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The Sturdy Kids Desk for your Childs Favorite Books

19 May 2021

Do you find your child's bookshelf wobbly or already filled with cracks and dust? What is your alternative for this? Some parents would choose other options for that. They either stack the books in:

● boxes 

● other available containers

These choices might be good. There are advantages of storing physical books that also serve as hard copy documents. Those advantages are:

● Physical books are good for long-term use:

When you keep or store physical books, you are storing information that can be used in the future. You might not be needing that today but probably in the future there will be research or studies that will be needing the physical books; it can be as a reference in your research. 

● Physical books are not prone to digital loss:

What is nice about the physical books is you don't need to worry that files would be corrupted or be lost because of system malfunction. The only downside to it is when books get torn and tattered because of non-usage. 

These advantages are true for the books. you do not need to worry about the files or information that are important. You just need to make sure the books are stored properly. As a reader or collector of books, what are the mains reasons we keep these piles of paper on a shelf or in a container? In this part of the discussion we will discuss the: 

I.Importance of Reading the Books:

As they say, when someone reads books, he becomes more equipped and knowledgeable. Reading books can prepare a person for all the challenges or difficult situations. When a person keeps books, he would never be left behind. Aside from these facts, the other importance of reading books are: 

● Mental Stimulation and Brain Exercise Take Place:

When someone reads a book, it stimulates his mind. When this happens, signals are more sent to the entire body and helps him function more. Let's take a look at someone who is reading a cookbook. When one reads it, he starts following directions, measuring some ingredients, and setting some time to cook or bake some dishes or baked goods. Through this, the person can exercise his mind and stimulates his nerves. Hence, reading becomes effective and helpful. 

● Word Range Expansion:

When someone reads novels or reference books, he's able to practice and widen his vocabulary. In every book, there are more than a hundred words to encounter. Hence, there are book reviews done in school as classwork; through this, one can apply the new words he learns in sentences. That's why reading is important in practicing a new vocabulary.

● Knowledge Expansion:

Passports can bring you to point A to Point B; books can bring you to infinite places. As they say, reading is a cheap way to travel. Traveling though can widen your experience but reading can widen your imagination. You don't need to spend much just to go to incredible places with just the right reading material, you can enjoy free travel at the comforts of your home. 

● A Great Stress Reliever:

Reading books can help us relieve stress. This is because as our brains get stimulated, our bodies respond and this helps us pump blood that improves circulation.

● Improves the Memory and Focus:

Experts suggest that reading books can enhance brain function. It is because reading can exercise the eyes. Notice that when one reads a book, he moves his eyes from left to right. This movement sends more signals to the brain through the neuro pathways. When these signals cajole the pathways, they make the brain run. Hence, the stimulation begins.

● Strengthens your Writing Ability:

As mentioned above, reading expands vocabulary and imagination. Thus, along the way, the person enhances his writing skill too. It is because the wider the vocabulary range, the more possible it is to imagine and put those ideas in writing. Although at times, there are writers who are not voracious readers and do not have extensive word range they could create impressive sentence structures. 

● Helps Boost Your Sleep

As you distress, reading helps you sleep. This is because your nerves calm down and makes you feel relaxed but reading is not like sleeping pills. What it does is relax your nerves as you continue flipping the page especially when you do this activity at the time your body clock tells you it's sleep time. Hence, if you notice after reading, you fall asleep soundly and wake up refreshed the next day. 

● Reading broadens your Mind:

When you practice reading, you may become broad-minded because, in reading, you get to understand different cultures and beliefs that might be new to you. At times, when you read, you are exposed to practices and cultures that might be different from yours. Hence, you learn to understand differences. 

These benefits of reading can be useful for adults and kids. What's nice about it is when kids are exposed to reading useful materials at a young age, this could be their advantage because they can know different cultures, stories, and vocabulary earlier than other kids. On the other hand, there are things we need to consider when we keep books in our kid's study room. There are times that we need to put the books on desks when they study their lessons. Hence, we need to make sure that it is a safe place to put these books. With that, let's talk about a sit-stand desk from Flexispot.

II. The Height Adjustable Ergonomic Study Desk for Kids:

The Ergonomic Study Desk for kids is good for primary school, middle school, and college students. This table is a sit-stand desk that is waterproofadjustable, and is done using the ergonomic system. It has no manual lifting or lowering needed that could be harmful to kids. It also has an anti-collision feature that can prevent damages to the table. Hence, it would secure the child and the product no matter how heavy the books that you're going to put on it. 

III.Final Thoughts:

Reading is an essential thing that one must do as a habit. When one learns how to religiously observe this and put it into practice, he will always be on top of his game.