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Rewarding Discounts and Surprises at FlexiSpot (2021)

23 September 2021

Are you looking for challenges and fun this 2021? If you opt to look for these fun activities, FlexiSpot would like to join you this Fall of 2021. This September, celebrate with FlexiSpot for their 5th Anniversary event called Standiversary, where you can do challenging but fun activities that can make you win the most sought-after products in the market, such as the Kana Bamboo Standing Desk and Esben Standing Desk UD5.

When you join the fun, you can try the different exciting challenges at the anniversary event of FlexiSpot. The following are the three main activities from September 27-29:

  • Spin&Win
  • $5 to $50 
  • 9.27s Challenge 

This anniversary event is FlexiSpot's way of giving back and saying thanks to the five years of your undying support to the company. In this great event, you will have the chance to get great value and discounts which you can use in your purchase. So one by one, we will discuss these fun activities to have more ideas when you try them out. 


a. Spin&Win:

This activity isn't your typical Spin&Win activity. It's because you can win prizes that can help you slash and have attractive discounts when you try this activity. You can try your luck from September 20-30, 2021. You can win a coupon code that you can use when you purchase a product. Indeed, this event has some of the most exciting prizes such as:

  • a $10 coupon
  • a $50 discount for the $500 purchase
  • a $150 off for every $1000 purchase 
  • a gift card worth $500 
  • a secret gift card that would make you jump out of excitement

When you push your luck more, you might win a Kana Bamboo Standing Desk or Seiffen Standing Desk. Isn't it exciting? By just spinning, you get the chance to win the superb sit-stand desks. So, these are just some of the exciting rewards that await you when you try the Spin&Win at the Anniversary. With these exciting coupons, you can indeed have worthwhile shopping at FlexiSpot. On the other hand, every participant can only have one free spin. So, if you want to get more spins, you must log in, subscribe, and share to get more free spins. It's pretty tough, but you'll surely get the hang of it. Indeed, the prizes that await you are genuinely worth the try. So, send messages now to your friends and tell them the most-anticipated anniversary event of FlexiSpot.  

$5 to $50

b. $5 to $50:

If you are not a Spin&Win fancier and does not like to try your luck spinning, then this other event at the Standiversary can give you the chance to own one of these ergonomic pieces: 

Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk E2AL

A standing desk from FlexiSpot with the 220-lb lifting capacity and a sit-stand reminder could help optimize the movement of the person who uses this piece of equipment. 

Ergonomic Gaming Desk with Mouse Pad

This product is a gaming desk with a superb cable management system and a flexible height adjustment that can help anyone avoid spine strain and pain along the upper torso, especially when playing games. 

Smart Bike Trainer Stand BT0

This product will excite you more and make you join the Standiversary event, especially if you are a bike enthusiast. This bike trainer stand has a robust design but gives a silky-smooth spinning, so before you go on a bike race for hours, you could use this bike trainer stand. 

What you need to do is to deposit $5 before your purchase from September 20-26. Then, check your email for the voucher code. Once you get the code, wait for the anniversary event happening from September 27-29. When that event comes, you can use the voucher code that you have to avail yourself of the discounted price of $50 that you can use in buying one of the three products we mentioned above. However, just a gentle reminder that this promo is not to get used with other coupon codes. 

So, if you're thinking of the next move now, you can decide which one you would like to try. If you are more adventurous and luckier when taking chances in games like Spin&Win, you may try it first. However, if you feel like spending a little for a coupon, you may try the $5 to $50 event. Whichever would be suitable for you, one thing is for sure: you wouldn't finish a day without winning a fabulous prize when you join the Standiversary event at FlexiSpot. 

9.27s Challenge

c. 9.27s Challenge:

The last exciting activity at the Standiversary is the 9.27s Challenge. It's an awesome activity where you will long-press the timer and achieve the winning time stamps. Each timestamp has respective prizes such as: 

Time Stamp: 7.7s

Prize: 8% discount-coupon

Time Stamp:9.99s

PrizeComhar Standing Desk EW8

Time Stamp:2.22s

Prize: Stanmore II Bluetooth x5 

Time Stamp:9.27s

Prize: Canyon Roadlite 5 x2

What you need to do is check the Standiversary Offer to start the game. Play the Challenge on September 20-30. Once you get there, long-press the button and release it. Make sure to win the time stamps given above. Once you hit the timestamp, you could win these exciting prizes. Try as many times as possible to try your luck. If you luckily win a coupon, check your email afterward. So, if you're excited to try this activity, then try your best to hit the timestamp as many times as possible until you get your dream prizes. 


Final Thoughts:

Now, you have got more significant reasons to try your luck at the anniversary event of FlexiSpot. It's because you can have the best prizes-from the coupons to the fantastic ergonomic items that you can use when you work from home. Indeed, FlexiSpot products stand above the competition, and they have the design and functionalities that most patrons in the market trust. So, it's a fantastic experience to make most of these as prizes. So, it's time to prepare your card and be ready for the most exciting activities of this year. Prepare yourself because you have an online cart full of exciting prizes. So buckle up for the Anniversary event at FlexiSpot.