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The Importance of Following Through Your Dreams

10 November 2022

Do you want to do so many things but don't get around to doing them ever?

So many people say that they want to do this and that but they end up just whispering it in the air and waiting for it to fade away. When the time comes that they're ruminating about their lives, they think of all the things they wanted to do but never really did. They have lots of regrets and now, they bear so many responsibilities that they can't find the resources to do these activities anymore.

Well, in your imagination, you can be anything you want to be. You can become a painter like Picasso or an actress like Angelina Jolie. You can become a billionaire like Elon Musk or a respected politician like Barrack Obama. You can also do so many cool things such as jumping out of a plane or scuba diving with sharks. You can travel the world or even go to outer space. These things live in your head as fantasies but they can actually become reality if you only know how to follow through.

If for example, your goal is to become a travel vlogger, you'd want your life to be as exciting as it can be for the film. You need to save up for the adventure so you would look for multiple streams of income to fund your exciting lifestyle. If you want to travel outer space, then you should be studying hard as early as you can because it will take years for you to become a full-fledged astronaut. If you want to become a well-known actress, then you should go to multiple auditions, get ready to be rejected but still give it your all.

Given that you come from a place of privilege, meaning there are opportunities presented to you, then the first thing you would need to do is to drop the excuses and start doing. If the motivation isn't clear from the start yet, then you just have to keep on moving and if something is really for you, we can guarantee you that you'll know the feeling.

After dropping the excuses, then you must have a plan moving forward. For some, it works if their plan is detailed and specific as to what they'll do every day to reach their plans. For others, it works that they just know the future they're eyeing and not really being so keen on details because those overwhelm them.

When you already have a plan, the next step, of course, is to execute it. You need to keep on moving forward. Every step is progress and you'll see changes as long as you don't stop in the pursuit of what you want to do. It's important to note that the execution process won't always be fun. You need to be strong so that even if you're struggling, you would still have that strong will to continue because in your head, the future is clear and there is no other option but for that to happen. But it also matters that you don't have any ill feelings about what you're currently doing. You need to appreciate the process and recognize your small wins so that you will be consistent with following through with your plans and dreams.

One thing that can help you is investing in the right tools. Ergonomic furniture helps the user be more efficient and also boosts their productivity. We list down these items below:

Pro Standing Desk (E5)

A standing desk will help you be more alert, conveniently shifting from a sitting to a standing position at any point of the day. The FlexiSpot E5 uses an improved motor technology to be more user-friendly. Its dual-motor lifting system is combined with the double crossbeam structure which ensures a smoother operation and a stable experience.

No need to worry about its stability because with a loading capacity of up to 220 pounds, it remains sturdy and wobble-free at its highest point and even during movement.

It features an advanced keypad panel featuring three height presets, a sit-stand reminder that allows you to set a timer from 0 to 99 minutes, and an anti-collision feature that automatically stops movement when obstacles are encountered. The height range of this desk is from 24.4 to 50 inches and can be easily used by people from 4'6" to 6'7".

Ergonomic Office Chair OC7

An ergonomic workspace has the power to give you a comfortable sitting experience and can also be customized to your needs. The lifting height of this chair is adjustable up to 3.1". The back has an S-shaped curve and a lumbar support to offer premium comfort. The headrest is movable and can also be adjusted if you feel any strain on your head or neck.

This chair is made of breathable quality mesh that sweat and moisture won't build up even if you use it every day for long hours. The seat cushion has a support that can reduce any pain you feel in your hips. And this chair has caster wheels that can be rotated up to 360°.

ClassicRiser Standing Desk Converters M3B/M3W - 47"

Most FlexiSpot customers opt for this standing desk converter as an instant upgrade to their regular desk. When you want to raise the height, it's easy to do so by lightly squeezing the single-hand bar and lifting. Even if the desktop is carrying its full load capacity of 44 pounds, it will just feel like 13 pounds to pull up and when you're lowering it down, it would only feel like 3 pounds of weight. This classic riser has a height range of 28" to 31" which is perfect for users 6'1"up to 6'5" tall. This product comes with an extra wide removable keyboard tray where you can also fit a mouse and a mousepad. This will help you ensure that your wrists are positioned in a healthy way. You don't have to worry as well if the desktop will topple forward because it's highly stable even during raising and lowering the height. It also saves you space in your workstation and improves your posture in one easy set-up.

Final Word

A gentle reminder also that you're human and you can't possibly do everything on this Earth. Accept your limits and enjoy your daily life!