert to your home workstation is the appropriate structure. Luckily for you, there are hundreds of backyard potting sheds with sleek and comfy designs, features, and options.

Custom-made office sheds are more popular because they are designed with keen attention to all characteristics one expects in the right living space. These elements include insulations, doors, access to electricity, windows, and a weather-resistant finish. Super-duper!

With these features, switching the shed to a personal workspace comes in handy. It's a meritorious experience. After all, you'll have access to not only the infrastructure but the essential features to make your work-life more fun-filled and adventurous.

How to Turn a Wooden Potting Shed into an Office

Design the Layout

He who fails to plan plans to fail. So if you want to be on the other side of the divide, you need to prioritize your planning. Not only that, you have to be highly meticulous.

You need to determine the layout and how big the potting shed office will be. Why? That's the only way you can know whether the office furniture and other accessories you want to bring in will fit the shed.

Also, you need to ensure that you frown at cluttering. You shouldn't get involved in filling up the space with superfluous items and extra furniture you can do without. Through consistent decluttering, you'll also experience a boom in your productivity level anytime you work in the wooden shed.

Focus on the size of your entire garden, create a mental picture of where the shed will be located, and how much room it would consume.

After this, the next line of action is to make sure all the incoming furniture has suitable measurements and if they won't look odd in the shed.

The simple guide here's to take measurements of the chairs, desks, and other pieces of furniture you want to purchase and try leaving almost 40% of the total space in the wooden shed.

Meanwhile, garden offices exist in different sizes, so you have many options to choose from. It's all a matter of how large your backyard or garden is and the nature of the office setup you're considering.

Customize Your Shed

Customization is always a significant determinant of how unique you want the shed to look. After all, there's this old saying in the African culture that how you look is how you'll be addressed. Well, that also applies to your workstation.

Your workspace needs to be different from others. Customizing the space will also add a personal touch and feel that will help you stay active and efficient all through the day.

The best time you can do this is while converting the shed to a home office and you can source for multiple potting shed kits with appropriate accessories to help you create a design that appeals to you. Be creative!

Bring in the Office Essentials

Since you have settled where to position and how to utilize your shed office, the rest becomes a walk in the park. Now, let's bring in the office accessories.

This includes your table, chair, coffee desk, storage unit, and lots more. Meanwhile, don't forget that this stage determines how the design and layout of the shed and the accessories will look. So it's better to get a helping hand that'll ease the burden on you.

The first essential here is an ergonomic office chair. You will also need a perfect heating and cooling system to help you work comfortably and live sustainably.

You should also bring in the storage units to help you declutter the space. It'll also help you keep the stationeries and other office accessories you don't need in a safe condition.

If the available space allows it, we'll suggest that you also go for a kettle to make some tea and coffee for yourself and equip the place with a refrigerator to preserve all your consumables.

Include the Windows

Windows act as a magnet for life and life becomes evident in a space immersed in natural lights. So your shed should have these qualities.

Your workspace needs to take the fullest advantage of the daylight by including, at least, two windows. Besides, natural light is a stunning determinant of employee efficiency, and, when in full circulation, it makes you more active while working.

This hack will also save you from some spending. For instance, you'll no longer need the electricity costs pumped into insulation and lighting.

Open the windows today as you work and bask in the euphoria that comes with fresh air. And if it's in the evening, you can relish the chills that come with a productive day as you relax and plan for the new day.

Be Meticulous with the Planning

The perks of a tree house are limited to the winter season, that of a summer camp is but for winter but an office shed? It'll be within your reach for 365/366 days per year.

So why won't you give it proper planning and make it user-friendly all year round?

Since our focus is on a wooden shed, imagine that your temperature control isn't functioning well but you're taking it with levity, who'll bear the brunt? Therefore, no room for procrastination. Make hay while the sun shines!

You also need to take precautionary measures at all times. Put in your best to ensure the uniqueness and functionality of your wooden potting shed.

Make sure there's no flaw with all the connections. Water is leaking? You shouldn't take it for granted because the colder months will soon be on you and you might be affected by the vulnerabilities that accompany the elements.

Especially if you'll be storing electronic equipment, leave nothing to chance!

Access the Condition of the Shed

Now, you have to go around and check the condition of the shed to finally determine if it's ready for use or if some amendments need to be done.

You need to be on the watch for any tears or imperfections in the roof felt as you make sure that the roof has no spot for leakage.

Meanwhile, this idea should not be limited to when you're about to come into the shed. You should make it a call of duty to check around. Regularly!

You should also test the windows and doors to confirm if there are any flaws or if they're working as expected. And to check for any traces of leak, dampness, mould, or wood rotting, we'll suggest that you empty the entire shed for full coverage.

Oh, that suggestion sounds stressful. Well, it's worth the stress. At least, it'll help you know of any existing or possible problems right from the beginning.

If there's a need for changes, they should be DIY in nature. So you don't have to embark on spending that'll affect your budget.

However, you can call on a builder to check out the corrections. To save you future regrets, you should also take the builder along to the market before you even purchase the shed.

Access to Electricity

Electricity is needed to run the lights, your desk computer, printer, WiFi, and other electronic gadgets. However, we'll not advise that you venture into the wiring phase all alone.

It's better to have a professional who guides and puts you in the right direction. You can also hire a certified electrician to do the job for you. After all, there's a guarantee on their services.

Since the shed will be used as your workstation and any of your colleagues at work can visit you while in there, it's better to have all the electrical wirings examined and endorsed before use.

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. And if you need important areas where you want to direct the attention of your electrician, you will need the phone lines, ventilation system, internet access, regular power, cable management, and lighting.

Final Words

Having gone through the lengths and breadths of how to convert a wooden potting shed to a perfect home office, you'll need a trusted brand to meet all your ergonomic needs.

With the Flexispot online store, all the ergonomic chairs, height-adjustable standing desks, storage units, manual standing desk converters, diverse lamps, and other accessories you'll need are within your reach. All you have to do is create an account with us and enjoy the yummy offers and discounts on the products.