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The Perfect Working Space

20 July 2021

How would you describe the perfect working space for you? Would it be dark and edgy? Sleek and minimalist? Or would you love an ergonomic working environment? Well, if you want an ergonomic office, FlexiSpot offers all of the perfect solutions for your office and health. Here are a few of our top ergonomic picks to add to your office.

Modish Standing Desk

The Modish Standing Desk shows major elegance with the natural bamboo strip. You will also have no problem with anything that can ruin this beautiful desk because it has double the resilience thanks to the timber and coating to prevent scrapes, scuffs, wetness, and pests.

“I bought this and I am pretty happy with my decision. When I started working remotely, I quickly discovered how often I am sitting because my former desk does not have a standing option. I needed my sit/stand workstation in our office. This was a terrific refinement for an otherwise unhealthy working condition. 

The installation was uncomplicated and fast. And it's been a perfect solution for my spine, allowing me to sit upright or stand based on the alerts. My children also love using this desk whenever they have to do their school projects and homework. Furthermore, it is elegant and convenient to use.” - Jessica P.


As one of FlexiSpot’s best-selling desks, the Vici has everything that you never thought you would have needed! In five easy minutes, you can proceed to use this awesomely ergonomic desk! In addition to an easy and breezy installation, you will also get to enjoy the programmable memory function with four height settings according to your desires. Thought that it could not get any better? The environmentally sustainable 48” x 24” desktop gives you tons of room to arrange your office equipment.

“I'm in awe of this Flexispot ergonomic workstation! This is our third one; this round, we chose various shades and greater sizes. The setup is a little tricky (very feasible; sometimes, it takes a while). However, once finished, you're set to work ergonomically! I appreciate that the settings can be programmed - it makes it a lot easier to adjust to your standard upright or sitting position instead of trying to hold the button as you repeatedly change until everything is fine. It's also quite robust and rather huge! The whiteness of the desk appears to be very crisp and pristine. I would without a doubt recommend this workstation to everyone else.” - Louella J.

“I strongly suggested this FlexiSpot standing desk to all my co-workers. I was initially hesitant because I'd gathered from others who own standing desks from other manufacturers that assembling them was tricky and required special equipment, but this isn't the issue with FlexiSpot! It was pretty simple to construct the workstation; no special equipment is necessary; they provide all you need, so it doesn't take long to enjoy the desk. The directions were quite clear and straightforward to execute. Everything works beautifully, and the table arrived in pristine shape. I am delighted with this transaction.” - Alvin C.

Esben Standing Desk UD4

The Esben Standing Desk UD4 is a double treat for you! This desk could transform into a day job desk in the morning to a vanity table at night time. Beauty and technology collide with this desk thanks to the unique design and the integrated USB port to charge all of your gadgets. It seamlessly blends the rustic and elegant contemporary elements with the help of the wood-on-white combination. 

“As a professional, I spend plenty of time sitting down because I need to finish my tasks. I ordered the Esben workstation for our office and am content with it! Solidly built, gorgeous, and simple to set up, and now I can work without back pains. It isn't easy to discern from the photographs, but this desk has a back edge that enables the addition of a display bar. I use multiple display screens in addition to my MacBook pro on the arm, and it works incredibly. The compartments are substantial, and I appreciate the presence of the USB charger on the table; it's pretty convenient for trying to charge my headphones and iPhone.” - Kath C.

MonitorStand Workstation S5/S6

A cluttered desk will never do you any good. But with the MonitorStand Workstation S5/S6, it keeps your working space very neat and organized. This smart monitor stand will keep the germs away as well, thanks to the UV sterilization that will disinfect each and every one of your equipment.

“I live in a condo, and one of the considerations when purchasing appliances is the additional room required. I'm overjoyed that this item is both space-saving and versatile. Without a doubt, a must-have. What makes this even more remarkable is that the compartment beneath is adjustable. You can reorganize it as desired or completely delete it if you do not require dividers. The materials used in this item are undoubtedly eye-catching due to their high-tech functionalities. The best purchase! It's quite convenient!” - Maria S.

Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair

Keep calm and comfortable with the Soutien ergonomic office chair! The mesh backrest keeps you well-ventilated even as you work in a hot and humid environment. With 4D armrests, you get to relax after a hard day’s work!

“As a large man, I was ecstatic to have discovered an ergonomic desk chair such as this one! This ergonomic workspace chair has unquestionably saved me from unhealthy working habits. This will be my first ergonomic seat, and I love it! I am pretty delighted with this ergonomic desk chair thus far and noticed an overall improvement in my shoulders during the first few days of using it. No more discomfort! This desk chair has the optimal seat level. It is neither excessively high nor shallow for me. It's incredibly wonderful to sit in this seat!” - Marly W.


Are you having a hard time with wires and cables dangling all over your desk? Well, with the CABLE MANAGEMENT TRAY CMP502 keep unsightly clutter in an organized way. This nifty desk accessory also keeps your pets safe from chewing on the electrical wires that could be lying around. Forget about a stick-on tray that loses its stickiness after a few days! Screw the CABLE MANAGEMENT TRAY CMP502 on your desk and forget about it since it is this good!

“I was so sick of the dangling wires on my workstation and rushed to purchase a few of these. I'm orderly, thanks to this wire management tray. Maintaining a tidy space helps me declutter my head and maintains my tranquility even on difficult and busy days.” - Charlie F.

Having a perfect working space may seem like a tough feat but it should not be that way with the help of this FlexiSpot ergonomic solution.